[ENG SUB] MBLAQ's Sesame Player Ep 8 Part 1 (1/3)

Uploaded by TheNomnomApple on 02.03.2012

Good luck to you all! Fighting!
This is where I've always wanted to come
It's my hometown, but here's where I spent time after school ended.
Lately, I've been just so tired to come here
Here is "Baekyangsa"
My mom
Dad, HaJin and noona
Here is Baekyangsa, where the statues are
Scary, right?
When I was a kid it scared me a lot...
Umma, what did this person's (king) name mean?
Sadecheon king; the god that rules and protects the northeast.
Sadecheon, the number one?
How can a rabbit be here?
Step one: The rabbit doesn't run away from humans.
The rabbit is padding(?) in the park
Cheondoong approaches the rabbit!
'It runs away!'
I want to touch it
Maybe he's already old...
'Cheondoong can't touch it'
Because he's a turtle
The rabbit is the lead cast~
'Cheondoong Vs Rabbit, who will make us laugh at the end?'
He approaches it but...
RB: Do you think I'm easy?
'Touch the rabbit: fail!'
Was that the bunny's pee?
I think so
Cheondoong has stained(?) his hand with the rabbit's pee~
I think you even have it on your face
Share that gift with G.O...
Ah you're doing really well...
Give me
Hello ladies and gentlemen! The time you've all been waiting has come, didn't you guys wait just for this?
Come on, focus all cameras on me...
You have to focus my eyes, the nose, the mouth...
Where are we?!
In Paju!
We are in Paju!
And here is MBLAQ's Sesame Player!
Are you satisfied now?
What do we do today?
I've prepared the first game: "Forehead wrestling"
How does he want us to win if he has unicorn forehead?
there's something in my forehead!
But you don't know if you're going to lose yet.
I can see the future and most probably I'll get the punishment.
I've won
Yah! Come here quick
But this headband streches my eyes...
You really have to win
Do cow sounds!
Oh G.O is slacking a little?
Ow, it's really painful!
Chanwong's Cow; G.O wins!
There's no drama in here!
Yah! How do you want there to be drama if G.O's forehead is right in front of me!?
Yah but at least give it a try...
Give it a try? You try then!
Sonba's cow vs Philppine cow
He approaches me with carisma and says "Let me win"
Go, push him!
Ahh! I've won!
Is not that I've let him win; I just couldn't stop laughing.
One moment
Like a man, you can't take it?
Okay okay, then lke a man...
Are you running away like a man?!
With which hand do you prefer me to hit you?
Hyung, with which hand has he hit you?
Both are equally powerful...
Is this your turn to say a game?
Have you prepared it?
Yeah, I have.
The "12789"
Well, let's do the advanced version
I-I'm sorry!