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Countless people will hate the New World Order -
and will die protesting against it.
I appeared before the Congressional Committee -
to tell what I knew of activities -
which might lead to an attempt to set up a fascist dictatorship.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society -
and we are as a people, inherently and historically -
opposed to secret societies, -
to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.
President Bush signed a formal agreement -
that will end the United States as we know it -
and he took the step without approval from either -
the U.S. Congress or the people of the United States.
The secret organizations of the world power elite are no longer secret.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group.
Could their objective be world domination?
I'm Jim Tucker. I've chased Bilderberg for 30 years.
I'll never give up the chase.
The Bilderberg plan for the whole world is nothing less than World Government.
I'm not comfortable with that at all. Who elected these guys to run the planet?
They are the elitists.
They feel they should run the world for their own selfish interests.
Now we can see a new world coming into view.
A world in which there is a very real prospect of a New World Order.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a World Government -
and only an educated and informed public can stop them in their tracks.
David Rockefeller admits in his own memoirs that he wants to destroy the United States.
He's a traitor!
It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.
As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time -
and was actually a director for some period of time.
I never mentioned that while campaigning for reelection back home in Wyoming.
Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories...
I need you to move off the property please.
Some shots were fired...
There's Bilderbergers right there.
The Trans-Texas Corridor is a vital part, because if we stop it -
we stop the New World Order right here in Texas.
This thing started here -
and to save this country, we kill this damn thing here.
There is a chance for the President of the United States -
to carry out a phrase his father used, -
and that is a New World Order.
Your New World Order will fall. Humanity will defeat you.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Alex Jones Presents -
ENDGAME - Blueprint for Global Enslavement
In the near future earth is dominated by a powerful world government.
Once free nations are slaves to the will of a tiny elite.
The dawn of a new dark age is upon mankind.
Countries are a thing of the past. Every form of independence is under attack -
with the family and even the individual itself nearing extinction.
Close to 80% of the earth's population has been eliminated.
The remnants of a once free humanity are forced to live -
within highly controlled compact prison-like cities.
Travel is highly restricted. Superhighways connect the mega cities and keep the -
population from entering into unauthorized zones.
No human activity is private.
A.I. supercomputers chronicle and categorize every action.
A Prison Planet dominated by a ruthless gang of control freaks -
who's power can never be challenged.
This is the vision of the global elite: their goal.
A program of total dehumanization where the science of tyranny is law.
A world-wide control grid -
designed to ensure the overlord's monopoly of power forever.
Our species will be condemned to this nightmare future -
unless the masses are awakened
to the New World Order Master Plan and mobilized to defeat it.
Erected by a secretive group, the Georgia Guidestones -
are a testament to the elite's plan for a world religion, -
global laws, with a global court and army to enforce it.
And set in stone it is written that the population -
never rise above 500 million.
In this film you will learn how our world is truly governed.
You will see how highly secretive round-table groups interlock -
to form a global intelligence network.
This group has been steering planetary affairs for hundreds of years.
Now in the final stage, they prepare for open world government; -
a goal tyrants throughout history have lusted after.
Dr. Michael Coffman is a published ecologist specializing in Ecosystem Research, -
Forest Ecology and Ecosystem Classification.
Dr. Coffman played a key role in blocking the ratification -
of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the U.S. Senate.
The concept of a New World Order has been around for centuries, -
it's been receiving tremendous play over the last half of the 20th century.
George Bush senior, President George Bush used it a lot in his speeches -
and really implies that he really wants to see an Order -
in which we have a universal or global type of governance, -
in which every human being on planet Earth is ultimately responsible -
to the policies that are being formulated at the international level.
It is a big idea. A New World Order.
President Bush said that the New World Order was in tune -
and that's what they were working for. The U.N. is part of that government.
They're working right now, very significantly, for a North American Union.
That's why a lot of people in Washington don't care too much about our borders.
They have a philosophic belief that national sovereignty is not important.
It's also the reason I have made very strong suggestion -
that we need not be in the United Nations for our national security.
It's really always the same, you go back throughout all of history, -
the Roman Empire, The Soviet Union, Hitler during the Nazism, -
it was always saying that it is going to create the utopia for the average person, -
when in fact, history always shows that it does exactly the opposite.
Ancient Roots of Globalism -
Conquest and Empire is as old as civilisation.
Babylon, Egypt and Greece, -
They all built empires in an attempt to rule the world.
The Roman system at it's peak dominated the known world.
Complex governmental systems were developed to control diverse populations.
During the period between the 15th and 19th century,
new empires emerged and again waged war for supremacy.
The nobility as well as the thriving merchant class -
were financed by a handful of private banks.
Many of the great money houses would hedge their bets and finance both sides of a war.
Sophisticated intelligence gathering networks gave the financiers a clear edge -
over the governments they were slowly gaining control of.
On the 18th of June 1815 -
agents of the British arm of the Rothschild family looked on -
as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte fought desperately to save his army -
from the jaws of a British Pression Pincer Attack.
A Rothschild agent was able to get the news of Napoleon's defeat, -
at the hands of Lord Wellington, and to Nathan Rothschild -
a full 20 hours before the news reached London.
Nathan, the head of the British arm of the Rothschild family, -
put out the rumor to the London Stock Exchange that Napoleon had won the war.
Stocks plunged by 98% and Rothschild was then able to -
buy up the entire British economy for pennies on the pound.
When the news of Napoleon's defeat finally arrived, stocks soared.
Britain was now the undisputed ruler of Europe and Rothschild ruled England.
The already dominant empire grew even more aggressive.
Her troops and bureaucracies spread across the globe.
The sun never set on Britannia's holdings.
The banking cartel funded... in fact since about 1800 -
they have funded both sides of almost every war, -
and of course they're getting the interest off of the loans that they'd -
given the governments for the wars that they helped stimulate and create.
By 1900, Germany was a rising force, and a leader of the industrial revolution.
World War I for instance, -
there was absolutely no reason to have World War I, -
except that it was an ideal opportunity for the banking cartel -
to make a pile of money by funding both sides of that particular war.
On June 28th 1914, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne -
Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated while traveling in a motorcade.
The Black Hand, a Serbian Secret Society with connections to French -
and British Intelligence, took credit.
World war I had begun.
Armaments Companies financed by Rothschild controlled banks -
in Germany, France, England and Austria bankrolled all the factions.
At least 20 million were killed in the war.
It was a conflict so terrible, the people vowed to never fight again.
They'd dubbed it "The War To End All Wars".
The question is, "Why did they want war?".
Well, first of all, there's money and power, -
but secondly, they wanted to create The League Of Nations.
They had this in their plans all along and as a consequence, -
once the war was over or about to be over, they begin to formulate -
this idea of a League of Nations so this would never ever happen again.
Hundreds of years of practice made the British experts at -
hiding their empire behind puppet governments and councils.
In the name of stopping all future conflicts they proposed that -
countries would join a League of Nations.
Their true intention was for the League to serve as a framework for World Government.
President Woodrow Wilson who had spearheaded the establishment of -
the private Federal Reserve system in the United States in 1913 -
strongly supported the establishment of a League of Nations.
Woodrow Wilson was a very naive President.
He was basically a college professor that was drafted into this whole system.
The League convened in Paris in 1919 but many nations recognized -
it as a threat to their sovereignty and refused to join.
Frustrated by the U.S. Congress blocking the League of Nations, -
British Intelligence, with the help of the Rockefeller family, -
set up the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City in 1921.
The Council recruited the best and brightest of American life -
to support the growth of the Anglo-American empire.
The C.F.R.'s stated mission is to abolish all Nation States -
in favor of an all powerful World Government administered by a tiny elite.
By 1930 the promoters of World Government had split into 2 interlocking camps: -
the Fabian Socialists centered in London and the Fascists based in Italy and Germany.
"National socialism will use it's own revolution for establishing a -
New World Order." ~Adolf Hitler
Supporters of the fascists in the United States and England believed -
that the military should be used to quickly transform the world into a New World Order, -
while the more sophisticated practitioners of socialism stated -
that incrementalism was the sure path to world domination.
Congressional Medal of Honor winner Major General Smedley Butler -
went public in 1934 exposing an attempt by the robber barons -
to launch a military overthrow of the United States.
The war hero testified to the McCormack-Dickstein Committee in Congress -
that some of the most powerful men in America -
had tried to recruit him to lead a military coup, -
so they could set up National Socialism in the United States.
Gen. Butler Bares "Plot" by Fascists
I appeared before the Congressional Committee, -
the highest representation of the American people, -
under subpoena to tell what I knew of activities which -
I believed might lead to an attempt to set up a fascist dictatorship.
I was supposed to lead an organization of 500,000 men -
which would be able to takeover the functions of government.
The fascists had also made deep inroads in England.
Edward VIII, King of England, was forced to abdicate the throne -
because of his public support for Hitler.
Though the German-led fascist camp was strong, -
the Fabian Socialists block was able to maintain control -
of the U.S., Russia and England.
In the build-up to World War II, and during the conflict, -
the bakers again financed both sides, just as they had done with Napoleon.
With the rise and fall of the 3rd Reich, Europe lay in ruins.
Once again the elite claimed that only Global Governance -
could save humanity from certain destruction, and this time -
the elite would succeed in setting up their world body.
In April of 1945, at the Presidio Naval Base in San Francisco, -
the United Nations was founded by the victors of World War II.
The United Nations complex was then built in New York City -
on land donated by John D. Rockefeller.
Shortly after the elite established the United Nations as their base in the US, -
the newly formed World Council quickly began work on the next phase in their plan: -
the incremental formation of continental superstates.
The 1st step in their trilateral plan was the creation of the European Union.
Unifying Europe had been tried many times and was extremely unpopular.
Where Napoleon and Hitler had failed to accomplish their goals using force, -
the Globalists would succeed using stealth.
The British spearheaded the formation of a Council of Europe on May 5th 1949.
The treaty of London claimed to only establish trade ties between -
European Nations, like N.A.F.T.A. or G.A.T.T. in North America.
It's true intention was the formation of a European Superstate.
We shall have World Government whether or not you like it, -
by conquest or consent. ~James Warburg
In the Senate Foreign Relations Committee February 17, 1950 -
In 1954 the elite of the planet met in secret at the -
Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland.
The Bilderberg Group would later admit that their mission -
was the formation of the EU.
Once the EU was established under the guise of trade deals, -
a North American Union and Asian Union would be formed.
The 3 interlocking superstates form the core of the Global Government -
while the United Nations would serve as a world regulatory -
and enforcement body over the 3rd world subregions.
The Bilderberg Group consists of the heads of all the -
managing roundtable groups that steer individual countries.
Picture the elite power structure of the world as a giant pyramid -
with only the elite of the elite at the tip top of the capstone.
The group has been so secretive that until the mid 1980s the -
controlled corporate media denied it's existence.
