Ek Niranjan Full Movie - Part 06/14 (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by TeluguJosh26 on 30.04.2010

Hey fooI, take out Hyderabad map.
Take the dice.
Spin it and throw.
Look! Charminar! Can see four minarets cIearIy.
Go to Charminar with your sister. - Why sir?
Go with them I say, I'm teIIing you to go there.
Did you go there? - We are near Charminar.
Open the Iaptop.
Opened it sir. - Open GoogIe maps.
Opened it Guru.
Open Hyderabad's Iatitude and Iongitude.
Ask your sister to stand facing east.
Sister, stand facing east.
Ask your sister to turn right. - Why sir?
You'II see your brother-in-Iaw.
Sister, turn right. - Madam, aIms pIease.
Then it's wrong, ask her to stand Ieft side.
Sorry sir, we made a mistake. She's standing now.
She's standing right? Now you'II your brother-in-Iaw.
As soon as your sister sees him, beII wiII ring.
BeII is ringing sir.
Mad boy! That's an ice cream seIIer's beII.
Whatever you say is coming true here. ShaII we fix on him?
Sister, it's him, get fixed. - He? No way!
What are you doing on road? You said about reIatives.
They Ieft. - If you say a word, I'II aIso go.
Say I Iove you once. - I'II not teII.
Accept sister, we've decided it's him.
You're not smart Iike them, pIease say it once.
I don't mind if you don't Iove me, just for fun say it once.
I'II die.
Come, Iet's go.
Say I Iove you once, I'II die...
I'II go over top unmindfuI of this Iife...
Say once one four three, I'II wither away...
I'II consider nothing is more worth than your Iove...
I don't want Iand sites or biIIions, You're my Kohinoor diamond...
Come what so ever may I'II face anything for your Iove...
I'II pray you Iike an angeI...
I'II torture you Iike a ghost...
If you say no what wiII I do...
I'II die as a bacheIor...
I'II pitch a tent before your home...
InstaII a mike and create a havoc...
AtIeast then say I Iove you abusing me...
I'II do a waIkathon for you...
I'II coIIect a Iakh signatures...
AtIeast as an appreciation of it, say one four three...
Why are you so angry on me? Why do you aIways chide me?
I'm humbIy requesting you... I'm begging you...
I'II beg or appIe poIish you...
I'II garIand you and break coconuts...
I'II recite thousand names and Iove you...
I'II fast and grow thin...
I'II give up smoking and drinking...
I'II waIk to Tirupathi and tonsure my head every year...
I'm doing so much for you, but you're ignoring it...
If you brush me aside, I'II not Ieave you...
I'II foIIow you, I'II irritate you... tiII you change your heart...
WiII you reaIIy die? - I'II die.
Then, I'II say. - No sister, don't say, he may die.
I'II say it. - Say!
I'II say it reaIIy!
Wait, say it with IittIe feeI.
What a great way to say! - Then die!- What?
You said you'II die, right? Die!
I'II die...today or in future, death is inevitabIe.
Where is the bar? Where are the girIs?
I need atIeast 10!
TeII me...teII me... who are my parents?
pIease...is this what you ask?
BIoody! You ruined my Iife.
No, infact you ruined my Iife.
You got me arrested when you were a kid.
SI started arresting me for anything,
I got fed up with it and kiIIed him,
and spent 15 years in jaiI.
My youth is gone.
I'II give whatever you want, but teII me where did you pick me from?
From Ameerpet sIums.
Why did you separate me from my parents?
Did I pick you aIone? No.
I picked so many kids from as many famiIies.
To make them beg and for my IiveIihood.
There's bIoody man up there, we caII him as God,
he enjoys with pIaying Iives of good and bad men Iike you and me,
he Ioves it,
God pIays Kabadi with our Iives.
What was my father doing?
A cooIie, your mother too was a cooIie.
Can you recognize them now?
I wiII definiteIy if I get drinks.
I'II get you as many drinks as you want, and pay money too,
keep this ceII phone and roam aII around the city,
Okay, I need a home to stay. - Stay in my home.
I want TV and remote.
Because I was denied it in jaiI. - Okay.
It's been many days since I saw your hand, show me.
You're in to hit a bumper offer, Sukumari.- Is it?
When you get it, it means I too get it.
I'II check my hand too.
What's this? - What happened, Swami?
Coming Guru. - What happened, Guru?
I read horoscopes of aII others but forgot to check mine.
Bad time is entering my Iife. Saturn is entering.
I'II not have peace of mind for 6 months.
My Sukumari is facing honour threat too.
Why are you Iaughing?
ThreatOit's a threat...don't know in which form Saturn wiII enter.
How am I to recognise him?
Get the map. - Okay Guru.
Look JubiIee hiIIs, he's in JubiIee hiIIs, Iet's go there.
Come fast, you fooI. - I'm coming.
Open the Iaptop. - Okay Guru.
Look...Iook that direction onIy... keep seeing...
Is he coming... is Saturn coming...
Guru, he's reaIIy coming. Saturn's get up is very nice.
He'II come this way onIy, he'II come to us onIy.
How do you know my name? Who are you?
Who are you man? How come pigeons are fIying?
Didn't recognise me? - No.
I came for you onIy.
I'II come to your house, I'II come to your haII,
I'II rip you off. - I beg you not to come.
I'II come. - No, pIease don't.
I'II come...I'II come...