Como fazer bolinhas de malabares - Tutorial (How to build your own juggling balls)

Uploaded by lucasgabd on 10.08.2012

In this tutorial I will teach you
how to make your own juggling balls
in a very cheap and easy way.
So here's the ingredients:
you'll need millet
Millet is a seed,
it looks like sesame
you can find it in any pet food store
it's bird food
and it's cheap
it costs 4 reais (~2 dollars) per kg
with 1 kg you can make more or less 10 balls
balloons number 9
a funnel
if you don't have a plastic funnel
you can make a paper funnel like mine
it's not very important
it'll help you to put the millet inside the balloon
it doesn't have to be tipped scissors like these
it can be without tip
if you're a child,
get help from an adult
and will also be useful to have
a mug or cup
to put the millet in the funnel
and balloons to cover your ball
I used these number 7
but you can use number 8 or 9 too
the color of your balls
will be the same color of the balloons you used to cover.
so let's go to the method of preparation
Fill and empty one balloon number 9
Now with the funnel and the mug
fill the empty balloon with millet
make two knots
your juggling ball is almost ready
now let's make the cover
Fill and empty one balloon you'll use to cover,
this is just to stretch it
now with the scissors cut the top of the balloon
and cover the balloon you just filled with millet
If you have difficulty to do this by yourself ask for someone to help you
repeat this procedure with 3 balloons
I use four balloons to cover each ball
if you use more, they'll probably become more resistant
and will last longer
Now just cut these burrs with scissors
and your juggling ball is ready
Now you know how to make your own juggling balls
is kind of hard to make all the same size
and I do not recommend that you wet them
but they'll work, until you can
buy some proper juggling balls.
If you know other ways to build juggling balls
post a video response or leave a comment below
now go!
watch the tutorials here in the channel
and learn the juggling tricks
with the juggling balls you made
I'm Lucas Abduch
Thank you for watching!
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