Into the late 1990s coverage only consisted of rare one-line mentions.
With the rise of the alternative media -
their stranglehold on information has begun to slip.
On the outskirts of the National Capitol today -
black limousines with darkened windows converged on a hotel -
where private security guards imposed iron-clad control.
The limos carried, royalty, political power brokers and -
industrial titans to a secret meeting that will last all weekend.
It's known as the Bilderberg Group. Could their objective be world domination?
Every 4 years Bilderberg meets in North America -
and in June of 2006 we decided to travel to Ottawa -
the Capitol of Canada: the site of Bilderberg.
In Bilderberg's long history many reporters attempting -
to cover the group have been harassed, detained and even jailed.
I jokingly reassured my cameramen that the horror we'd read about -
were probably exaggerated. I was wrong.
Detained at Airport
We know reporters get detained at airports, people aren't let in.
We know people get sent to the jail house for 3 or 4 hours -
It happens every time! Well, it happened to Alex Jones this time.
They admitted Bilderberg... that they had pressure -
put on them by the government to heighten security, -
and that that's why all this happened.
Yes, I was told that by two separate people.
They scoured our records for hours yesterday and hours today, -
trying to find something on us, and of course there was nothing.
It was just scary, -
I've been all over the world and I've never seen anything like this.
It was like hours of humiliation, and they said, "What are you here for?" -
and I said, "Well, I'm here to cover the media, -
covering a political event, I hope to talk to some members of Parliament".
I was answering all the questions, -
it was clear I wasn't a threat, -
it was clear I didn't have a criminal record, -
it was clear I was press, -
it was clear I was coming to interview people.
They were gonna deny me, -
they told me earlier that I'd probably be denied, -
and then you guys showed up and everything changed.
So what's your plan now?
My plan is to go out and try to interview Jim Tucker, -
to try to go down to the Bilderberg Group and maybe -
catch some of them still arriving, and try to still make a documentary.
So instead of being here at 8am in the morning when the -
Bilderberg Group attendees and the 100 elite of the planet start showing up, -
were gonna be in here about 3:30 or so, -
and we'll see if we can catch any of the elites coming in.
Brookstreet Hotel / Ottawa Canada
What do you think is on the agenda for this edition of the Bilderberg's annual meeting.
They're debating the attack on Iran and how to take out Hugo Chavez.
They're talking about how to get their American Union in, -
it destroys Canadian, U.S. and Mexican sovereignty.
We're talking about the death of Canada that's what's happening in there right now.
The death of your sovereignty is happening in there right now.
CNN has even reported that these individuals have put out the policy reports -
through the Council on Foreign Relations that writes their scholarly white papers -
to end the United States, to end Canada and to end Mexico.
About 10 have come in.
They've been coming in slowly, -
in typically big black cars with what appears to be bullet proof glass, -
and we've got a few pictures of some of the people.
We're being kept well back from the building by an awful lot of -
security people, but there'll be more security as this thing develops.
OK, just a reminder to stay off the property, OK?
I am, I am. This is the line, we checked with the city.
Yes you are!
Thank you.

I came here from up state New York. I booked a room way in advance -
but I checked in at 10 at night, but they told me I had to be -
out by 8:30 in the morning. And so, of course I complied with what they wanted, -
I wasn't happy about it because I had been tired, I drove quite a long way.
Then I went down to have something to eat and I just -
saw a bunch of security here, and I was wondering what was -
going on and I asked questions and they said that they were having -
a wedding or they were having some sort of reception, -
so I decided to ask a couple more questions 'cause I thought -
it was kinda weird, and then I saw them from my hotel window, -
they were in the back with flashlights looking at the trees, -
looking up through the trees, and they were also in front of the hotel combing...
it looked like combing the hotel, so I kinda got..was wondering -
what was going on, and I left. I got up this morning, -
I checked out and then the fella that I spoke with, -
the last fella I spoke with said "You'll see in the newspaper."
Well I didn't have to wait because there was a group -
of people out here telling me about everything that was going on.
They're not fooling anybody any longer. When you've got this many cops, -
you know, and detaining Alex Jones at the border.
Get 'em on both sides. Yeah you crook!
Yeah, you're gonna go to jail like Ken Lay!
Oh yeah, There's one right there. Hi! Hey, we're not your property, -
we're not your slaves. We're gonna defeat the New World Order.
The New World Order's gonna be defeated. You realize that, -
I'm glad you do. Always does throughout history.
Etienne Devignon is the Honorary Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, -
as well as the head of its steering committee.
The committee he heads selects and invites each years attendees.
In the last decade the list of attendees has been -
leaked to reporters by moles on the inside.
Veteran newspaper reporter Jim Tucker has been covering the -
Bilderberg meetings for over 30 years and has physically attended more than 20.
We traveled back to our hotel to see if Jim Tucker received the 2006 list.
I first heard about Bilderberg in 1975 and I said, "I don't believe it", -
"That's not possible", "Who in hell's Bilderberg?".
I spent 20 happy years with metropolitan newspapers.
All the while there's a clicking at my ear: -
that could not happen without me knowing about it.
And the thing that first impressed me most was calls in 1957 -
by the late great Westbrook Pegler, widely syndicated columnist.
He wrote 2 lengthy columns about how approximately 100 leaders -
of international finance, heads of state, high public officials, -
were meeting behind armed guards, closed doors on Jekyll Island, sealed off.
What are these powerful internationalists doing? And why is it so secret?
Why do they have armed guards outside? Why is it sealed off?
The newspapers totally ignore it - not a word.
Total blackout in the United States.
Since then I have never stopped pursuing Bilderberg or the whole -
international gangster organization lead by Rockefellers and -
Rothschilds as they manipulate the world for their own selfish interests.
Jim, you've been waiting on the list. You normally get it on the 1st day.
You haven't gotten it. We're told it might come in today.
How important is that list?
It's absolutely essential, although identifying people outside -
as we always do is important too, to find out who is not on their own list.
In recent years someone from Europe has sent a machine copy -
with the letterhead and so forth, without identifying himself.
So far I haven't heard from him.
Well Bilderberg assumed that name in 1954 at their first -
meeting as Bilderberg, at the Bilderberg hotel.
It's a little bit like Shakespeare's "As you like it".
They say to Shakespeare, "What do you want to call this book?"
and he says, "As you like it", meaning whatever you want to call it, -
but they thought it was a dictation so one of his plays -
is called "As you like it", but the title has nothing to do with the play.
So that's how the Bilderberg came by their name.
Now they had been meeting for half a century, -
the monied class had been meeting. But they decided they have to -
meet systematically, every year, well planned in advanced, -
in addition to other smaller meetings throughout the year.
Is the right turn, Jim?
This is the Global Government. They are setting the world agenda.
Inside right now,
they're deciding whether or not there will be a war with Iran, -
whether or not taxes will increase, -
whether oil prices will be suppressed or increased.
There's much more on agenda, that we'll find out about in time, -
but those are 3 items that are heavy on their list this year.
This is Jim Tucker, Ladies and Gentlemen. 27 years covering these crooks.
Mr Tucker, a pleasure to meet you.
The media said he was crazy, it didn't exist. Now we forced them.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
120 of the worlds most powerful men: heads of state from Europe,
high officials from the United States Government, Treasury Dept., -
White House, state, defense. They're setting the world agenda now.
The reason they want secrecy is because they're doing evil.
Evil is done under the cover of darkness, good works are done in the sunshine.
Hi, how you doin'? Good.
Get off the property please.
Well, Jim has some questions for you.
I need you to move off the property please.
OK, sure. It's a public sidewalk.
Oh yeah we are cooperating.
Thank you. Right onto the sidewalk.
Yeah, there's no implication that we aren't cooperating.
When your onto the sidewalk can you stay there please?
Sure. Yeah. Thank you.
Jim has some questions for you.
Again, I need you to stay right on the sidewalk.
Yeah, we actually checked with the city. The property line is actually right here.
That's good. The property line's actually right here.
We are on the verge of a global transformation.
All we need is the right major crisis and the nations -
will accept the New World Order. ~David Rockefeller
We saw David Rockefeller at the back of the building of the hotel -
and they had no body guards. One of my friends shouted, -
"Hey Rockefeller" and he turned back and he was...afraid.
My name's RenУй. I'm from Manitoba. I drove about 26 hours to get here, -
just to show my..that I'm against the Bilderbergers, -
just to fight for my freedoms, fight for my rights, -
make sure that my children can grow up in a free country.
My name is Daniel Estulin and I've been doing this for the last 15 years.
I'm from Canada. I'm very proud of my country because as you can see -
there are a lot of people covering the Bilderberg conference.
Last year it took me 14 and a half hours to get to Munich.
I was pulled off a plane in Milan, I was pulled off a plane in Munich.
They interrogated me for 4 hours, both places.
I was able to call a friend, a journalist in Rome, -
as a result of his presence and others calling the -
Foreign Ministry Department in Italy, they backed off and they let me go.
They basically told me that they'll be keeping an eye on me 24 hours a day.
The little hotel we were staying at, Jim and I, out of the 20 rooms -
6 were occupied, 3 by the CIA and 3 by the German Secret Service.
That's how serious these people are. That's how afraid they are of -
what we may be able to reveal and what we -
actually do reveal publicly about the Bilderberg intents.
Daniel Estulin has covered the Bilderberg meetings in Europe -
and North America for more than 15 years. His book, Club Bilderberg, -
has been translated into more than 20 languages and is a global best seller.
Estulin has photographed many past Bilderberg meetings.
Rockefeller front man, Henry Kissinger, is always a key participant.
Here you see the President of the CFR, Richard N. Haas, -
followed by Vice Chairman of Rothschild Europe, Franco BernabУй, -
who is speaking with Henry Kravis, and behind them is Richard Holbrooke, -
former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
The head of Daimler Chrysler, JУМrgen Schrempp, arrives by helicopter.
Here the owner of the Washington Post, Donald Graham, -
escorts Indra Nooyi, the head of Pepsi Co.
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, who's father, Prince Bernhard, -
founded Bilderberg, is a leading figure in the group.
Of course Globalist Kingpin, David Rockefeller, -
seen here with his body guard, James Ford, always attends.
The then newly appointed World Bank Chief, -
Paul Wolfowitz, is photographed at Bilderberg 2005.
It has been reported that Wolfowitz had attended previous meetings -
while still the Deputy Secretary of Defense, a violation of the Logan Act.
Under the Logan Act it is a felony offense for any member of -
federal or state government to meet with members of a foreign government -
without the express authority and authorization of the President or Congress.
Put simply, it is illegal for members of the government -
to meet secretly, behind closed doors, with foreign power brokers -
due to the problems of corruption and espionage that it breeds.
For this reason, many prominent politicians attend -
but their names do not appear on the official list.
Despite the Logan Act, the Governor of New York's name, George Pataki -
does appear on the list, and we were able to catch the Governor -
on tape walking with David Rockefeller at Brookstreet.
