Live with Beth's Sister! - 10/5/12 (Full Ep)

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JULIE: Hi guys!
Happy Friday.
JULIE: This is "My Damn Channel Live"
and I'm Beth Hoyt.
How are you today?
It's Friday!
Which is so great, because it's been a long week.
Man, let me tell you what I've got-- what I've been up to--
BETH HOYT: Hey, I'm sorry.
What are you-- what are you doing?
I just, I was just getting us some wine and--
hi, you guys.
JULIE: Well, I just got here.
Of course I'm going to start the show off.
BETH HOYT: I'm Beth Hoyt.
This is my sister, Julie.
Thanks for coming on the show.
JULIE: Cheers!
BETH HOYT: This is My Damn Channel.
Um, I'm sorry, you just thought you'd do the show
tonight or--
JULIE: Well, I just got in yesterday, why wouldn't I
start the show?
BETH HOYT: Just because I was like, I'll be right back, I'm
getting wine.
And then you were like, you just like took over my job.
JULIE: That's fine.
I'll just--
BETH HOYT: I'm just going to take your kids and like just--
JULIE: No, hey, that's fine.
BETH HOYT: No, it's OK.
JULIE: No, you can take them.
BETH HOYT: I take it back.
JULIE: When do you want them?
Next weekend?
BETH HOYT: No-- oh, for a weekend?
For a weekend.
JULIE: Next weekend.
BETH HOYT: Uh, I got three hours on Saturday.
Anyway, we'll take your questions all show.
First one, first question, how about you guys answer which of
us do you think is older?
Which one do you think is older or younger?
Put it in the comments.
Let's see what you think.
JULIE: Who do you think?
Who do you think?
Beth or me?
What's What's this?
JULIE: So anyways, I bought you something.
BETH HOYT: This is the gift?
You told me you brought me a gift.
JULIE: I totally saw those at the airport and I'm like, oh
my god, I got to bring these to Beth.
BETH HOYT: First of all, she said she brought me a gift--
JULIE: Mike and Ikes.
BETH HOYT: She said she brought me a gift.
I thought it was like some jewelry,
something like a gift.
Second of all, if you're going to buy Mike and Ikes, buy them
at like a Bodega, not an airport.
JULIE: Well, we all know Beth loves candy.
BETH HOYT: You overpaid for them.
JULIE: I probably did.
But I was like, oh my god, I'm just going to grab those maybe
for the show.
We can do something fun.
BETH HOYT: Here's the story about Mike and Ikes.
I'm sure maybe I've told you about my situation and why I
have a problem with the sweet tooth.
And any sort of weight issue I've ever had is-- revolves
back to Mike and Ikes.
Because we used to go to Sam's Club.
JULIE: We'd go to Sam Clubs.
BETH HOYT: Costco.
JULIE: Up in Green Bay.
BETH HOYT: It's like a big warehouse place.
JULIE: So they, yeah, oversize, huge big
tub of Mike and Ikes.
JULIE: And when we were checking
out, our mom was like--
JULIE: How come she let us buy, like buy these?
We were like--
BETH HOYT: She's a good mother.
JULIE: --grade school.
Great mom, love my mom.
Love you, mom.
BETH HOYT: But she-- but she let us each buy a 5 pound bag.
And I bought a 5 pound bag of Mike and Ikes.
And you bought one and you don't even probably remember
what you bought.
JULIE: I really honestly don't remember.
BETH HOYT: Because you've always been thin and that's
just-- doesn't-- she bought the candy and didn't, just
forgot it was on her--
JULIE: Whatever.
BETH HOYT: She just forgot she bought it and never ate it.
I ate my entire--
JULIE: Whatever.
BETH HOYT: --5 pound bag of Mike and Ikes.
The entire bag.
JULIE: It's on her shelf in this cupboard at home.
Her Mike and Ikes and--
BETH HOYT: I ate all of them.
JULIE: Whatever.
