How to dress like an architect | Understanding Architecture, pt.10

Uploaded by howtoarchitect on 02.07.2010

Hi. Im Doug Patt and this is 50 ways to design like an architect. Short videos with tips
about how the architect does their job. In this series we've looked at 8 attributes and
41 qualities the architect uses to do their job well. Clothing and Accessories. Architects
are easier to pick out in a crowd because of the way they dress. They dress in a unique
way probably because of their creativity, their need to be different and in some cases,
big egos. In my case it distracts people from how shallow I really am. Some architects like
all black. Its slimming and it makes you look cool & artsy. Some like the preppie look with
loafers or bucks, a button down and sport coat. Either way glasses are very important.
As you can see in the cases of architects Le Corbusier, Phillip Johnson, Eero Saarinen,
peter eisenman, daniel libeskind and the list goes on. In my case they make me look smarter
than I really am. As a bonus, if youve lost your hair or shave your head, theyre a much
need accessory. Especially when you look like a giant white thumb. If youre an architect,
you probably like to draw. In this case youll need a sketchbook. Preferably black and leather.
I havent seen many architects using brief cases, rather some kind of messenger bag,
and make sure youve got some pens. Finally a tape measure is a good idea on site, but
dont let too many people see you with it or theyll think youre a contractor. Well see
you next time.