Multiple staff members inside Brookstreet reported to us that -
Hillary Clinton had attended for half a day.
Several armored limos with diplomatic plates did arrive -
with police escorts and offloaded their passengers -
in the underground parking garage out of the sight of the press.
Former World Bank President, James Wolfensohn, sardonically stared at our cameras.
Do you think that they're upset about the fact their being exposed?
Well I'm sure they are, look at the tinted windows.
They don't want to be seen, they don't want anybody to know they're here.
So I'm sure they're ticked, and that's why we're here, to try to expose them.
Do you think they're angry being on the front page of the local paper today?
Do you think they're in there reading it right now, Jim?
Yes, I don't think they're happy about it.
They prefer nothing at all. No publicity.
They prefer absolute secrecy.
Yeah, you better look away! We're not your slaves. You don't own me.
Did you get a list of the attendees or anything?
No, I've asked for one under a slight variation of my name, -
and I don't know if I'll get it or not. Also, it could happen today.
The last 3 years, I get back to the hotel...
...and there's a copy there waiting for you.
I'm not just not revealing the source, I don't know the source myself.
But a fax, because they want the letter head on it, makes a nice memento.
That's Chalabi.
You think Chalabi?
No, no, I don't think, I know.
It looked like Chalabi, and it was a fat guy, -
Yeah. That was Ahmed Chalabi?
Oh my God, then they're really gonna attack Iran.
Hey Chalabi, don't attack Iran

Over the last couple of years they've been reeling with the amount of -
leakage that they've been experiencing, so it's getting harder and harder, -
it will never get too hard for us because of the sources that we have inside.
Our top notch sources: people who are actually working for them, -
the Secret Service, the second layer people in the Bilderbergers, -
the clerks, the administry office. They're there.
They are our eyes and ears and every time there's something out, -
we always get the information.
I think that's the Queen. You see her?
What usually happens, the Secret Service guys -
who are protecting the Bilderberger delegates, the staff, the cooks, the chefs, -
when they actually see and hear what the nasty people are talking about, -
they're the first ones to look for us, they're the first ones -
to make sure we get the information from the meeting.
Again, we're very rigorous with information that does come out, -
we double, triple, and quadruple the confirmed sources -
to make sure that all the information checks out.
A lot of the stuff, the Bilderbergers have planted information -
to make sure this information nullifies the accuracy of the reporting -
which is why we never publish the first things we hear.
It looks like Rockefeller.
The decisions that these people take, they're not only decisions that -
affect the business community, they affect politics, -
business, environment, across the entire spectrum, -
and these decisions are taken by a very elite group of people behind closed doors, -
this year at the Brookstreet Hotel. We're not privy to these decisions, -
we're not allowed to know what they talk about, but we'll definitely -
feel the consequences of these decisions over the next 12 months when events, -
apparently by accident seem to happen, in fact they've been planned right here, -
this year at Brookstreet Hotel between 8th & 11th of June.
What does it do when you get 120 of the most powerful people in the world -
getting together to have meetings with government officials? I mean that's amazing.
Well this is what I mean, they are planning the corporate agenda, -
they are not planning the democratic human journey agenda, in my opinion.
Mussolini had a definition; it's when the interests of the corporation -
take completely over from all other interests - and that's fascism.
He said they should probably call it Corporatism.
Well, call it Corporatism, call it Fascism, call it neo-lib, neo-con...
there's a whole variety of political words depending on which side -
of the stripe you come from, to start with, which describes the thing.
But, what they are describing is the complete end of democracy, -
the end of what matters to people, the end of what happens to -
the human journey, and for that reason I think this is revolting.
Ladies and gentlemen we're here in Canada today -
to stand up against the Bilderberg Group that's attempting to get rid of -
the sovereignty of the United States. The truth of their world government -
has now been exposed. We know you are ruthless, we know you are evil.
To David Rockefeller, to the Rothschilds' representatives here, -
to the Queen of the Netherlands, to all of you, we tell you: -
"You are not our Queens", -
"You are not our Kings", -
"You are not our Gods", -
"We do not belong to you", "We are not your slaves".
We stand as free humans have stood since the beginning of time -
against the strong men, against the thugs, against the bullies.
We will defeat your world government. We will defeat world taxation.
We will defeat your control grid. God is on our side.
I stand before the creator of the universe, and I ask the creator, -
as our founding fathers did in 1776, to lead, guide and direct us, -
and to give us the power, and the foresight and the understanding -
and the will to stand against your entire agenda -
including your final plan of world population reduction of 80%, -
that Henry Kissinger penned in 1973. Why do you put mercury in the vaccines?
Stani(?)sodium chloride in the water? Why?
Why do you put cancer viruses in the vaccines?
Why have you used depleted uranium now in four separate nations?
You're arrogant. You have the sickness that elites have had -
throughout history in their literal, and in some cases figurative, ivory towers.
You believe that you are invincible. You will and you are failing now.
Your new world order will fall. Humanity will defeat you.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Bilderberg is an elite organization and the way it works, -
the protocol of the meetings is, the staff, after they're vetted out, -
they're told exactly how they're supposed to behave themselves, -
meaning they can never address the attendees, they can never speak to them -
unless they are spoken to first, they can never look them in the eye.
They have to approach them from the right side (right-handed people) -
and the left side (left-handed people). They can never look them straight on.
And needless to say, all the information that is being spoken -
during the conferences is under no circumstances allowed to come out.
That's what they're told. They're threatened with not being able to find -
another job anywhere in the sector if they reveal any information to the press.
Richard Holbrooke.
Ambassador Richard Holbrooke thought the peasantry wouldn't recognize him -
if he took a stroll off the grounds of Brookstreet.
Holbrooke cackled when I told him that we were not his slaves.
Holbrooke, we're not your slaves, Holbrooke.
We're not your slaves.
Holbrooke, we don't belong to you. We're not your property.
Get back on the sidewalk.
We're free humanity.
Yeah, there he goes. Coward.
They love it. They love it.
OK, we're gonna be going round the back here guys.
Hey guys, how you doin?
There are several rings of security service. The American delegation -
at every Bilderberg meeting is usually protected by the CIA -
and the special division of the U.S. Army. The British delegation -
is protected by the MI6. Israelis are usually protected by the Mossad.
The Ottawa Police, in this case working for the security, they have -
very little...actually they don't have any information at all -
of what the meeting's about - they don't even know who the Bilderbergers are.
Then there's an elite private firm protecting the perimeter, -
doing all the dirty work such as shooing off the photographers -
and bothering the protesters, but, that's piddly stuff.
All the heavy stuff is done by the security service such as the CIA, MI6.
Some years ago, my legs were a little bit stronger than they are now, -
and I crept over a fence, under cover of darkness, approached...
the cops started yelling and pointing at me, so I ran -
with speed I didn't know I still had and some shots were fired, -
but they were far above my head. I mean, they were intimidating but -
they were not really trying to kill me. Not when sharpshooters are -
firing far above... 20 feet above your head.
Bilderberg was founded by David Rockefeller and the -
Rothschilds in Britain and Europe. They're still the main powers.
Baron Evelyn de Rothschild, a male, attended for many years.
Rothschild is still represented, you'll see them on the list of participants.
Somebody represents the Rothschild group. They are the main powers behind Bilderberg.
The Dutch, Shell is part of the Queen's fortune, of course the Rockefellers have -
always had oil interests, that was the original source of their old man's money.
Jim just got the official Bilderberg-letterhead list from -
his mole inside the Bilderberg Group. Lets go look at it.
So Jim you got the list.
Yeah. Did we identify Wolfowitz as being here? 'cause he's not on the list.
No, we positively identified Wolfensohn.
Yeah, he's on the list. Eh, Wolfowitz...
Yeah, there's Wolfensohn right there. James Wolfensohn.
But aren't there always people who aren't listed?
Yip. Over the years we've identified, like, sometimes 3 -
people who are not on their own list, who have attended.
Now, I think what is very difficult for most people to understand is how such a small -
group, of 125 men and a few women, control a population base of 6 billion people.
Actually it's much easier than you think.
These people work in what I call a Systemic Methodology, -
meaning that you take an apple pie, just imagine, and you slice this apple pie -
into lots of very small pieces, and you put in front of -
each one of these pieces your man or women of trust, -
and by controlling this individual you control an entire organization.
For example, if you take Paul Wolfowitz who runs the World Bank, -
through him you can control the entire organization. You don't need to control -
what the dishwasher or the toilet cleaner thinks or does or believes in,
you just need to control what [Wolfowitz] does and what he believes in.
And what [Wolfowitz] does will permeate the entire organization.
And that's how you control, with a very, very small power base, -
an entire global population of 6 billion people.
Bilderberg is making great progress toward a world government.
They have created a superstate in Europe called the European Union.
They're intent on creating a western hemisphere union called the -
North American Union. NAFTA is to be expanded into every country in this hemisphere.
As NAFTA expands it will take on the role of the American Union.
And only an educated and informed public can stop them in their tracks.
We went into downtown Ottawa and talked to locals to learn
if they were aware of the elite meeting in their city.
Hey guys, give me your attention just for a second.
I just need to tell you that a group just met here in Canada -
and they're trying to get rid of your sovereignty, -
merging you with the U.S. and Mexico. It's not funny, I'm serious.
And your news isn't gonna tell you about this. This is deadly serious, -
so I'm just letting you know and telling you about it.
As they say, they are the guys that run the world.
They make the decisions for [us], and we just carry it out.
Sir, did you here about the Bilderberg Group meeting here in town -
the 120 most elite people in the world?
Hey, did you know that the elites are meeting here in town right now?
Have you heard about it - The 120 crime bosses? None of you have heard about it?
None of you guys have heard of the Bilderberg Group? There meeting right now.
In the city, around 10% of the people were aware -
of the New World Order agenda. When we traveled to Parliament, -
close to half of the people we randomly spoke to were informed.
Ma'am, what did you say about the American Union?
I said it's gonna end up happening. We don't want it but it's gonna happen.
Why do you think?
Well, because the Bilderberg Group runs the world.
You have the Trilateral Commission that's also part of the Bilderberg,
which is Unites States, Europe and Asia. But most of this is public knowledge.
Nobody wants to believe their are conspiracies - that world leaders are already -
elected before they're voted on. So here we know that Bernard Lord is -
part of the outer circle. I was surprised to read that -
[Canadian Prime Minister] Harper addressed a group in 2003, -
because my understanding was, nobody gets into politics without -
becoming part of the Bilderberg Group, and then you find out -
afterwards that that is the case, that they have...
Well, yeah, well, Bill Clinton went there in 1991, George Bush Sr.
attended back in '85. And Tony Blair. Same thing. Who we think -
we're electing as leaders have already been pre-picked for us, -
whether it's Liberal or Conservative, they're already part of the group.
They own all the horses in the race.
