Downsized - Episode 3 Pageantry

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 I don't understand why you charge me for a bounced check. If I didn't have the
money you asked for, what makes you think I'll have 30 dollars extra?\
Why don't you give me another credit card ma'am?\
Because you ruined my credit. I can't get another card.\
How would you like to pay, ma'am? Ma'am?\ I'm doing this out of spite. If the check
bounced, I don't know what to tell you. That was your best shot.\
Ma'am, are you using the products you purchased with our money?\
What do you think?\ Do you think you can buy something and not
pay for it? Haven't you ever heard of integrity?\ Haven't you heard of bankruptcy?\
Have you find for bankruptcy, ma'am?\ Hello, I'm broke! What more proof do you need?\
Ma'am--\ If you keep calling me ma'am, I am hanging
up.\ Ma'am, that's not going to help.\
Now you've done it.\ Sorry I'm late.\
I'll you what. I'll go a little into the next hour if you just answer the door when the
6:00 comes. I'll just tell them I didn't see the clock.\
Cool.\ Her hair looks good. Nice highlights.\
They're clip-on. I found them at the pharmacy. She picked out the color. Pink is her favorite
color.\ It's not exactly what I suggested.\
This was my way of telling you my wife nixed the highlights idea.\
Alright. You know, I am selling products now. Extensions, conditioners, lashes, cellulite
cream.\ I didn't realize kids had a problem with cellulite.\
Oh, i have seen all sorts of deformities! I better see some shine today, missy! You
know, I don't mention this to everyone, but I am running a Podium Special. For a hundred
dollars extra, I will personally style her hair at the competition. For 150, you get
face and body makeup too!\ Body makeup?\
I'll even throw in a free spray tan.\ Cool.\
For two hundred, I guarantee a trophy!\ Sold!\
I hope you practiced your walk!\ She did. I watched. I mean I watched you demonstrate.
I showed her how to do it right.\ Is that true?\
No.\ Let me see.\
Nah.\ Come on.\
I may have to start charging you double!\ }