I just brought a little--
BETH HOYT: I got to the end of my Mike and Ikes and
Julie was like, oh--
JULIE: Just a little bag of Mike and Ikes.
BETH HOYT: This is just the-- this is the, um, this is uh--
JULIE: Well, open them up.
Let's have a couple.
BETH HOYT: Gateway.
Gateway candy, gateway drug.
This is where we go.
JULIE: Here we go.
BETH HOYT: This is when Beth goes--
JULIE: Mike and Ikes.
BETH HOYT: --downhill, you guys.
JULIE: Yeah, awesome.
BETH HOYT: All right, who do you think-- do you guys know
who's older?
JULIE: Who is older?
BETH HOYT: We have a comment.
JULIE: All right, comments.
BETH HOYT: Let's see.
This is from Ajay Sharma, "Beth is younger!" Yes!
I'm younger.
I may have the sweet tooth and eating
problem, but I'm younger.
And she made me never--
JULIE: Beth is younger.
BETH HOYT: She's older.
JULIE: We have been mistaken a couple of times when we were a
little bit younger.
BETH HOYT: That's true.
That's why I asked the question, because--
JULIE: That Beth was the older daughter, and I was the
younger daughter.
BETH HOYT: But here's a photo of us as kids to prove that
I'm the younger one.
This is, um, this is Julie
and I. JULIE: Aw.
BETH HOYT: The brunette and the blonde.
And that's, yeah, Thanksgiving?
JULIE: Thanksgiving.
Just the typical Thanksgiving, just having fun.
BETH HOYT: Wearing-- although you do have a hat that says
JULIE: I have a hat on that says "Beth."
BETH HOYT: Which is curious.
This is not--
JULIE: And what are you wearing?
What is that?
BETH HOYT: Like a pilgrim hat.
It's Thanksgiving.
JULIE: OK, pilgrim.
BETH HOYT: Or a chef?
Anyway, we also have an older brother, Brian.
JULIE: So we have an older brother, Brian.
BETH HOYT: We talk at the same time.
We are.
There he is.
BETH HOYT: There's Brian!
JULIE: Oh, we love our brother Brian so much.
BETH HOYT: He loves us, too.
JULIE: Woo hoo, we miss you, Brian.
BETH HOYT: Oh, he really loves you, Julie.
He really--
JULIE: Yeah.
Where did he get that gun?
BETH HOYT: I don't know.
JULIE: Where did he get that--
BETH HOYT: It's a loving family photo on Thanksgiving.
JULIE: No, we have-- we had fun.
We had a great childhood.
BETH HOYT: Let's look at another photo from our-- from
my childhood to see how loving the situation was.
JULIE: Oh, look at that.
BETH HOYT: Here's--
I'm the baby in the, in the swing.
And Julie is the one--
JULIE: We had so much fun when you were little.
BETH HOYT: Julie is the one talking very enthusiastically
and Brian is there.
I don't know who that boy is.
JULIE: That was George.
BETH HOYT: George?
JULIE: George.
I can't remember his last name.
He was a neighbor.
BETH HOYT: I don't know.
Whoever that kid is.
The one that's looking at the camera very suspiciously.
JULIE: But I don't know why we decided to tie your tights to
the swing, but anyways--
BETH HOYT: So yeah, I'm stuck there--
JULIE: It was hilarous and awesome.
I love that picture.
It's my favorite.
BETH HOYT: --with my tights tied to the poles.
Let's see what else, let's see another photo from childhood.
Let's see.
Oh, there's me.
JULIE: Yeah, another classic.
BETH HOYT: In a box.
JULIE: There is Beth in a doll box.
JULIE: I think I got that doll for Christmas one year.
BETH HOYT: Yep, so you got it for-- the story that mom told
me, because I'm too young to remember this, thank goodness,
or I'd be traumatized even more than I am.
Is that you got the doll to stop playing with me, and then
you put me in the box.
JULIE: Yes, that is true.
It was like oh, let's just put her in the box.