They own the horses and I understand that...for example the United States, -
it's a one party system with 2 factions, though you think it's 2 different parties.
Oh it is, yeah. It's like, Bill Clinton constantly vacations -
with the Bushes and they call him their son. And they actually -
staged all that in '92 and all that's come out.
It's just all staged. They're not gonna let trillions of dollars -
slip through their hands. The good news is people are waking up though.
When you read human history, when you study it, all you see is -
elites trying to dominate, subterfuge, Machiavellian backstabbing, -
and somehow in the last 50 years they convinced westerners that the -
government's fine, can do no wrong, trust them. How did this happen?
It's easy to lead sheep. I mean, people just follow.
They don't want to believe these things will happen. No way.
We'll just follow along with the norm.
That's all, it just makes it easier for everyone.
What's you view on losing Canada's sovereignty.
I'd like this country to stay as it is, and I love United States to be there.
Back in Austin, the Capitol of Texas, the public -
was frighteningly unaware of the nation's peril.
Have you heard of the North American Union?
Um, not really, no. I don't watch T.V.
No I haven't.
Interesting. I was not aware of that.
I don't, I don't know exactly what you mean so...
I don't think there's going to be a merger of the free nations.
No, I have not.
Eh, no.
Eh, no, I didn't know this was happening so...
Yes, I have.
No I haven't.
Oh, you have heard about it. Yes.
After that big rally today they don't know about it?
I don't know about anything.
No I have not.
Have you heard of the European Union?
I have, yes.
Are you aware of the European Union?
Oh yeah, of course.
Have you heard about the European Union?
Heard about them.
Do you know about the European Union?
Europe? 15 member group? Expanding?
A what?
15 nations of Europe merging in 2000.
For over 50 years the Bilderberg Group constructed the European -
Union by stealth under the guise of trade deals. Now the elite -
are using the same secretive program to complete the North -
American Union, but this time superstate integration is on the -
extreme fast track. International agreements like NAFTA, GATT -
or APEC were just stepping stones in the formation of the N.A.U.
The North American Union was officially born at Baylor University in Waco, -
Texas on March 23rd, 2005. The leaders of the United States, Mexico and -
Canada told the press that they were only meeting to discuss trade.
It soon leaked that a secret meeting had been held during the -
Security and Prosperity Trilateral Summit.
The 3 governments had refused to release the secret agreement to the people.
In September of 2006 their treasonous operation was blown wide open.
From September 12th to September 14th, in Banff, Canada, -
hundreds of elected and appointed government leaders from Canada, -
Mexico and the United States, met in secret.
On the last day of the conference someone inside the secret -
North American Union Forum leaked the agenda.
The front pages of newspapers across Canada carried the story.
The Judicial Watch Foundation submitted Freedom of Information Act Requests -
to obtain the full agenda and minutes of the secret assembly.
Many federal agencies refused citing National Security.
The foundation finally succeeded and did receive thousands of pages of documents.
The documents, marked 'Unclassified', are the blueprints of a -
shadow government ruling by bureaucratic and Executive fiat.
The pages chronicle an already operating North American Union.
Transportation, Law Enforcement, Agriculture, Regulation, Banking, -
Manufacturing, Construction, Education, Immigration and even the -
Military are being merged with no input from the people or their -
elected representatives in Congress and Parliament.
One of the first items on their agenda was to stress how important -
it was that their plan quote "be carried out by stealth".
The controllers also talked about exploiting the public's fears of -
climate change to push a continent-wide tax to fund the new government.
Globalist tool, Robert Pastor, is incessantly paraded on the world stage -
as the man behind the North American merger. When he testified before congress, -
he pushed the idea of a continental security perimeter that -
erases national boundaries and merges the security apparatus.
The best way to secure the United States today is not at our 2 borders -
with Mexico and Canada, but at the borders of North America as a whole.
In fact, the North American Command based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, -
was clearly running the meeting in Canada. For the past decade the Pentagon -
has been training with Mexican and Canadian forces, and has openly discussed -
them inside the United States for disasters and to quell domestic unrest.
There are already over 100,000 non-U.S. citizens serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
The Pentagon is now expanding it's recruiting centers in -
Mexico, the Philippines and Eastern Europe.
Big city police departments nation-wide are lobbying to change laws -
so they can recruit non-citizens to join the police force.
What we are witnessing is a Red Dawn scenario in slow motion.
Tyrants throughout history have used foreigners to oppress their domestic populations.
When their coup by stealth was exposed, the 3 governments went into damage-control mode.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership quickly staged a show -
summit that was held in Ottawa, Canada, in February of 2007.
The only way that we can achieve Security and Prosperity for our people -
is through this cooperation.
We actually occupy one physical space, the North America.
We've also had a chance, as Foreign Ministers, -
to talk about how we cooperate in the region and, indeed, in the world.
Protesters who were upset about losing their countries and freedoms were not tolerated.
...no democratic process...
...whatsoever. the Security and Prosperity Partnership has been...
...to put an end to the parliamentary debate.
Globalist publications have been open with their frustration -
that the population has not bought their latest P.R. stunt.
As integration inside the European and American Unions accelerates, -
the superstates themselves are being merged.
On April 30th, 2007, a summit was held at the White House.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership's secretive approach -
had alarmed the public, so this time President Bush, -
German Chancellor Merkel and EU Commission President Barroso -
hid their treachery in plain sight.
I thank the Chancellor and Jose very much for the Trans-Atlantic -
Economic Integration Plan.
And for that too, we need to develop a common market, common standards.
So this is indeed a very important agreement, and an agreement -
that also brings with it a Trans-Atlantic Economic Council -
to be a permanent body with senior people on both sides of the -
Atlantic that will look at all those issues in a concrete -
manner in which way we can make it move forward.
The B.B.C. reported that the U.S. and E.U. had agreed on a single market.
By announcing a new economic community integration they were simply -
repeating what had been done in America and the E.U. on a larger scale.
The accord states that the 2 blocks will aggressively push -
regulatory convergence in more than 35 areas, from financial services, -
intellectual property, military, education, mergers & acquisitions.
They also agreed to jointly push a global carbon tax.
We recognize that we have a problem with greenhouse gases.
We agree there is a global threat - it's a serious threat.
We agree there is the need to establish a limit to greenhouse gases.
We need to discuss a possible pricing of CO2, on how -
can we translate this into a market economic compatible scheme.
We have agreed to establish a high level group - a forum.
This E.U.-U.S. result is translated into the G8, debated together with -
the average countries, China, South Africa, Brazil, among others, and India.
A global solution to a global problem.
If Bilderberg succeeds, America falls.
All the victimized countries lose their sovereignty.
Bilderberg is not a person, it's not an idea - it's an ideal.
A very powerful group of people working together, and for the positions -
of ultimate and absolute power, destroying every constitution on Earth, -
no matter how powerful the constitution of the nation is, -
that's what these people do.
The African Union arose out of the African Economic Community set up in the 1980s.
The African Union is financed by a consortium of international bodies, -
governments and corporations.
The African Union Army serves as an -
enforcement arm for the New World Order's exploitation of Africa.
In Asia, A.P.E.C. and A.S.E.A.N. have announced plans to form the -
Asian Union consisting of Asian and Pacific nations having more than -
3 billion people within it's borders.
A.P.E.C. will become the Asian-Pacific Union and the world is to be -
divided into 3 great regions for the administrative convenience of the -
world government in which the U.N. is to evolve.
As the Unions form individually, they are simultaneously -
merged to form the first Planetary Government.
They're trying to destroy every nation on Earth which is trying to -
promote progress because these people, basically they are land owners, -
they don't need progress because they control the land.
If you take the most powerful men in London, the people who belong -
to the council and the committee of 300 who belong to the Bilderbergers, -
and you know, the British Royalty, the Guelfes, and you know, -
the Black Nobility of Venice and Genoa, these people, they're land owners.
The New World Order is the Old World, I mean, it's just the names have -
changed and the appearances have changed but the concepts haven't changed.
The idea is still to bring the men back, kicking and screaming -
back to the middle ages, Post-Industrial Age World Order.
One of the things that is very shocking to the most Americans is -
the fact that the United Nations Global Bio-Diversity Assessment, -
which came out in 1995, clearly shows that in order to protect planet Earth -
we have to go back to a feudal system - they actually said that in the document.
To craft a Modern Feudal Society the globalists are implementing -
a standardized North American Union I.D. Card to track, trace and -
control their serfs as they travel throughout the 3 regions of the N.A.U.
Building on the massive displacement of humanity, caused by globalization, -
the New World Order is rapidly constructing the physical infrastructure -
of the North American Union - the NAFTA superhighway control grid.
I'm Arthur Peterson, Colonel, Retired, in the Army.
I see things today that are happening that would make my friends -
who died in World War II, turn over in their grave.
To think that people would even think of confiscating land of farmers -
and ranchers, and taking their homes away from them, to turn it over -
to a foreign company in Spain which was controlled by Don Carlton, -
the notorious socialist, and they get the tolls on Texas land for 50 years.
The proposed Trans-Texas Corridor would be a patchwork of superhighways -
and railroads stretching 4,000 miles from the border of Mexico, -
coming through Texas, to Oklahoma. A lease has been signed that would -
make Texas Highway 121 a toll road. A private Spanish company won the -
bid to build and collect the tolls for the next 50 years.
These deals with private companies are being negotiated largely in secret -
and many State lawmakers are worried taxpayers are being sold down the road.
Critics say it's a threat to our National Security. It's part of a plan -
for a North American Integration being carried out by government -
and corporate elites without congressional or voter approval.
We took to the air over central Texas to get a birds-eye view -
of the Trans-Texas Corridor which is under construction and -
will form the heart of the Trans-NAFTA superhighway system.
History repeats itself. 2000 years ago all roads led to Rome.
Rome constructed and maintained more than 10 thousand miles of roads -
throughout its empire. The roads were used to project Roman military power, -
to control commerce and to bind the nations and peoples they ruled.
Rome also demanded tribute. Roman subjects from Albion's to JudУзa -
were forced to pay a tax to use the roads. The Romans would then use the -
tax to dominate their subjects. Today's superhighways are a powerful tool -
in the globalis arsonal. They are instrumental in tearing down nation -
borders and merging Nation States into larger confederations.
Foreign governments and corporations are predatorily seizing infrastructure -
across North America, but nowhere has there attack been greater than in Texas.
Texas is the frontline. Over 8,000 miles of existing roads and land -
are being handed over to government-backed foreign companies.
Foreign companies buy the legislators who then turn over complete -
control to the same foreigners who finance their campaigns.
Government power is then illegally transfered to unelected -
quasi-governmental regional boards that circumvent local governments -
and the will of the people.
