Epic Disaster Episode 2 Part 1a

Uploaded by epicdisaster09 on 05.06.2009

How many throws will it take to break this bottle? Find out.
Funky, Funky, Funky, Funky
Slide to the left.
Slide to the right.
Take it back now yawl.
One hop One hop.
One hop One hop
Reverse Reverse
Reverse Reverse
Left foot left stomp
Right foot right stomp.
Do the cha cha now
How low can you go? Can you get on low. All the way to the floor.
That's right, Peace. Peace out homey dog because that's all you need. Peace out.
Rabies, he has rabies.
Ha, ha ha you're out.
Will you teach me how to baaa-aaaa-aaaaa-aaaatttttt.
Yea. Okay. Hiiii-iiii-iiii-iiiii-iiiitttt the baaaaall.