NIU students love the New Residence Hall!

Uploaded by NorthernIllUniv on 12.10.2012

The new housing is setup in an apartment-style living, so this allows for a sense of privacy
and independence that a lot of students are longing for when they come to a university.
It will be a lot smaller pod sizes. I’d only be living with 12 people versus having
close to 50 people on my floor. My favorite part of the new dorm is honestly this cluster
space. It gives us enough space for us to really relax and enjoy the space we have.
They’re semi-private. You have 12 people per cluster. The security is fantastic. In
order to just get into the hallway, you have to show your One Card, and then to get into
living space you have to show your One Card again and have your personalized PIN number.
I only share my bathroom with one person, which is very nice. The fact that I can close
my door and have complete alone time is nice, too, especially when it comes time to study
for exams and stuff like that. The privacy of a single room is very, very nice. It allows
us to really set our own schedules and lets us multitask a lot more which is great for
the honors students because we like to get so involved. One of the crowning jewels of
this new complex is the Community Center. Not only does it have a nice space of couches,
tables and TVs, it’s just a space to relax. I definitely like having the opportunity to
go downstairs when I want. There’s a big lounge area. The new dining hall is very nice.
There’s lots of different options. The dining hall is nice because it’s a buffet and I
can really pick and choose what I want to eat. The new workout facility is amazing.
I’m looking forward to having that so close to me. This winter when the weather gets bad,
I can go outside and it’s a two-second walk and I’ll be able to get my workout in. Dr.
Jones has worked very hard to integrate the University Honors Program into every facet
of college and to really encourage our students to be more involved with each other. I definitely
feel like the Honors Program here at the university lets you get more in-depth with your professor.
Of course, as honors students we are very involved academically. That’s what is so
great about the honors program is that there’s a large social aspect to it. We have all sorts
of events that go on throughout the year. As a House Leader for University Honors, I
actually make sure that each cluster mixes with each other on my floor… …to get kids
out of their rooms and get them away from their books to enjoy their college experience
here. I know coming into a university, it’s a big place. You might not have any friends
but through the University Honors Program it is definitely the kind of venue to create
those friends and relationships. I just think that it’s a great opportunity to be part
of family and to be part of a huge, little group that goes out and does things together.
We share everything. We have game nights and movie nights. It’s really nice. It’s also
nice that when I come back to my pod that everybody asks you how your day is and it’s
just like going home to your actual family. I’m a big fan. I mean when friends and family
ask me where I live there’s no shame is saying where I live these days. There’s
kind of a new sense of pride. I can honestly say for me that NIU is my home.