The next stage of this world government plan is to have a -
transportation control, and that is called the NAFTA superhighway -
or in Texas called the Trans-Texas Corridor. It confiscates -
584,000 acres of land to be transfered into the control of a Spanish company, -
which will collect tolls in Texas for the next 50 years, -
and there is no limit in the amount of tolls that can be collected.
More than 80 Federal State Highways have been designated as international arteries.
The I-35 NAFTA Corridor starts deep inside Mexico and travels -
through the middle of the United States and ends in Central Canada.
Container ships from Asia dump their cargo on the pacific side of Mexico, -
it then travels duty free by rail to the New Kansas City Inland Port, -
now considered sovereign soil of Mexico, in the heart of the United States.
Under international agreements, predominantly foreign companies are placing -
tolls on already existing, paid-for roads. Federal, State and corporate -
documents show that they will then use the revenue raised to build up the -
transportation infrastructure of Mexico, not the United States or Canada, -
so foreign-made products can pour in even faster from Mexico.
Revenues raised will also be used to fund the fledgling -
North American Union and its growing bureaucracy.
Bottom line: they're using our own money to enslave us.
First of all they're proposing a North American Tribunal, -
which would be similar to what we have in Chapter 11 of the NAFTA agreement, -
which is trumped by international law. The U.S. Supreme Court and the -
Constitution could potentially be rendered invalid, -
and what we would have is a new North American business law -
that would trump what we have here in the United States.
What is also interesting to note, that the NAFTA Headquarters -
is in Mexico, and controls the United States trade, and rules -
against United States Congress, and no one seems to challenge it.
It's very probable, and probably inevitable that our right to -
bear arms will be challenged in a North American court.
So this is just an example of what's happening and what's being proposed.
We want to keep our trial-by-jury system. We want to keep our right to -
keep and bear arms. We want the system where we have the Supreme Court -
and not have a tribunal that will be superior to the Supreme Court.
In 2005, Cintra, a Spanish-owned company signed a secret agreement with -
the Texas Department of Transportation to erect toll roads on existing -
roads and to toll new roads that were completely paid for by tax dollars.
There are people, believe it or not, in Texas, who don't know what -
the Trans-Texas Corridor is.
He's right!
TTC69, we still have the environmental hearings, starting this spring,
on runs through my part of the State. And there are people over there -
who have no idea of what's fixing to come in their back yard.
TxDOT, an unelected State Agency claimed that the agreement with -
the foreign company was even secret from the Texas legislator.
When the truth came out, newspapers across the State called -
for heads to roll, politically.
Citra's response was to have it's Australian subsidiary make it's first -
U.S. newspaper buy. Every newspaper they bought was along branches of -
the Trans-Texas Corridor and had been critical of the toll road plan.
The cost of 40 or 50 newspapers is nothing compared to the profits -
that'll be made. Just phase one alone, of the State toll road plan is -
estimated to raise more than 200 billion dollars in just the first -
15 years, and Texas is just a small part of the global panorama.
A combine of trans-national companies is aggressively consolidating -
public finance infrastructure, world-wide. And the same interests -
are erecting a world government according to their rules.
A literal wonderland of corporate corruption where governments -
simply act as vacuum cleaners, sucking up the wealth and resources -
of the middle class, and transferring it to offshore bank accounts, -
leaving behind a cultural and economic wasteland of easily managed slaves.
The whole purpose about the North American Free Trade Agreement is -
not about 'trade', it's about control - control of people.
GATT is even worse. Control of people. It's not about trade, -
it's subsidized trade with taxpayer's funds.
This thing started here, -
and to save this country, we kill this damn thing here.
Yeah! Woo! Alright!
If we stop it here in Texas, we stop the New World Order right here in Texas.
Polls consistently show that over 90% of the people are -
against the NAFTA highway systems and it's toll roads.
As the people learned of the threat, they got angry and took action.
Our ranch is part of the original Spanish land grant -
and I would love to not have to give it back to Spain.
Opponents of a proposed superhighway today held a major protest.
No TTC! No TTC! No TTC! No TTC! Down with the American Union!
A majority of Texas counties have voted to resist the plan -
for a North American Union and have vowed to block the -
construction of it's infrastructure.
And heck, we already know, in a law that was passed by a -
subservient United States Congress, where practically nobody -
in the entire Congress stood up and said, no, they've already -
passed a law saying all their drivers' licenses are gonna be chipped.
Well I'm telling you right now, I am not gonna carry any driver's -
license that's got a chip in it, so big brother can watch everywhere -
I go and see everything I do. No! No! Hell no! No to all of it. No! No!
We the people own this plot of ground. We the people own those trees there.
We the people own our beautiful Texas, and we are not going to let -
a bunch of crooks and robber barons take our beautiful Texas away from us.
Hell no! Thank you. Hell no! No! No! No!
RFID tracker chips embedded in State Inspection Stickers and -
Toll Tags are already being used to track the population.
The new system is also supposed to control growth and steer development, -
or so-called 'smart growth'. Smart growth which is nothing more than -
an effort to bring control into the cities. You have the rewilding of -
America in the Wildlands Project, the Convention on Biological Diversity, -
which is to control or rule the population.
Toll roads on interstate highways nation-wide are walling off -
exit ramps to small towns and rural communities and are creating -
ghost-towns by design. This trend is accelerating under the -
NAFTA highway system and is meant to re-wild more than half the country.
All of these things are designed to bring more and more control -
to bureaucracies rather than to the independent individual, -
the sovereignty individual of this nation.
What brought me into this whole discussion was the fact that, -
while I was doing this multi-million dollar research effort in the -
1980s and early 1990s, I became aware of an agenda basically to -
lock up one half of the United States into wilderness -
corridors and reserves. It was called the Wildlands Project, -
but it was also a key cornerstone of the United Nations -
convention on Biological Diversity. It was during that study -
in which I began to realize that this was not an effort to -
protect the environment, but an effort to control you and I.
They were dividing the Unites States up into little compartments -
in which they would rip out roads, which they would rip out -
whole communities and put them back in the wilderness.
The federal highway system was designed by Pentagon war planners -
in the 1950s to serve as a rapid deployment conduit to move ground -
forces for the defense of the United States during invasion.
The unconstitutional Northern Command is now using the highway system -
as a Force Projection Matrix, to dominate populations across -
the United States. Through federally funded Emergency Command Centers, -
county and city governments are being quietly federalized nation-wide.
Billions of dollars per city is being spent to install millions of -
surveillance cameras. Every town and hamlet, no matter how -
small or remote, is surveilled. License plate reading software -
tracks American movements wherever they go. New systems are being -
deployed that scan your face, read your lips and analyze your walk.
Under the treasonous Military Commissions Act, American citizens -
can be secretly arrested, stripped of citizenship, flown to offshore -
torture camps and secretly executed. Under section 802 of the -
Patriot Act, all misdemeanors are considered terrorism.
Federal Police Squads called VIPER Teams randomly force Americans to -
line up and show their papers. From the sidewalks of Miami, -
to the subways of New York, to the streets of Houston, Texas, -
citizens are being searched by heavily armed gangs of paramilitary police.
New York City / Sept 2006
Where's the vehicle? We're supposed to... Come on guys, come here.
Yo, yo, can you get that camera off of us, sir?
Sir, can you...
It's the United States 1st Amendment.
You can get that camera... I'm saying get that -
camera out of my face. That's what I'm saying.
No, no, you're on the streets of New York.
Sir, what does that mean, I'm saying get that -
camera out of my face, that's what I'm saying.
No! No! It's a free country.
What the Fuck is wrong with you people, man.
It's a free country.
Get this damn camera out of my face.
Well this isn't Nazi Germany, there's no camera in you face.
Hey, move to Russia, OK.
Sarge, sarge.
We can have cameras on the streets.
Look, I said get it out of my face.
Your guy starts cussing at us..
I said get it out of my face, that's what I'm saying.
It was never in your face.
Long before 9/11 the Pentagon was aggressively violating -
federal law that bars the military from policing the American people.
Coast to coast, for more than 2 decades, teams of troops would just -
appear out of nowhere and randomly stop cars and search pedestrians.
The acclamation accelerated with regular armies searching bags at the -
superbowl and the Kentucky Derby, as well as other high profile events.
Then President Bush signed a Defense Authorization Act which radically -
increased the funding for the already bloated shadow government.
In the Act, the Executive Branch formally announced that it was -
preparing for domestic insurrection, and went on to preemptively strip -
the State Governors and Legislators of their powers.
The federal government is openly announcing that it is the only authority, -
as it treats the people and the States as enemies. Then on May 9th, 2007, -
President Bush unlawfully granted himself new powers, -
and the Presidency officially became a Fiat Dictatorship.
In the past, Continuity of Government has been shared of the Legislative, -
Judicial and Executive branches of government. Now, all power -
resides with the President. For the smallest of reasons including,
in the documents own text: any incident in the world regardless of location, -
that affects population, infrastructure, environment, economy or -
government functions can trigger, at the Presidents own will, -
total Martial Law. It is important to add that the President is merely a -
puppet of the global crime syndicate and may not use the new powers, -
but simply pass them on for use by future puppet administrations.

You must teach people to love their leader. This is the only most important.
Why don't we learn from the mistakes of our ancestors.
Why does human kind find itself bound in a cycle of bloodshed and enslavement.
Predatory elites have always rationalized their oppression by -
claiming that they are superior and have the divine right to rule, -
when all they really are is a gaggle of ruthless psychopaths, -
parasitically feeding on the host population until their cancerous -
movement causes the collapse of the host. There have been thousands of -
tyrannical governments in history and less than 10 that can truly be called free.
In the 20th century alone, over 150 million people were -
murdered at the hands of the State. In Russia, the Red Terror -
consumed the lives of more than 60 million, men women and children.
Hitlers war killed 22 million. During Mao Tse Tung reign alone -
more than 60 million peasant farmers were killed, and the -
list goes on. 300,000 innocent civilians killed in Guatemala.
More than 2 million souls brutally murdered by the government of Cambodia.
1,500,000 killed in Turkey. 300,000 in Uganda.
800,000+ hacked to death with machetes in Rwanda.
Sadly, there are too many examples of innocent families being
exterminated by their governments, on an industrial scale, to name them all.
It is a historical fact that the State is the nТА1 cause of unnatural death.
If you take the 150 million people killed by power-mad government -
in the last century and divide it by 100,000, the number of souls lost -
would fill the biggest sports stadium, packed with 100,000 screaming fans, -
1,500 times over. That's 1,500 sports stadiums crammed with -
100,000 people each - all exterminated. For those who think -
it can't happen here or wont happen to them - you have been warned.
The carnage witnessed in the last 100 years was only -
the preparatory phase of the New World Order's Master Plan.
Hitler and Stalin's crimes are now part of history but the Communist -
Chinese system of evil is not content with racking up the highest -
death toll in history.
The mass murder and enslavement is still going on today and enjoys -
the full support and sanction of the New World Order.
