Kpop Music Mondays - 2NE1 "Lonely"

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This week's Music Monday is the Bizarre Movie Set Edition
with 2NE1's "Lonely"
I gotta say, I'm really quite impressed by the song.
It's really minimalistic in that it just has
an acoustic guitar and some vocals.
It's not hyper-produced, but it still turns out
to be a really nice song. Nicely done.
I gotta say I feel kinda bad for 2ne1 as of late.
Is it just me or does it seem like they're caught in some funk of sadness?
I mean, look at Park Bom's last video.
It was really sad and miserable.
And then 2NE1's "It Hurts" - I actually almost cried watching that video.
2NE1…do you need a hug?
Momma knows child, momma knows it hurts…momma knows.
But I guess they're super troopers because they still look fashionable
and really pretty while being utterly miserable.
Seriously, they look like models going to a photoshoot.
And there's even this weird wind that blows only on them indoors.
Plus it's not like they're running. They're just walking really slowly
I mean, really slowly, SLOWLY SLOWLY SLOWLY SLOWLY!
Sorry! I got distracted!
Ah. Well, whatever!
Actually, where are they, anyways?
At first we thought that they were filming overseas,
but after watching the video a few times,
there were a few reasons that pointed against it:
Our personal favourite? See that speed limit sign?
Yeah, they want you to go 85…under a bridge, and into the water.
Which, I guess is alright…
if you're on the set for a cheesy 80's action movie and you're wearing a mullet
Hang on! This is gonna be the ride of your life. WOOOOO
Another thing, is that their home at the end of the video?
Because if it is, I think I know why they're so lonely.
Doesn't it seem like their house is, you know, a little bit terrifying?
It seems like a haunted house or the set of an M Night Shamalan movie.
If you invited anyone over to that house,
they would just never come over, EVER EVER EVER again.
Oh. Wow. This is…this place is special.
I'm so glad you came to study with me. I've been so lonely lately.
That, um, flickering of lights:
it's not at all freaky.
It's just…why is it happening?
I like it like that. It represents my loneliness.
Oh! I see. Oh. Well the decor is really…minimalistic and
Is that a pirate flag on your wall?
I suppose it's a pirate flag. I just got it because I like skulls.
Skulls represent my loneliness.
Umm yeah. Why…why is it snowing in here?
It's a little bit…it's a little bit odd. The snowing!
I like snow. Snow represents my love for making snowmen!
Cuz making snowmen are great!
HAHAHA! I love making snowmen.
SNOWMEN ARE SO MUCH FUN! We can make snowmen together.
Yes we can! Whoa!
Hey, you know, you know the time says I kinda have to go so
I'm gonna call you later crazy lady.
K! [call me] yeah sure will. I for sure will!
And one more thing: I think we pinpointed the reason why you're so lonely.
It's probably because of the GIANT FREAKING BILLBOARD
That says "Lonely" outside of your window.
It must really suck living beside the Lonely factory
Or the Lonely Shopping Mall
Or the Lonely whatever building that is
What company names themselves "Lonely" anyways?
What a terrible business model!
Anyhow, that's besides the point.
I think that if you saw a sign like that
outside of your window every morning when you woke up for the rest of your life,
that would definitely put a damper on your spirits.
Today's gonna be a great day! I just know it.
What the…
Oh! On second thought…
I'm just gonna cry myself to sleep!
You know what girl?
You can do it! You're looking hot!
Yeah you can wear this dress you do that thing yea!
Oh. Oh
I'll just go back to wearing my moo moo.
Yes! This dance is like the easiest dance ever!
You learn it when you're one years old!
It's called WALKING!
I'm home!
I'm home ooh!
Well, most of us! I'm not good with shoes.
As for the English of the song, we give this a
5 out of 5
No problems with the English whatsoever.
In fact they say "Lonely" many many times throughout the song
and they don't get it wrong at all. Perfect pronunciation.
The English on the signs in the video, though,
is a completely different story.
Ok seriously: what is Sexy, Pin Sharp, in Flawless?
I can't even begin to guess what they're advertising.
And then they have those ripped flyers on the wall
for Warning, Notice, Slaves. SLAVES?
I don't want to know where that is. Freaky!
Last week we asked you which fake love story you preferred:
U-Kiss in "0330", or Beast in "Fiction"
And the clear clear clear winner was, it was Beast.
Yeah, I guess being a vampire that explodes into dust in front of your loved one
is a little bit more impressive. Beast.
For this week's bizarre movie set edition
we ask you which bizarre movie set you preferred:
Big Bang's in "Love Song" or 2NE1's in "Lonely"
Leave your votes in the comments, or in our Facebook poll,
and we'll announce the winners next week.
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