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What we know as Evil, which is not really Evil, can even reach high dimensions like the 18th dimension for example.
It does not mean Evil, just another way of working, another way of evolving.
Light evolves through freedom, self control, free will, support and allows a lot of time for the process.
On the other hand, "Evil" or Darkness is another way of evolving that establishes deadlines.
Quick deadlines: you have to learn this in a year, if you don´t something bad will happen.
So, it´s just another process to evolve and because humans understand things through morality
it´s not a very understood level on Earth
But it´s another way of evolving quicker, and many people decide to choose it.
At school we are taught that history started in 3000 BC.
The way we know about history is through sources that have survived through time.
But even things we thought we knew 40 years ago, now are found out to be lies.
How do we know that the historians know what happened in 3000 BC?
In side this whole dimensional process of evolution, we can find the historical process inside the 3rd dimension.
This process starts about 6000 million years ago, but for the humans its more recent about 30 million years ago.
The process of creation of humanity was programmed first through genetics
by the Beings who transmute the genetic information and evolution.
These are the Beings we call Elemental Beings or Nature Spirits.
These Beings project all the forms that emanate of God in the physical worlds.
So really Darwin´s theory is true, although there is a detail that´s missing.
There are many races on this planet like vegetables, animals and also humans,
which are not originally from this planet, but are mutations or historical additions on the planet.
All these Beings were brought here for an evolutionary need.
Humans history begins on this planet about 24000 BC.
When the first prototypes of humanity were created
who are known as Adam and Eve, although Eva was not the first woman, it was Lilith.
But there were already humans on the Earth, they were not actually the first.
They were the first prototype of humans we know, the ones that were most similar to us, to say it somehow.
They were quickly created because there was a cultural addition, to say it somehow,
from other planets that helped the human to become what it is.
Why did they do it? It was not a random event, it´s not that humans were made by extraterrestrial and not from God, like some people say,
but the Divine Plan from the Angelic Level are in contact with the Beings from 9th dimension,
who are also extraterrestrial, and they pass over the Angelic Plans to the physical worlds
through Beings who are connected through the spiritual world.
And they follow the Plan according to the needs of the Cosmology.
Behind the history of humanity a story of conspiracy started to unfold, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial,
about the control of this widely rich and varied world.
Known today as the stories of the Reptilians, Rigelians, Illuminati amongst many others.
Planet Earth was going through important changes with invasions of other races which were not positive for the planet,
like the renowned today as Reptilians, these Reptilians were negative for the Earths evolution,
so the Galactic Confederations, who are the Beings who have a close relationship with the Beings from the Angelic levels,
projected over humanity, which was growing, a new humanity creating what we know as the human prototype who we are today.
This human prototype is a copy of the Angels idea from the etheric emanation,
on the Earth through the extraterrestrial.
There is where our history begins.
The problem is that history, and time, are circular.
This means that events repeat themselves differently but with the same patterns.
History should not be taken as a list to know what happened until our days,
it should be understood as an complex camouflaged order,
that shows us the mistakes that can repeat themselves.
Obviously it is very different than the way that it is taught in class,
although it has already started to come out.
The problem of this history, that can be read all over, is that it is very sensationalistic and rigid in some points.
This was like this or like this, and there is no other option.
Or there is a conspiracy or a plot behind humanity.
In reality it is not exactly like this, we should not create a schizoid persecutory delirium with humanity´s history.
Humanity´s history happened this way because it had to happen this way,
and all the problems that have been created happened to allow the change of humanity, and the evolution of consciousness in humanity.
And the specific work in an area, that´s why humanity is govern because of the constellations,
which form the Ages which last for about 2160 years.
Earth spins around the Sun in a process which lasts for about 365 days,
but at the same time our Sun spins around another sun which is a lot bigger called Syria about every 26.000 years.
As a year on Earth, the Sun´s year has its seasons, equinoxes, solstices and ages too.
This has an influence on the historic events on Earth.
The Solar year we are going through began approximately 21.610 BC, with the age of Capricornia.
The first prototypes that were created were the ones we know as Lemurians,
which I call Iomiom.
Iomiom belonged to the whole Pacific, it´s a race that created Lemuria how we know it today, well how some know it.
After many historical problems, Altlantida started to develop in the Atlantic,
which I call since I was small as Gefislion.
This country extended itself through the whole Atlantic Ocean and created on the warm part of the planet loads of civilizations or colonies
which helped to organize the planet, to keep it in the direction of the Cosmic Plan.
How did some civilizations begin to write with complexity over night?
How after only 1000 years of human civilization the Egyptians began to build monuments so spectacularly calculated and designed from mathematics?
How only in 10 years so many gods to worship were created?
Why the pyramids that are all over the world, in America and Japan inclusive,
are very similar to the Egyptian ones, if in theory they did not go past the Red Sea and the Mediterranean?
Why has the sphinx a degradation of over 9000 years, when Egyptologists say it was built only 5000 years ago?
All these civilizations that went from 13.000 to 6.000 BC,
tried to apply a system of terrestrial balance and human information,
this is how the whole plan of building the pyramids and old temples, and today there are only a few remainders left, began.
Which are thought to be tombs, and were never tombs.
The first civilizations, such as Lemuria, Between Ice, Atlantida, Mayas, Doors of the Sun are the ones from which many other civilizations were created in 10.000 BC.
These leaded to a period of confusion which created in 3000 BC the history we know today.