Communist China serves as a globalist laboratory - a proving ground, -
where 1.4 billion live out their lives as guinea pigs who serve as -
test subjects for the formulation of the brave new world.
U.S. and British forces worked closely with Mao Tse Tung during -
World War II and at the end of the war they secretly backed -
Mao in driving out Chiang Kai-shek, the Nationalist, the O.S.S. and -
then the C.I.A. believed that Mao would have a stabilizing effect.
Bill Clinton's mentor and Georgetown University Political Science Professor, -
Carroll Quigley explained in his book, Tragedy & Hope, -
how the Anglo-American roundtable groups backed every brand of -
authoritarianism, from Communism to Fascism, to ensure that a centralized -
government dominates the population, and the economy is planned.
The elite are monopoly men. They seek to create monopolies and -
dominate the populations through the barrel of a gun.
In their writings, the leadership of the New World Order has -
continuously heaped praise on the corrupt Communist Chinese model.
In August Of 1973, in an article written by David Rockefeller -
for the New York Times, Rockefeller openly lauds and endorses -
Mao Tse Tung's actions whilst celebrating their command and control system.
"Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously -
succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated -
administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose.
The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership -
is one of the most important and successful in history."
~David Rockefeller New York Times, August 10, 1973
Communist China is the Model Planned Society for the New World Order.
China has received more United Nations Awards for it's policies -
and form of governance than any other nation. In the eyes of -
globalist planners, authoritarian China is the future.
China adopted the dreaded 'one child' policy due to lobbying from -
a consortium of eugenics organizations, which includes: -
Planned Parenthood and the United Nations. Couples that have more than -
one child face heavy fines and imprisonment. The practice of forced abortion -
in China coupled with the cultural desire to have a male child, has plunged -
China into a deepening crisis where there are 30 million more men than women.
The Chinese Police State ruthlessly crushed all forms of dissent.
Underground churches, Falun Gong practitioners, striking factory workers,
are all sent to Forced Labor Camps. Their blood and tissue types are -
cataloged in preparation for organ harvesting. The Chinese Government -
then sells the prisoners organs to the highest bidder on the world market.
If a wealthy patient chooses to fly into China, the prisoner is -
killed and the organs are implanted. If the organs are being -
flown out of the country, a mobile execution van extracts the organs -
on the way to the waiting aircraft.
The social engineers of China aggressively euthanize the elderly and -
disabled. China is merely following the globalist blueprint for the world.
The same system of total dehumanization is quietly being phased in world-wide.
"Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy -
towards the Third World." ~Henry Kissinger, 1974
Now, there's a need for a New World Order, but it has -
different characteristics in different parts of the world.
Now, none of this may succeed this time. But this to me is sort of the -
outline by which some day, in the next few years, a solution will emerge.
Where does this mindset come from? Why do the elites kill the -
largest masses of people when no one is resisting them - when they've -
already attained total control. What ideology drives the elite psychopath?
Since Plato's time 2,400 years ago, State planners have openly -
proclaimed their desire to control every detail of the commoners life.
From breeding programs to massive extermination of undesirables, -
the dark dream has continued on for millennia.
"is the study of the agencies under social control, that improve -
or impair the racial qualities of future generations either -
physically or mentally." ~Sir Francis Galton
The scientific rational for tyranny has always been attractive to -
elites because it creates a convenient excuse for treating -
their fellow man as lower than animals. Robert Thomas Malthus, -
famous for saying that a mass food collapse would be helpful -
because it would wipe out the poor. His fictional scenario -
would later be called a Malthusian Catastrophe. Malthus is important -
because his ideas led to the rise of the new scientific field -
that would dominate the course of human history for the next 200+ years.
Charles Darwin, an admirer of the Malthusian Catastrophe Model, -
developed the theory of evolution, it's chief tenant being the -
survival of the fittest. With the help of T. H. Huxley, known as -
Darwin's bulldog for his strong support of Darwin's theories, -
Darwin's theories were pushed into wide acceptance among key -
scientific circles throughout England and then the world.
Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton, credited as the father of Eugenics, -
saw an opportunity to advance mankind by taking the reigns of Darwin's -
evolution theory and applied social principles to develop Social Darwinism.
The families, Darwin, Galton, Huxley and Wedgwood were so -
obsessed with their new social design theory that they pledged: -
their families would only breed with each other.
They falsely predicted that within only a few generations, -
they would produce supermen.
The emerging pseudoscience was only codifying the practice of inbreeding, -
already popular within elites for millennia. The 4 family's experiment -
was a disaster. Within only 2 generations of inbreeding, close to 90% -
of their offspring either died at birth or were seriously mentally -
or physically handicapped. The monied classes of the planet, and -
particularly the Royal families of the world [who] were already obsessed -
with breeding and filled with a predatory disdain for the underclass, -
seized on the new science and began aggressively enforcing it's aims world-wide.
Biometrics appears to be a new science, but it was actually developed by -
Galton back in the 1870s as a way to track racial traits and -
genetic histories, and as a way to decide who would be licensed to breed.
In 1904 the Cold Spring's Harbor Research facility was started -
in the United States by eugenicist Charles Davenport, with the -
funding of prominent robber barons, Carnegie, Rockefeller and Harriman.
In 1907 the 1st sterilization laws were passed in the United States.
Citizens with mild deformities or low test scores on their -
report cards were arrested and forcibly sterilized.
You're 17, aren't you, Alice?
Yes, but what have you done with my folks.
Well we're trying to help them, Alice, and you too.
They were taken to the hospital this afternoon.
Hospital! Wasn't none of them sick this morning.
We thought it necessary to present your family's case to the State
Medical Commission, and after an examination they decided that there
was but one important action to take to have your entire family sterilized.
Well what's that? I don't know what you're taking about!
Well, in this State we have a law which provides for such
people to have an operation so there wont be any more children.
I see.
Now then, we'll take your brothers to institutions where they'll
be properly cared for. And you can go back to your job too.
I'll arranged to have it held open for you.
But I'm keeping my job! I'm not going anywhere.
Now you're going to the hospital too, Alice.
And you mean there going to stop me from having children ever.
I'm alright, I tell you. I wont go to any hospital.
We don't want any trouble with you, young woman.
If you refuse to go the officer here will take you by force.
In 1910, the U.S. Eugenics Record Office was set up.
By then the British had created the 1st network of social workers, -
expressly to serve as spies and enforcers of the Eugenics Race Cult -
that was rapidly taking control of Western society.
The social workers would decide who would have their children taken away, -
who would be sterilized, and in some cases, who would be quietly murdered.
In 1911, the Rockefeller family exports Eugenics to Germany by -
bankrolling the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute which later would form a -
central pillar in the 3rd Reich.
At the 1912 International Eugenics Conference in London, Eugenics becomes -
an international craze and gains superstar status. The futurist and -
bestselling sci-fi author H. G. Wells had studied biology under top -
eugenicists, and was spreading the new faith world-wide.
In 1916, H. G. Wells's lover, Margaret Sanger, starts her promotion of -
eugenics in the United States. In 1923, Sanger receives massive funding -
from the Rockefeller family. Sanger wrote to fellow eugenicist
Clarence J. Gamble that black leaders would need to be recruited to act -
as frontmen in sterilization programs directed against black communities.
In 1924, Hitler pens 'Mein Kampf' (or 'My Struggle') and credits -
U.S. eugenicists as his inspiration. Hitler even wrote a fan letter -
to American eugenicist and conservationist, Madison Grant, -
calling his race-based book, 'The Passing of the Great Race', his bible.
Hitler developed the plan for mass extermination of the Jews, -
and what he called other sub-races as well as the handicapped, -
from [Madison] Grant. By 1927, Eugenics hit the mainstream.
The so-called science was aggressively pushed through contests at schools, -
churches and at State fairs. Churches competed in contest with big -
cash prizes to see who could best implement eugenics into their sermons.
Major denominations then tell Americans that Jesus is for Eugenics.
That same year in the United States more than 25 States passed -
'for sterilization' laws and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of -
brutal sterilization policies. When Hitler came to power, in 1933, -
one of his 1st acts was to pass national eugenics laws modeled -
after laws in the United States.
The 1934 film, 'Tomorrows Children', brought the eugenics -
agenda to the Silver Screen in the United States.
In the case of Miss Mason, I can see no reason for the -
operation that's been recommended. The girl is perfectly normal.
She's hard working and has a good reputation.
Do you know anything about her family background?
Well, yes, your honor. I do.
There are several other children, aren't there?
What is their condition?
One is a cripple, 2 others might be classed as feeble-minded.
Isn't the oldest son in jail?
Well, yes. I believe so.
And knowing all that, you still contend that this girl should -
be allowed to bring more people like that into the world?
She's sound, your honor. She's not anything like the rest.
Surely she should be given a chance to work out her own salvation?
I can't agree with you, Doctor. Suppose she is normal, -
the chances are that her children will inherit the family taint, -
isn't that possible? But your honor I...
I'm sorry, Doctor. 3 Generations of unfit are enough. Petition not allowed.
By 1936, Germany had become the world leader in Eugenics for taking -
effective actions to sterilize and euthanize hundreds of thousands of victims.
The big 3 of American Eugenics, Davenport, Laughlin and Goethe -
were dispatched by the Rockefellers to Germany where they advised -
the Nazis on the fine-tuning of their extermination system.
With the strong support of the U.S. and England, Germany had gone -
over the edge and tens of millions would pay with their lives.
At the end of the war, the allies protected from prosecution the -
very Nazi scientist that had tortured thousands of people to death.
The Nazi brand of Eugenics had embarrassed the elites but they had -
no intention of stopping their plans. The allies literally fought -
with each other over who would get top Nazi eugenicists.
It didn't matter if the S.S. Doctors had tortured -
tens of thousands to death, they were free to go.
The angel of death, Josef Mengele and his boss Otmar von Verschuer were not -
prosecuted and von Verschuer even continued his work in Germany after the war.
Eugenicists were angry that their great work had been exposed.
They then scrambled to camouflage their agenda.
Eugenics Quarterly became Social Biology.
The American Birth Control League became Planned Parenthood.
New terms like Transhumanism, Population Control, Sustainability,
Conservation and Environmentalism replaced Racial Hygiene and Social Darwinism.
Many eugenicists of the previous period engaged in what they called crypto-eugenics.
Purposefully taking their eugenics beliefs underground, they became highly -
respected anthropologists, biologists and geneticists in the post-war world.
The allies then smuggled thousands of Nazi scientists out of Germany -
and placed them in key scientific positions ranging from bioweapons -
to rocketry throughout the Military Industrial Complex.
The founder of I.B.M. was a devout follower of Hitler.
Thomas J. Watson had supplied his punch card computers -
and I.B.M. technicians to the Nazis for use in the death camps.
Tattoos on camp victims were IBM human ID numbers which fed into the computers.
IBM had used similar systems as early as 1928 in a Jamaican Race Mixing Study.
