Real Love, Episode 5, Chapter 1

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Oh, be careful sweetheart!
Watch youserlf, girl!
Watch out!
Ok, let me take her!
Hurry up! Open the door!
She is feeling better now Thanks again, Manoel
I think is your destiny to be the hero of the family
First it was Hilário and now Matilde!
Do you wanna sit?
No, thanks, I must go now
Tomorrow I'm going back to San Caetano
I have nothing to do here!
What about Matilde?
I'll be honest with you, Doña I think your daughter doesn't like me
Oh, don't tell me! The problem is that she's too shy! I'm sure she likes you
I'm sorry but I don't believe you
But it's truth!
Does she tell you?
Well, she didn't tell me because she doesn't trust me to talk about it
But she did to my sister Prudência
Listen Manoel, we doesn't want to talk about your interest to Matilde because...
...She say no to the all suitors my husband and I introduced to her
Doesn't she wants to get marry?
Of course she does This is what every girl wants but...
But she is dreaming about to fall in love not with a husband choosed by her parents
I like your honesty, Donã
Well, I know my daughter likes you because my sister told me
But you must to know my daughter is a decent girl, well educated so...
I think she would be embarrassed to tell a man who she knows a few days about her feelings for him
I thought this was what you want
That Matilde accepts you for who you are and not because of your money!
Oh, baby, please calm down!
Oh, auntie! You don't know what I felt when they told me that Adolfo never came back to the quarter!
I couldn't breathe! My heart was broken!
I understand you, baby
Then I was walking to the square and there was that confusion, people fighting...
That screams!
Calm down my baby girl...
It was terrible, auntie!
You stop to cry for that miserable! You should be happy to find out who he is before was too late
Stop to bother the girl!
Let the girl rest for a while!
She needs to listen to me now!
To go to the quarter to talk to that bastard was ridiculous!
But it's over now!
It's better this way!
I'll tell your father you fell from the ladder
Because if I tell him the truth would be like to shoot on his heart!
And you go see if the food is ready!
My beautiful mommy!
Did you went to talk to the General Dominguez Cañero?
He promised me Adolfo Soliz will never bother us anymore!
What the General is going to do with him?
He didn't tell me anything and I'm not interested to know either!
Now, I want you to go talk to your sister and convince her to forget about that bastard!
You don't know what she did That silly girl!
What she did?
She went to look for him at the quarter
Excuse me!
Come in!
Mama told me what happened to you!
How are you feeling?
I'm feeling better
I went to the quarter too
I talked to a friend of Adolfo Soliz
Captain Lopez?
I don't remember his name but he told me early yesterday Soliz's wife went to see him
Is he really married?
I think so
Oh, Mati! For God!
His friend told me Soliz and his wife had a discussion and then he left the quarter!
Maybe something happened to him!
The soldiers went look for him but nobody find him!
Nobody knows where he is, Mati!
They believe he quit!
Oh no! No!
You must accept it!
Baby sister, don't you think is more than a coincidence you find the truth and he disappear?
Stop to cry and listen to me!
This man is already married!
You have to thank God because his wife came here to tell you the truth If she wouldn't tell you...
You would to live with the terrible consequences that could have happened to you!
Baby sister I'm so sorry for you
I'm really sorry for you!
This is not fair!
Did you decided to forget about her?
Yes but every time I see her, when she is close to me I feel something very especial
What could I say?
I know her family is only insterested about my money and I don't believe when Doña Augusta says the girl likes me
She attracts me I feel like I need to protect her!
Besides she makes me feel on fire!
And I never felt this way before
So stop to think about it! Matilde is a girl from good social position
Go talk to her! If she say yes God bless you!
If she says no forget about her and go live your life!
I'm going out
I want to have fun!
Join me?
Well, then have a good night!
I'll see you tomorrow
Are you sure Matilde is ok?
You don't have to worry She just fell but she is ok now!
I want you go to see Gallena tomorrow
Do you want I talk to him about the farm's mortgage?
Yes and take the house documents with you
I hope he lend us what we need!
Yes, father!
i'll be right back
Excuse me!
I thought you'd ask money to Fuentes Guerra
Yes but he is upset because of your silly sister!
He is so suspicious!
We can't let this man escape!
He is so rich!
What do you want me to do? To give your sister to him like a lamb to the sacrifice?
You are very hurt, baby!
What that wild people did to you?
I'll have to get more medicine
By the way who was the doctor who take care of you?
Don Ismael?
Fuentes Guerra didn't tell you?
About what?
Auntie, you don't know how embarassed I was!
Because it was him who take care of me
With his own hands
Mr Manoel take care of you?
Did he touched you?