And she was just like--
BETH HOYT: So maybe that lack of ack, oxygen in that, that
early holiday in my lifetime is what's caused--
JULIE: Look at you today.
BETH HOYT: --everything now.
I have no problems.
I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
JULIE: Yes, we'll just drink to that.
BETH HOYT: Everything's fine.
We're sane adults now.
Here's what we look like now.
Let's look at this.
JULIE: Oh, my goodness.
BETH HOYT: That's like--
JULIE: This was Brian's--
BETH HOYT: Brian's wedding.
My brother's wedding.
JULIE: Brian's rehearsal, yeah.
BETH HOYT: Oh, it was rehearsal.
Our brother's wedding.
JULIE: It was a great time.
BETH HOYT: And so I put that photo in there.
Julie specifically said any photo but from that era
because that's right after she had a baby.
JULIE: Post-baby, like three months.
BETH HOYT: That was the one time in my life that I was
thinner than my sister.
And now she's had two kids and she's back to like, I think,
I'm just, I'm just, I run around after kids.
And I'm like, anyway, that's--
that was--
JULIE: I know.
It's hard work.
BETH HOYT: So I did that as a prank to get back at you.
OK, here's a comment you guys.
This is from Liz Louis.
"What was the meanest thing you did to one another growing
up?" Julie, you would always--
you never let me hang out with you.
JULIE: Well--
BETH HOYT: She's five years older.
JULIE: I was five years older.
BETH HOYT: And I always wanted to--
JULIE: So we did have a little bit of an age gap.
So like, I was going through awkward years when you were
like super cool.
JULIE: I know, I was like, get away.
I dressed you up.
BETH HOYT: Always.
JULIE: I dressed you up.
BETH HOYT: As a boy.
JULIE: As a boy.
We put that hat and those glasses on.
BETH HOYT: And my name was Andrew.
JULIE: Shoved your hair in the hat, and--
you should have brought that picture today, but.
BETH HOYT: So she'd make me be a boy.
JULIE: We had fun dressing up.
BETH HOYT: And if I wasn't a boy she wouldn't let me ever
hang out with her.
And she would like-- in front of your friends, you would
embarrass me and be like, get away.
You did, all the time when you were in high school.
BETH HOYT: You were to-- oh, you feel bad for me now?
JULIE: I do.
BETH HOYT: But all I have are bad memories.
Oh my god, we have another comment.
JULIE: Mike and Ikes.
Let's eat them.
BETH HOYT: Well, let's see who this is from.
This is from Wyattkane.
"It doesn't matter who is younger that when they are
that beautiful."
BETH HOYT: Do you know what that means?
This right here, that smiley face.
JULIE: Does that mean like a wink?
Two points, that's two points for Julie.
JULIE: See, I'm a mom, but I still kind of--
BETH HOYT: Although it is a political response.
So does that mean it's just like--
I mean, I feel, that's good.
I'm glad you're being just.
And thank you for saying that, Wyattkane.
We both appreciate that.
JULIE: Yeah.
BETH HOYT: OK, Julie, did you watch the
show we did this week?
Did you watch every single show, do you
remember every show?
BETH HOYT: Don't even lie to me.
Don't even lie.
JULIE: Wednesday's show.
Wednesdays I always try and get on there at 3:00, yes.
BETH HOYT: 3:00 because she lives in Wisconsin.
3:00 Central.
OK, if you guys didn't see every single show, we did this
to catch you up.
Here's the Beth of the Week.
BETH HOYT: "When will you drop a solo album, or at least a
DC PIERSON: And in his Twitter icon, he's just a guy with a
horse head.
So it's nice to know that the horse headed people community
really are fans of my rap music.
BETH HOYT: Jet and Star, I'm asking a girl out today
because of you two.
JET: Yeah, you are!
STAR: Woo, baby!
Good luck.
BETH HOYT: When he asks you if you need a ride home, smile
and say do you promise to marry me?
Then laugh.
He'll be confused.