The first real computers were literally invented by a eugenicist for Eugenics.
UN chieftain and unrepentant eugenicist, Julian Huxley, argued that -
since the leaders of eugenics had founded the environmental and -
conservation movements, that they should be used as vehicles in the -
formation of a world government. Just as H. G. Wells had envisioned, -
this government would be controlled by a scientific dictatorship
and would be guided by the principles of Eugenics. Huxley created -
the World Wildlife Fund with Bilderberg founder, and former S.S. -
Officer, Prince Bernard (Netherlands) & Prince Philip (England).
In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, -
in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.
~Prince Philip
Reported by Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA)
August 1988
Aldous Huxley, author of 'Brave New World', and brother of Julian Huxley, -
gave a speech at Berkeley in 1962 shortly before his death.
He admitted that his bestselling book, 'Brave New World', written in 1932, -
was based not on fiction but on what the elite were planning to implement.
And here I would like briefly to compare the parable 'Brave New World' -
with another parable which was put forth more recently in -
George Orwell's book '1984'. I'm inclined to think that the -
scientific dictatorships of the future, and I think there are -
going to be scientific dictatorships in many parts of the world, -
will be probably a good deal nearer to the 'Brave New World' pattern -
than to the '1984' pattern. They will be a good deal nearer -
not because of any humanitarian qualms in the scientific dictators -
but simply because the 'Brave New World' pattern is probably -
a good deal more efficient than the other. But if you can get people -
to consent to the state of affairs in which they are living, -
the state of servitude, the state of being, well, it seems to me -
that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced -
is precisely this - that we are in the process of developing -
a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy, -
who have always existed and will presumably always will exist, -
to get people actually to love their servitude. People can be made -
to enjoy a state of affairs which by any decent standard they -
ought not to enjoy, and these methods, I think, are a real refinement -
on the older methods of terror because they combine methods of terror -
with methods of acceptance.
Well, then there are the various other methods one can of, -
there is for example the pharmacological method, this was one -
of the things I talked about in 'Brave New World' and the result -
would be that...you can imagine a euphoric which would make people -
thoroughly happy, even in the most abominable circumstances, -
I mean, these things are possible.
The elite have left a massive wave of destruction behind them as they -
coldbloodedly experiment on civilian populations as if we are lab-rats.
A string of congressional investigations have uncovered -
more than 20,000 secret tests that were carried out -
against the American people between 1910 and 2000.
One well known eugenics study, the Tuskegee syphilis project, -
killed hundreds of blacks and spanned 40 years until -
whistleblowers exposed it in 1972.
From 1943 until present the British have tested -
lethal nerve gas on their own personnel on land, air and sea.
Many died instantly. Others died grooling deaths over several years.
The federal government commissioned secret radiationing experiments -
on 1,000s of non-consenting patients. 100s of hospitals in the US -
injected healthy men, women and children with uranium and plutonium -
at dosage levels ranging from non therapeutic to lethal, -
killing many of the test subjects.
Pregnant wives of G.I.s were given vitamins by armybase doctors that -
actually consisted of highly radioactive uranium 239 and plutonium 241 -
resulting in violent miscarriages and the death of the mothers.
Soldiers, sailors and marines were used as guinea pigs -
in 100s of atomic and hydrogen bomb tests.
Patriotic Americans were radiated, side by side, with lab-animals.
Pilots were forced to repeatedly fly through mushroom clouds of DNA destroying radiation.
From 1951 to 1961 the U.S. Army paid Israel's health ministry -
3 million lira to conduct radiation testing on Sephardic children -
that immigrated to Israel.
The government-run public schools would tell the children that they -
were going to get a medical check-up and that were receiving an x-ray.
The Pentagon had already radiated more than 4,000 institutionalized -
children in the United States, many of which had died.
More than 110,000 of the darker skinned Jews were given -
35,000 times the maximum dose of x-rays to the head - repeatedly.
Many of the children died within months. All of them lost their hair.
Some still live today and endure excruciating health problems.
The covert testing of chemical, biological and radiological agents -
on unsuspecting populations continues world-wide today.
From 1940 to 1979 the vast majority of the British population -
was sprayed by aircraft more than 2,000 times with deadly -
chemicals and micro-organisms without ever being told.
In 1968, the Pentagon tested a deadly bioweapon on New York Subways -
and placed personnel at local hospitals to monitor the effects.
Aggressive sterilization of men and women -
continued in many States until the mid 1980s.
The United States and England are currently testing pesticides -
and highly toxic experimental drugs on 10s of 1,000s of healthy -
foster children, many of which die as a result of the experiments.
Prisons across the nation have forced inmates to participate in -
grizzly experiments ranging from pesticide studies to having tablets -
of dioxin sewn into their backs.
"Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences -
between rulers and ruled will increase until they become -
almost different species.
A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized -
insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton."
~Bertrand Russel
H. G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russel and 100s of other -
eugenicists constantly bragged about how the establishment -
believe themselves to be a separate, more advanced species -
than the common man. Top eugenicists were bold enough to admit -
their real goal was not improving the hereditary of the commoner -
but to further dumb them down so that they could be more manageable.
Nobel prize winner, Russel, wrote at length about how vaccinations -
filled with mercury, and other brain damaging compounds would induce -
partial, chemical lobotomies, and develop a servile zombie population.
"Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, -
to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the -
authorities consider desirable, -
and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become -
psychologically impossible." ~Bertrand Russel
The Impact of Science on Society
Over a hundred years ago eugenicist social planners said that -
they'd use mind-altering drugs to control the population.
By 2007, more than 20% of the US population were on some type -
of prescription anti-depressant.
But in the case of foster children, -
a sector where the state has total control, at least 66% are forced -
to take a cocktail made up of, on average, 7 psychotropic drugs.
Chairmen of the Society of Psychiatric Physicians, Joe Burkett, -
testified before the State House Select Committee hearing on -
psychotropic drugs in foster care and shocked the public -
when he said that 66% of the foster children in Texas had -
been placed on psychiatric drugs because they were -
very, very sick from a bad gene pool.
A lot of these kids come from bad gene pools. They don't have -
stable parents making good decisions. Besides the gene pools, -
they've been traumatized by abuse, neglect and problems, -
and then they've been traumatized by separation, -
and all those things predispose to mental illness. -
The western world is now implementing eugenics precrime policies.
Foetuses are now being prescreened according to family histories of crime, -
from Portland, Oregon to London, England, child protective services -
are enrolling newborn children into criminal databases at birth -
and forcing them to attend probation hearings at age 2.
The overlords of scientific dictatorship are ruthlessly prosecuting -
a war on our most defenseless. In December of 1974, the US government -
made 3rd World population reduction a central national security issue.
The operation plan titled: National Security Study Memorandum 200, -
was simply a regurgitation of the British Commission on Population, -
created by King George VI of England in 1944, which openly -
stated that populous 3rd World nations posed a threat
to the international elite's monopoly of global power.
The Kissinger-authored U.S. plan targeted 13 key countries -
where massive population reduction was called for.
Kissinger recommended that I.M.F. and World Bank loans be -
given on condition that nations initiate aggressive -
population control programs such as sterilization.
Kissinger also recommended that food be used as a weapon and -
that instigating wars was also a helpful tool in reducing population.
In 1972, the Nixon White House also implemented a eugenics policy -
which was directed by George Herbert Walker Bush, -
then United States Ambassador to the United Nations.
Bush advised China on the formulation of their one child policy,
and directed the federal government to forcibly sterilize -
more than 40% of Native American women on reservations.
The Bilderberg-dominated Club of Rome advocated environmentalism -
as the best front to implement population reduction.
Western populations would accept serphtum if it was -
packaged as saving the Earth.
Industrialization of Africa, Asia and Latin America could be blocked.
Citizens would more willingly give up their National Sovereignty -
if it were sold as a way to help the planet.
The thinktank [Club of Rome] also concocted the peak-oil fraud -
as a way to create artificial scarcity and The Club of Rome -
has been aggressively pushing a Global Carbon Tax -
as a way to fund their planetary government.
In the draft copy of the United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment, -
it states, very clearly, that we must reduce human population from -
it's current level of ~6 billion people down to ~1 billion people.
In the 1970s, South Africa developed race-specific bioweapons -
to target blacks and Asians and then subsequently sold the -
technology to Israel in the mid-1980s. In September of 2000, -
The Project for a New American Century published a document -
in which Dick Cheney described race-specific bioweapons as -
'politically useful tools'.
And somebody mentioned, "well, why would they want to reduce -
the human population when that means less money for them."
Most people have no idea. They're not after money.
They have all the money they need. They're after power.
That's their aphrodisiac.
The overlords of the New World Order are now aggressively -
pushing for a world-wide one child policy.
The Chinese one child policy was phased in gradually.
In the '60s when it began, you only had to pay a tax penalty.
Only later did they imprison you if you had more than one child.
Now the exact same proposals to penalize couples who have more than -
one child are being made in the United States, England and Europe.
In the quest to reduce Global Warming, children, according to some, -
are the new culprits. A thinktank in the U.K. says 2 many kids -
are what's making the planet worse, saying large families, -
anything over 2 children really, should be frowned upon as -
an environmental no-no, akin to not reusing your plastic bags, -
driving one of those big gas guzzling cars, taking long trips over seas.
The U.K. in fact has negative growth. I think Canada does too.
Families in our rich countries shouldn't have more than 2 kids.
In 1998, Ted Turner pledged to give more than 1 billion -
to the United Nations to be spent in the implementation -
of population reduction policies planet-wide.
"A total world population of 250-300 million people, -
a 95 percent decline from present levels, would be ideal."
~Ted Turner Interview, Audubon Magazine
In 1999, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave 2.2 billion -
to Planned Parenthood, the United Nation's Population Fund -
and other population reduction groups. By 2007 the Gates had given -
more than 30 billion dollars almost exclusively to Population
Control Groups. The controlled corporate press cynically reported -
that the Gates were giving the money to help 3rd World children.
Bill and Melinda Gates were dethroned as the worlds most generous -
philanthropists when their friend, and fellow population reduction -
enthusiast, Warren Buffet, gave 37 billion to fund an army of -
Population Control Groups.
"And I actually think the world will be much better -
when there's only 10 or 20 percent of us left."
~Dr. Eric Pianka
Prominent, University of Texas Biologist, Dr. Eric Pianka, -
while receiving an award from the Texas Academy of Science -
said that the world-wide AIDs pandemic was quote "no good, it's too slow", -
and went on to laud the virtues of Ebola because it would kill -
90% of the world population quickly.
When his statements erupted into a national controversy -
his graduate students defended him stating that Pianka was too conservative, -
and that all humans should be killed.
But most frightening was the fact -
in a crowd of over 1000 prominent scientists, local newspapers reported that -
95% of those in attendance gave Pianka sustained standing ovations every -
time he extolled the virtues of mass culling microbes and man's destruction.
