Cooking in the Danger Zone - A radioactive dinner

Uploaded by AukraNET on 05.11.2009

Come on! I'll show you my flowers.
Look at them, aren't they lovely?
Take a picture of me by them.
It's all overgrown. Over there are potatoes.
Eat one! Take one!
It was even worse where they moved us to! Black earth. Your feet got stuck in it!
We live better here than they do there. Half of them are dead, but we are still alive.
What's he saying? Tell me! Tell me what he's saying about me.
He says he can't get a word in!
That's just the way I am. I can't whisper, I have to talk a lot!
This is the lard from our own pigs.
If it were contaminated we would have died long ago!
But we've been eating it for 20 years already!
Yes, I do. I'll feel it until I die.
I'll always remember what a disaster I've had.
I had to leave my cow, my piglets, everything that was in the house.
We left it all and off we went!
No, it just stays in my heart so that I feel like crying.
I can't forget it or overcome it. That's what I find hard.
Will he be eating my soup?
No, he won't.
Why not? Why aren't you allowed? Eat!
Don't be afraid. You won't die! Just eat it! God will protect you!
We eat it and we're alive -- and you'll be alright too!
Get out the way. The soup's coming through.
Come and try the soup! I have some spoons here -- eat!
Mark (BBC Producer): "Something you're NOT allowed to eat."
Tasty! But you said I couldn't cook!
Misha: Calm down!
Anna: What are you doing with that bottle?
Misha: Stop treating me like a child!
Anna: You've always got that bottle.
Misha: Don't make a scene.
Anna: I'm not the one making the scene! Give it here.
Anyone else want some? No? Well, I'll put it away.
Danke Schoen!
Stefan: Plum brandy? From the plums out there?
Anna: Yes, yes, yes