GRACE: HannahBob987, "Say Brussels sprouts in a Scottish
accent." (SCOTTISH ACCENT) Bu--
Brussels sprouts.
DAN DOBI: Brussels sprouts.
I don't even-- that's terrible!
DC PIERSON: And I'm walking along the park and it's really
late at night.
And this big, black dude is walking the other way.
And he just looks at me and he goes, girl, I
want to see you smile.
Because he thought I was a lady, as often happens--
BETH HOYT: And then--
DC PIERSON: --because I have long blonde hair.
BETH HOYT: And then you're like, and then you just gave
him a big old--
DC PIERSON: And then I just, and I was like, ding!
And on my teeth it said, I have a penis.
BETH HOYT: Oh my god!
I ran over a snake and we didn't know that.
We turned the lawnmower over to see what's happening, and
in the thing there was-- ugh!
There was a snake like-- ugh.
JET: But guys would totally be with a bitch with--
who's hot.
STAR: Who's hot.
BETH HOYT: (LISPING) Yeah, 'cause guys are stupid.
STAR: Yeah, stupid.
BETH HOYT: "Weirdest thing you've ever encountered in New
DC PIERSON: A homeless man on the subway,
really late at night.
And he was holding like, a big tub of some sort of
unspecified gray material.
But then he would just like balance it and
kind of look at it.
Exactly, then I came back, and then it was like, he seems
like a bad boy.
I feel like I could fix him, you know?
So we're married now.
BETH HOYT: If he looks Spanish, show him you have
flair, and do your best salsa moves.

BETH HOYT: I'm so lonely.
BETH HOYT: Hey, we're back.
BETH HOYT: Recognize--
JULIE: Sisters are here today.
JULIE: Right?
BETH HOYT: Uh, yeah, we are here today.
It's true.
We're really here.
I'm going through a diabetic shock.
I just ate--
I just ate a lot of those Mike and Ikes for comedic effect,
and then just because I couldn't stop.
We have a tweet from someone.
JULIE: All right, sweet.
BETH HOYT: This is from IconDevil.
"What did you tease Beth about most growing up and what can
we tease her about now?
PS, you're cool, Beth.
Thank you.
Don't forget that I'm cool, no matter what she tells you.
What did you tease me about?
You always told me--
JULIE: What did I tease about?
BETH HOYT: --I smelled.
But I didn't smell.
JULIE: I was going to say, like, you washed your hands.
I don't know--
BETH HOYT: I was just like a--
I played--
JULIE: I was like, wash your hands.
I am a very clean person.
JULIE: I just don't remember.
You are.
You are extremely--
JULIE: --tidy and clean.
I wash my feet every night before I go to bed.
JULIE: Just got to her place last night.
Her place is awesome.
I, but, you always--
JULIE: I don't know why.
BETH HOYT: I think it's just because you were like--
I just, I was still young, so I was like playing outside.
Like, you know, so-- sports and things outside.
And I'd come in and I'd be like, I don't know, touch you?
And you'd be like, don't touch me, just go clean.
JULIE: Just your smell.
Just go wash your hands.
I do kind of, kind of remember saying that to you a little.
BETH HOYT: Because you said it every day.
JULIE: That was not nice.
BETH HOYT: And the things you can tease me about now is that
I'm just too clean.
Or like too cool.
JULIE: She is.
You're awesome.
BETH HOYT: Now you tease me because I talk about things
that, that's current.
And you're like, I don't know what, Beth--
JULIE: I know, now I'm like calling up Beth all the time.
What, who's on your show--
BETH HOYT: She still calls people on the phone.
JULIE: --what's going on today?
Tell me.
BETH HOYT: I will email her, and she calls me.
doesn't text, she calls me.
JULIE: Right.
I'm all about just dialing the number--
BETH HOYT: And then I-- sometimes I answer--
JULIE: Just get on the phone and talk.
BETH HOYT: Sometimes I answer and--
JULIE: I'm shocked when she answers her cell, honestly.
BETH HOYT: But then we get it--
JULIE: It's like, oh my god, I'm here!