"China was able to turn the corner and become the -
leading world super power because they have a police state -
and they are able to force people to stop reproducing."
~Dr. Eric R. Pianka
The eugenics movement has now shaken off much of its Nazi baggage, -
and is using peoples legitimate concern about the environment as a cloak -
to conceal their real agenda.
Everyone wants to breath clean air and have good water, -
but the controllers of the environmental movement have done nothing -
but co-op people's concerns and parole it into support -
for global policies that further destabilize the 3rd World -
and create untold misery.
Phony environmental and conservation groups -
are now the biggest private land owners in the world.
They lobby government to take property away from local populations -
only to develop it themselves later.
When the U.S. Military dumps millions of gallons of nerve gas -
on the east coast of the US, they don't say a word.
1000s of companies are creating trans-genetic cross-species hybrids, -
splicing plants, animals and insects, and releasing the new organisms -
into the global biosphere, vandalizing the very genetic code of the planet.
And large environmental organizations do nothing.
The corporate elite of the planet intensified their push -
for a global taxation system with a year-long buildup for the -
Live Earth hysteria, held on July 7th, 2007 on 7 continents.
World leaders announced that saving the Earth was the new -
organizing principle for humanity, and hailed it as a new religion.
They claim that CO2, which plants breath was killing the Earth -
and that we must reduce the number of children we have -
to curtail our carbon footprint.
Countries across the world mark the day by passing new carbon tax schemes -
and raising taxes on gasoline, natural gas and electricity.
It is a scientific fact that the sun is the main driver -
of planetary climate, and the measurements are clear.
The sun is becoming hotter, brighter.
It has slowly increasing thermal output in the last hundred years, -
causing warming, not just on earth but throughout the solar system.
But the scientific facts, and even the order of the planets, -
didn't matter to one of the chief organizers of Live Earth, -
David Mayer de Rothschild, heir to the British arm -
of the Rothschild fortune, when we spoke to him.
When I called Rothschild on the order of the planets he just laughed -
thinking the audience wouldn't get it.
He continued to count on the population's ignorance and claimed -
the global warming lobby has nothing to do with carbon taxes.
I guess he hadn't spoken with his good personal friend, Al Gore.
Global warming, the time for debate is over.
I think what you have to realize is that being -
environmentaly sensitive and making money aren't mutually exclusive.
There's a lot of money to be made in addressing this issue.
But you guys are gobbling up all the worlds concern to just -
simply line your pockets and make kids read your book in schools -
and do all this, it's a business just like you said Rothschild.
It's not a...do you think I make any money out of this?
It's the same thing your great, great, great gran...your money changing ancestors did.
They're in Germany, red shield, and I'm calling you out, red shield.
We know it's a scam.
A pollution based tax system, principally CO2.
Were causing it, mainly, the vast majority of it.
The consequences are bad and will be catastrophic unless we act...
The polar ice caps of Mars have...are receding, it's several miles a year, -
much faster than ours, and that the moons of Saturn and Jupiter are melting, -
in fact, several moons were ice and are now liquid seas.
Now, how are S.U.V.s causing that, David Rothschild?
Because those planets are closer to the sun my friend.
No Jupiter and Saturn are not closer to the sun, neither is Mars.
Yes, sir. I think you'll find...right, that the very simple matter -
on what I wanted to say, and this is my final point, -
to get your taxation system, because actually it's not taxation...
Put a price on the carbon. A tax is the best way.
Cap-and-trade can also do it.
If there were a carbon based tax, would there be a need -
for an economy-wide cap-and-trade system.
They are not either/or. We can do both.
I am in favor of both.
The architects of the New World Order are in a race -
to complete the structure of world government -
so they can suppress the independent development -
of technologies that threaten their monopoly of power, -
while at the same time steering new developments -
in the direction the architects chart for humanity.
The technocrats call their governing system the final revolution -
because in the past empires were enforced militarily.
Now enforcement is primarily psychological and economic.
And society itself is a construct of the elite -
who operate outside the controlled paradigm -
and control the civilization within.
Just as a child maintains the environment of a fishtank, -
we are like lab-rats living out our entire existence, -
never questioning the confines of the cage or the scientists who experiment on us.
New World Order engineers have hijacked human destiny.
It's controllers have closely studied human behavior for more than a hundred years, -
and are now steering us with expert control -
using our primitive drives and desires as levers.
They have developed their mind control systems to the point -
of being able to control the average unconscious person like a car.
"By 2020. There will be a One world government."
~Ray Kurzweil 1999
Eugenics dominated the 20th century. It's ruthless spirit -
has now metastasized into the fields of genetics, -
nanotech and robotics, but that's not surprising.
From their inception, all 3 disciplines have been dominated by eugenicists.
The billionaire founder of Sun Microsystems, Bill Joy, -
courageously went public in 2000 to warn of a cancerous consensus -
among the technocratic elite, that at best -
humanity would be completely enslaved by the year 2030, -
and at worst, mass extermination of everyone but the elite would take place.
A who's who of the techno-elite -
are members of what is known as the transhumanist or posthumanist movement.
Many of it's adherents see only the beneficial aspects -
of technology's exponential rise like bringing sight to the blind, -
sound to the deaf and longer life for all.
But what many of them don't know is that master eugenicist, -
Julian Huxley, founded transhumanism and that society's controllers -
openly admit that the new system is designed to progress into absolute tyranny.
Leading transhumanist, Ray Kurzweil, boasts that technological advancements
will allow those that can afford it, to live forever, -
but admits that most wouldn't be able to keep up with the new master race.
The drive for world government is now all about who will control, -
and have access to, radical life extension systems.
"Biological evolution is too slow for the human species.
Over the next few decades it's going to be left in the dust."
~Ray Kurzweil
Transhumanists believe that they will attain the fountain of youth -
by merging with technology. Now it may be within their reach.
Decades ago transhumanists said that if you do not accept augmentation -
or enhancements you would no longer be able to get jobs -
and now it's happening today. Microchips implanted in Mexican officials
US group implants electronic tags in workers
"The elite who occupy the commanding heights of digital reality -
are suicidal nihilists. Suicidal nihilists know -
that there is no longer any substantive purpose to their willing.
But they would always prefer to go on willing than not to act at all.
They can very happily ally themselves -
with a notion of nuclear holocaust or perfect exterminism."
~Arthur Kroker
Technology has become so powerful in it's capacity for destruction -
that free humanity cannot afford to let psychopathic technocrats, -
with delusions of grandeur, repeat the mistakes of their forebearers, -
because it is highly probable that this time they may destroy -
everything including themselves in their mad rush for Godhood.
In this film we have chronicled the overlord's bloody orgy -
of experimentation which already claimed the lives -
of over 150 million people in the 20th century.
And now they are promising to deliver an -
invincible tyranny that will dwarf their past exploits.
In the days of World War II there were sovereign nations -
and armies to stand against Hitlers final solution.
Once world government is in place no one will be able to stop -
the New World Order's plans for Global Population Reduction.
For those immune to psychological programming, -
100s of FEMA camps have already been built throughout the -
United States in their quest for population reduction.
No method is off the table.
These dark builders intent to release a String of manmade bioweapons plagues, -
each one worse than the last, while at the same time, -
expanding the Police State to enforce an orderly extermination -
of the population - all in the name of fighting invisible terrorists.
And the Georgia Guidestones stand today as a cold testament -
to the elite's sacred mission.
to have a two class system -
where the underclass are forced to live as slaves -
in tiny enclosed cities, while the elite enjoy the land of the Earth, -
evolve into superhumans with the aid of implantable technologies, -
live eternal lives and travel throughout the cosmos.
This is the promise given to the inner members -
of the New World Order, and the agenda of the Bilderberg Group.
In 2007, Jim Tucker continued his 30 year quest -
to expose the globalists by traveling to Istanbul, Turkey, -
the site of Bilderberg 2007.
Jim Tucker, thank you for coming on, my friend.
It's always fun.
Jim, tell us what you saw when you were out at the Ritz Hotel.
We were at the Ritz-Carlton. It looked like a typical Bilderberg scenario, -
with the heavy armed guards all around the place, -
they had platoons of cops in formation waiting for their dispersement.
They also had cops all the way around the building, -
and they had all those high-tech things where every member can -
hear whatever's spoken in any language, -
instantly translated to his own language so they can keep up with it.
Is the hotel open?
Let's just ask him directly.
Is Bilderberg meeting here this weekend?
You can go this way.
We had my 2 personal cops following me today.
I was not aware because my nose is always sticking into a camera -
and my jaws are always flapping, but the TV crew said, -
those guys are gonna follow you. And their car followed us out to
the hotel then the TV crew identified the 2 cops in plain clothes, -
not business suits but sport shirts and so-forth.
That's the car that's been on our ass. Anyone wanna photograph him?
You are, aren't you.
Well, they're very likely [to be] Bilderberg boys.
John Elkann, owner of fiat and a fellow Bilderberger, -
thought that they could take a stroll off the grounds -
without being noticed by the commoners.
I was thinking about that.
This Bilderberg attendee sneered at our camera.
This car load of kingpins gave the media a murderous look -
and seemed shocked that they would dare point a camera in their direction.
In 2007, the Bilderberg Group -
received the heaviest global coverage in it's history.
Jim Tucker witnessed press conferences attended by -
hundreds of members of the media, and a new generation of info-warriors, -
like reporter Paul Dorneanu of Romania, -
are tracking the elite no matter where they hide.
We are exposing this group called Bilderberg.
Now, Jim, my governor, Rick Perry, it's in the frontpage -
of the Dallas Morning News, the headline reads: -
Texas Governor Rick Perry to attend Bilderberg.
What does it mean to have the Governor of Texas in the Dallas Morning News, -
just admitting he's going to Bilderberg Group?
That means he's a potential President. -
Even as the obscure Governor of Arkansas, -
Bill Clinton lost his virginity to the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden -
in Germany in 1991, and he's elected President the following year.
Now, if he goes nowhere,
then in the run for the White House in the years ahead, -
they'll drop him like an old shoe - they do that often.
But officially Bilderberg considers Perry a potential President of the US.
Yes, it's a violation of the Logan Act for which Bill Clinton's -
White House was fined $300,00, which means the tax payers paid it.
When Perry returned to Texas from Istanbul -
we were determined to hold him accountable for his treasonous actions.
We don't want our roads, our water, our power plants, -
our entire infrastructure turned over to the New World Order.
And we tell you now, the people are rising up and learning -
what you're doing and they're angry, and they're tired of it.
Stop enslaving us. Stop setting up tyranny.
Stop going along with the New World Order plan -
if you've got any soul left, Rick Perry.
The 1st Amendment still exists, Perry, and we're back here again tonight, -
telling you we're not gonna put up with it.
Long live the Republic!
We shall prevail!
Death to the New World Order!