Floyd and Madeline - The Guild Behind-the-Scenes S6 Ep 3

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FELICIA DAY: Floyd is played by Ted Michaels, who is
actually a friend of me and Sandeep and Jeff from Empty
Stage Theater, where we started improv.
We called Ted, and he, thankfully, was available to
do season five.
And when I called him for this season, he was
available as well.
And when he read the script, he was like, oh, thank you.
This is going to be such a fun part this season because he is
one of the biggest major driving forces in the season.
SANDEEP PARIKH: As really great comedians will do, they
will go back, they'll sort of--
I'd study their character and kind of figure out what that
character's little beat is.
And I think he found that really nicely, so he really
got into a rhythm, and that's why he was one of my favorite
characters in season five.
And that was a real surprise to me because I never really
worked with him in season five, so when I saw the final
product, that was the only time I saw
him, and he was hilarious.
This season, they seem to really amp up his neuroses.
He really does sort of mirror Codex in a lot of ways.
I think there's some pretty genius stuff in there.
ROBIN THORSEN: And he is just phenomenally funny.
Him and Jeff, when they would interact, would
just be really funny.
Back behind the scenes was just really funny.
And Sandeep, they would just riff like constantly.
FELICIA DAY: I think that Ted brings these ridiculous things
to everything scene that I think make them funnier than I
wrote them on the page.
TED MICHAELS: When you approach the role of Donovan,
where do you grab reality from?
-I'm a little bird on a tree, and I grab it.
TED MICHAELS: Thank you for coming.
-Next time.
TED MICHAELS: It's my show.
Why are you?
Don't sign off.
Just sit there.
Signing off.
FELICIA DAY: Vork left off season five with a love story,
and he kind of had a victory there.
And there was an opportunity to continue that story line
because, obviously, I definitely made that very
solid that they were together.
But how would they be together?
And I called Erin and I was like, would you be willing to
come back for a season?
And she was very excited to come back.
ERIN GRAY: I'm Erin Gray, and I am working here on "The
Guild." So today, I've been doing lots of scenes with
Vork, who has been fabulous to work with.
I mean, I adore Jeff, and I think Felicia's really written
one of my best roles.
KIM EVEY: I've been starstruck by Erin Gray ever since we
started working with her.
I mean, I used to watch her when I was little girl on
various shows that she was on when I was growing up.
And I love her, and I feel like she did a lot to kind of
empower women.
I loved her character on "Silver Spoons." I wanted to
be her character.
You know?
It's amazing that she brings so much to Madeleine because
this is a character who has to be in love with Vork.
Now, that's a really tall order.
FELICIA DAY: Just the way that these two characters are so
odd, and I don't really understand why they like each
other, but they seem to fit well.
I think that's really a testament to the actors
bringing humanity to these roles that could be too broad
or not understandable.
But at the core of it, they're bringing real
people to the part.
Can I look like that all the time?
That was inappropriate.
I'm sexually harassing her.