BETH HOYT: --we figure it out.
And we get it done rather than like text back.
It's crazy the way this--
you guys, I don't know if you know this, but
you can call someone.
I had to learn this.
She does, she's the one that taught me this.
You can call someone, they answer.
You ask the question, they respond, and then you say
great, thanks, bye.
JULIE: That's it.
No waiting for an email the next day or two.
BETH HOYT: It's weird.
It's a weird new thing.
It's a weird new thing, she's been really working on it.
JULIE: Instant response.
So I really--
BETH HOYT: Here's a comment from YouTube.
JULIE: Recommend it.
BETH HOYT: This is from trghudson, "They grow them
TALL in Wisconsin." Boom!
JULIE: Yeah!
Tall women.
But you weren't-- she wasn't born in Wisconsin.
JULIE: I was not.
BETH HOYT: You were born--
JULIE: I was born in Michigan.
BETH HOYT: That's right.
Same thing, really, if you're not--
JULIE: Beth is a little bit taller than me.
JULIE: She's like 5' 10".
I'm a little--
BETH HOYT: Yeah, and also, I'm top tall, I'm all torso, and
Julie's all legs.
Nyahh nyahh.
JULIE: Whatever.
BETH HOYT: I love her.
JULIE: She's gorgeous, yeah.
BETH HOYT: Here's a Facebook-- here's a
comment from Facebook.
Mark Delabarre, "Who was the first one to get a sleepover
and how did it make the other feel?" Definitely her, because
she's older.
And it probably made me feel very sad that you were--
JULIE: Yeah, I know.
I didn't do a lot of sleepovers though.
I was like, I go to bed early, I needed my
sleep, I was never--
I always had my mom pick me up from sleepovers.
Wasn't a fan of sleepovers.
BETH HOYT: So you, would you say that you were going to
sleepover, and then you'd call mom?
JULIE: Yep, I did.
BETH HOYT: Or did you say like, I'm probably not going
to stay the night?
No, you were like, I'm coming over and then at
10:00 you'd be like.
JULIE: No, I don't know.
I think I was just like, I'll come over and then hang out
and then I would go home.
BETH HOYT: Because it wasn't clean enough.
JULIE: Probably.
BETH HOYT: Or you missed me.
JULIE: Yeah.
I gotta get home to my sister.
BETH HOYT: I was the sleepover queen.
I was like, where, where are we going tonight?
JULIE: We had sleepovers all the time.
BETH HOYT: I had sleepovers.
I was just like, I'm not stay--
I'm not sleeping in my bed tonight alone, uh huh.
Not like that, I just mean like--
JULIE: Yeah, you were very get me out of the house.
Go hang out with friends.
BETH HOYT: Let's watch some movies and eat some chips.
JULIE: I was a homebody.
Stay at home and sleep in my own bed.
JULIE: That was me.
BETH HOYT: Next comment.
This is from djmistiqo.
"Who would win a thumb war out of you two?" Well,
let's find that out.
JULIE: All right.
BETH HOYT: One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war.
JULIE: How does this work?
Oh, that's right.
BETH HOYT: I'm just going to kick your ass.
Oh my god, no way!
JULIE: Yeah, she's got longer fingers.
BETH HOYT: That is not happening.
JULIE: You have longer fingers than I do.
That's me.
BETH HOYT: I can't believe--
Oh, down here.
Fine, you deserve it.
But, I can't believe that just happened.
I lose--
JULIE: I won the thumb war.
BETH HOYT: --in this studio.
I am an ath--
I'm a good athlete, right, Julie, kind of?
JULIE: You are.
You're more of an athlete than--
BETH HOYT: I lose every game--
JULIE: I think I could have been a good
athlete, but I just--
BETH HOYT: You're a very good rollerblader.
Remember that?
Who said that?
Mr. Nichols would always be like, I saw Julie
She was very graceful.
JULIE: I'm a really good rollerblader.
