[Eng/CN subs] What's Inside Amber's Bag 11.06.24

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Who should we look first? Let's start from Amber
This is my bag
I have this
- Ah Rubik's cube - I'm not good with these
This one I'm currently playing
- Do you really play these? - Yes
This is the first time I see this one
For this one, usually when you mess it up it is still a cube
This one will changes its shape It will change like this
It seem like it's also their first time seeing this
No no
Sees it everyday, everyday alone twisting it like this
The difference for this is to memorise
Which piece goes with which face
Amber is smart
She likes this
- What else there is? - Of course there's also MP3
As a singer...
Also my hat
Looks like the hat is also hungry
Looks like you like things that is a bit old and vintage
Acutally I have a lot of hats
but this one is especially precious
because I brought it during my trainee days
my first hat in Korea
- My first hat - It's pretty
So it's precious
It seem like you like black
Your bag is black and your hat is black too
I like simple patterns
- Book, there's also book - It seem like its an English book
Do you like cooking?
It's a story about cooking
Do you like cooking?
No, I can't cook
But I like reading cooking books
- Who is the best cooker? - Victoria unnie
The three of them are good
Three of them what?
Great at cooking
When we live together usually Victoria unnie is the main chef and we help
Krystal should be praised too
I, cake and desserts
Ah party style
I'm good at making salads
Salad, kid all you have to do is cut them up and put them together, it doesn't require anything else
This is an artbook
Recently I've received a lot of gifts from the fans
- So I drawn something - You should show this to everyone, so cool
I have only drawn a bit
- It's drawn with ballpoint pen - Yes I used ballpoint pen
There have been a lot of actor/actress, singers, celebrities who came
But this is the first time seeing such a studious bag