Islam and nazism 3of6 [Eng subs]

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Since 1939, al-Husseini is in Iraq.
Established in Bagdad, he proposes an active war support to Hitler from January 1941.
“Your Excellence, the sympathy of the Arab people for Germany is granted.
Once freed from material hindrances, the Arab people will be ready to act together on all fronts,
and to enthusiastically take up arms against the Anglo-Jewish coalition in order to participate in its defeat.
The Great Mufti of Palestine Muhammad Amin al-Husseini”.
Meanwhile, numerous Palestinian Jews ally with the British,
and consequently form the Jewish brigade.
We enlisted in the army in May 1941, when the German where at the top of their power.
To engage at that time was no easy decision.
The British were alone in fighting the Nazis.
Neither the US nor Russia were at war.
Despite the sacrifices that this implied, we made that choice
because the Nazis were persecuting our families in Europe,
and because someone had to set against these criminals.
The Irgun combatants, an armed and clandestine zionist organisation,
also join the anti-nazi front. In 1941,
they launch the offensive on Bagdad with the British.
With the active support of the Great Mufti, the Iraqi officers who sympathise with Germany
prepare a coup which aims at rallying Iraq to the Nazis.
The Irgun combatants have another objective.
The Irgun commandant arrived in Iraq with the English.
He lost his life there, while trying to localise and kill the Great Mufti.
The coup fails. The Mufti survives and goes underground.
The German secret agents who supported the Iraqi people involved in the coup
are captured and transferred overseas.
The few planes sent by Berlin were no match for the British, who were much more numerous.
In Germany, the Iraqi defeat is ignored. There, only victories matter.
Similarly in the Arab version of the weekly news.
In Berlin's Olympic stadium, Vienna's Rapids wins the German football championship
by beating Chalke 4 goals to 3.
The same day, June 22 1941, the German Reich declares war to the USSR.
In the Reich's capital, the victory parade is already being rehearsed.
The Mufti choses this time to come to Berlin, after a fantastic journey.
Never had he been that close to the Führer.
We have always thought that he'd become Hitler's right arm.
No one said it openly,
but we were all convinced that he would end up going to Germany.
Amin al-Husseini reaffirms the Arabs' loyalty to Hitler
and tries to obtain the Führer's support for his Middle-Eastern plans.
Hitler only gives a few verbal promises.
In his famous “dinner talks”, Hitler admits to be impressed by this very sly fox.
“Despite his shrew face, Hitler says, he gives me the impression of being
a man with more than one aryan ancestors”.
Hadjj Amin believed that the independence and unity of the Arabs would be
facilitated by a victory of Germany.
Amin al-Husseini discovers a country galvanised by its victories,
full of vigour and self-assurance.
He is present at the declaration of war against the USA.
He is impressed, despite his familiarity with Hitler's discourse.
[We know what force animates Roosevelt!]
[It is that of the eternal Jew who thinks his time has come]
[and wants to inflict upon us the atrocities suffered in Russia]
[We know the Jews' paradise. But we now know their intention to destroy all States.]
From now on, the Great Mufti is convinced to have made the right choice.
He hopes to return victoriously to Jerusalem
under the Nazi flag.
In the Magreb, the General Rommel goes from victory to victory.
Al-Husseini intends to thrive on this to further his plans.
In April 1942, he writes to Ribbentrop, the german Secretary of foreign affairs:
“Minister, we have insured you of the will of the Arab people to contribute to
the final victory over our common enemies.
We now kindly ask you to provide help to the Arab countries oppressed by the British
with the available support necessary for their liberation, to recognise their sovereignty and independence,
and to consent to their unification, as well as to the elimination
of a national ground for the Jewish people in Palestine.
Amin al-Husseini”.
In the streets of Jerusalem, the Arab would should “Go rebels!”
They all-heartedly hoped for a German victory over the British 8th army,
which was under the orders of General Montgomery.
They would acclaim the German army as if it was under the orders of an Arab general.
Concern was great. When I came back for permission in the kibbutz,
everyone, and especially women, would ask: “So, are they coming?”
I would answer, “they will never come, we'll stop them”.
But deep inside me I didn't believe it.
We didn't think we'd be able to stop them. We were scared.
The Arabs were already sharpening their knives to cut the Jews' throats with the help of the Nazis.
It was mayhem.
The hatred against the English and the Jews was culminating.
It was ready to explode every minute,
and even more so since the Arabs felt the Zionists' fear
of the German progression in Northern Africa.
During the summer of 1942, Rommel's tanks inexorably advance towards Egypt,
and threaten the holy Land to the South.
In the West, the German occupy Greece and Crete,
which is dangerously close to the Palestinian coast.
In the Caucasus, German troops detached from the Russian front walk South.
Their mission: walk through Iraq in order to attack Jerusalem.