Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (4/9) Movie CLIP - Perverted Proposal (2000) HD

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[Thunder Rumbling ]
[ Sherman ] Denise! Denise!
Oh, Sherman, the flowers are beautiful.
But what areyou doing down there? Please, come inside.
Just a minute. Let me do something first. Come here, guys.
## [ Mariachi ]
Denise, l just wanna say that...
working alongsideyou this pastyear,
getting to knowyou and be close toyou-
it's been the most wonderful time ofmy life.
[ Together] #The most wonderful time ofhis life #
How lovely. [ Laughing ]
[ Giggling ]
it doesn't matter ifyou wanna take that otherjob or ifyou wanna stay here.
What matters to me most is that you're happy.
Denise, l have something that l wanna askyou.
# He wants to askyou #
Denise- Denise Gaines-
Yes, Sherman? Denise, will you-
Well, ask her!
Denise, will you-
Denise, will you- will you...
let me come up there and put my beefin your taco?
- # Put the beefin your taco # - What?
[ Buddy Cackling ] Oh, no, no, no, no!
That's not what t meant to say, Denise. That was a littlejoke.
A littlejoke. l wanted to see ifyou wanted to go out and get Mexican food.
That's why l said that.
Yeah, you are, huh? l bet you could stand for a big ol' Whopper right now.
#A big ol' Whopper right now #
- You're sick! - l got to tell you, l'm aJumboJack man myself.
Yeah, and l'm loaded with secret sauce.
Yeah! Come on!
Back that thang up! Yeah!
Come on! Come on! Yeah!
Come on! Make it funky!
- [Yelling ] - [ Men Yelling ]
You're gonna ruin my lawn, you pervert!
Put on the good ass!
Sherman, l don't know what's gotten intoyou, but l don't like it at all!
[ Buddy's Voice ] Hah, way to go, Sherman!
You haven't seen the last ofme, Sherman!
Denise! Denise!
[ Buddy's Voice ] l'm gonna pee on myself. t'm gonna pee inyour pants!
[Thunder Rumbling ]