BETH HOYT: You're a very graceful rollerblader.
JULIE: Oh, thanks.
BETH HOYT: But anyway, I'm very good at sports and I fail
at everything athletic in this studio.
JULIE: You are.
Right, back to that, I am.
Another comment from YouTube.
JULIE: I think you are.
BETH HOYT: This is from Ajay Sharma, "What's the best
hangover cure?" Whatever we're going to be
doing tomorrow morning.
JULIE: That's right.
It's Friday night.
BETH HOYT: We have a long night tonight.
This is Julie's night away from her children.
JULIE: I'm only on vacation for a few days
away from my two kids.
So we're going to live it up tonight in NYC.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, we're going to Rooftop Bar after this, and
then just, and then we're going to keep going down
floors all over New York City.
Just starting at the, and then just,
we'll end up in a basement.
JULIE: It's going to be, that's right.
BETH HOYT: And then we're going to--
JULIE: Wake up and--
BETH HOYT: Do the cure which will involve--
JULIE: That will be great.
What is it, Beth?
BETH HOYT: Brunch.
JULIE: A good brunch.
BETH HOYT: A good brunch.
JULIE: A good brunch and a good run.
There we go.
BETH HOYT: We'll see.
Next comment is from Curtis Walker. "Who would win in an
arm wrestling match?" Here we go.
JULIE: All right.
Here we go.
BETH HOYT: I just--
I'm on a sugar high, so I might win this.
JULIE: You've been lifting weights probably a little bit
more than--
BETH HOYT: You've been lifting children.
JULIE: We should maybe move these.
Ready, set.
One, two--
if I don't win this one.
Are you kidding me?
JULIE: I have a 25-pound one-year-old that I lift--
BETH HOYT: What is happening?
JULIE: --all day.
BETH HOYT: I gave it to her.
I gave it to her.
JULIE: She did, actually I think she did on that one.
So thanks, Beth.
BETH HOYT: I gave it--
I gave that to her.
JULIE: 45 pounds.
BETH HOYT: Because she's older, she needs it you guys.
Come on, she's on vacation.
She needs, like, being picked up a little bit.
JULIE: Thanks, I need a little-- exactly.
BETH HOYT: Also, she does carry around her massive baby.
JULIE: Well, he's--
BETH HOYT: He's not massive.
JULIE: He's over a year now.
He's not massive, and he just big--
BETH HOYT: He's a boy.
JULIE: He's a boy.
You know.
BETH HOYT: He also, his favorite toy is a vacuum.
Maybe you saw it from my vlog.
But he, all he does is vacuum.
JULIE: Well, gram, grandma just bought him a toy vacuum.
And I guess he's been enjoying that.
BETH HOYT: That's-- that's the good trick for
your kid is to, um--
JULIE: Just get him his own vacuum.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, just teach him-- make his
favorite toy cleaning.
JULIE: There you go.
BETH HOYT: Awesome.
Um, that's a good tip for you, guys.
Get your kids cleaning.
JULIE: That's right.
Get them cleaning.
BETH HOYT: And that's Friday's tips with the Hoyt sisters.
JULIE: That's what I say.
Thank you for being here, Julie.
JULIE: Thanks for having me.
Oh, this was really fun.
BETH HOYT: Oh, oh.
JULIE: It was.
BETH HOYT: It was fun.
JULIE: This was awesome.
BETH HOYT: I'm stronger.
Thanks for watching, you guys!
Subscribe because it's the weekend.
We are not here on Monday because it's Columbus Day.
So we're going to spend the day--
JULIE: Oh, Columbus Day already.
BETH HOYT: --thinking about that.
Grace has a big show on Tuesday with Lorraine Cink,
and on Wednesday I have Julie Klausner and
Ted Leo in the house.
JULIE: Awesome!
I don't know why I said, like, "in the house."
JULIE: Tune in on Wednesday.
BETH HOYT: Have a great weekend!
You're my favorite!
JULIE: You're my favorite.
BETH HOYT: Thanks.