Wegmans Chicken Pot Pie

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Hey, guys, Chef Mark here. Whenever I have a pot
of chicken stock going on the stove, it really inspires
me to make some good comfort foods, one of them
being chicken pot pie. And as everybody knows,
you need green peas in your chicken pot pie.
These fresh guys right here are perfect, shelled, clean,
right in a bag. They will be perfect for
my dish. All right, and then you need
a little bit of sherry cooking wine for my chicken pot pie.
I'm gonna grab this one, sherry cooking wine
right from our line of different cooking wines.
You know, one of the ones I like also is our Marsala,
great for chicken Marsala. The last thing I need to do
is get my pie crusts. I need two of these guys.
I'm gonna make two pot pies. Nice and convenient, make sure
I don't have to make my own. The nice thing about these is
the roll out with no creases in 'em. Let's go cook this.
All right, we're gonna do chicken pot pie.
We got our bird's eye view here to catch all the action.
Start out with all of our mis en place here.
I'm actually starting with a chicken stock.
I'm making an extra batch for myself.
And this is what it's gonna look like.
You're gonna find a recipe on Wegmans.com.
Chicken stock you can use for this recipe.
You're gonna use it for any other recipe
you have chicken stock for. And what I have here--we're
gonna make chicken pot pie, but we're gonna start with
a chicken and vegetable base first, so we actually have
two sticks of butter melted in here along with two packages
of the large-cut mirepoix, especially carrots, onions,
and celery. I'm having that cook for about five,
maybe ten minutes, just enough for those
vegetables to start softening. And at that point, we're gonna
add two and a half cups of flour to that.
And we're making a roux at this point.
And a roux is basically a mixture of any kind of fat.
In this case we're using a little bit of butter.
And we're gonna make a little bit of paste.
It's gonna be our thickener for the stock.
So once you add that flour on the inside of this.
We're actually gonna let that cook for maybe
four or five minutes to help cook some of that starch out.
And while that cooks for a second,
I'm gonna come over and make the base for my pot pie.
So nice thing about these guys, it comes right out of the package.
And it rolls nice. There's no seams on this.
And we can place it directly on the inside of our pie dish here
and form this out. And the nice thing about using
a pre-made pie dough like this is that we don't actually stretch
the dough by rolling it out. So we don't have to refrigerate it.
We can go directly into the oven with that.
So make sure the edges come out all the way to the sides, right?
And if you happen to have a little bit of excess on the outside,
you can go ahead and just take this off with a knife.
Real easy, just a run around the edge of this, right?
And once we have a run around the edge,
nice, clean edge there, I'm actually gonna take
a fork, and I'm gonna puncture some holes in there--right?--
as it's pressed on the inside of the pie dish.
And what this does--it actually keeps that from puffing up
on you and inflating a little bit. We want that pie dough to stick
nice and tight to our pie dish here. It's called docking the dough.
Once we have that done, it goes directly into the oven.
Now eh--you're gonna cook it for about 10 minutes
according to the package directions.
And we come back to our chicken and vegetable mix,
it's actually our roux here. And we're gonna add to that
two cups to start of chicken stock. That chicken stock we have
here is actually gonna yield about 22 cups of stock and
about 7 cups of pick chicken meat, which is a bonus for us.
Once you add that chicken stock to this,
it's actually gonna make a paste. What I don't want you to do
is add all that chicken stock into it at once.
By adding a small amount at a time here, we're actually
gonna make sure that we're gonna have a nice, smooth paste
and no lumps on the inside. Do it, two cups first, and then
maybe a cup at a time. Continue to cook that until
we get a nice, smooth paste. All right, at this point
I've added all the rest of the 12 cups
of stock to this. I've actually switched to
a whisk at this point because it's gonna help
make it nice and smooth. And I make sure that I bring
this up to a rolling boil. You really need to make sure
it comes up to a rolling boil because that's what we're
gonna ensure that it's the thickest at that point, okay?
So, now, to continue on with that, we're gonna add
a cup of cream to that. And our pulled chicken--this is
gonna be about anywhere from six to seven cups
of that pulled chicken that we got from our
chicken stock there. And we're gonna add our
package of peas to that. At this point you can take
this and do a little bit of salt and pepper to this.
Check the seasoning. And at that point, it's done, right?
This is our chicken and vegetable base mix.
You know, from my father-in-law, he likes to take this right here
and put it on a piece of toast. But me, I'm from the South,
so I actually like to take a biscuit, because we like
the sop that up with it, right? Take a biscuit right there.
Serve that with it just as is. Again, recipe's on Wegmans.com
for a great biscuit, right? But let's continue on
with our pot pie recipe. So I'm actually gonna take
seven cups of this mixture, right? So just take it
right out of here. I gotta four-cup mix, okay?
Four-cup measuring cup. This we got about four
cups there. And another three there, okay?
And to that mix, we're gonna actually add two tablespoons
of our cooking sherry. We're gonna bring that
temperature up. We're add a tablespoon
of chopped fresh thyme to that. And one bag of potatoes
added to our nice, fresh, soft peas and our carrots,
onions, and celery mix, okay? So at that point, chicken pot
pie base is done. But this is actually gonna
make two pot pies. So we're gonna take this
mixture and take half of that, and spoon it into
our precooked pie dough. We're gonna fill this up
almost all the way to the top. But we need to leave a little
bit of room for our top, okay? And what that does for us--
by baking that dish ahead of time-- makes a nice crispy bottom.
We don't get a soggy bottom on that pie crust.
So we take our second pie dough.
We're actually gonna lay this directly over the top of this.
Okay? Lay this directly over the top,
and then we're gonna trim this off a little bit, just like
we did at the beginning. And then to make a nice,
decorative border, I take the edge of this,
I'm actually gonna take my two fingers here and make
just a little bit of an edge, right? Kinda take these two fingers
here and this one together. We're gonna make
a little decorative edge on the side of this.
We go all the way around. And then the last thing we need
to do is we're actually gonna take a little bit of egg.
So I got one egg that I've beaten.
And we're gonna brush that over the top.
The nice thing about this is it makes a really nice top,
nice and brown, nice and shiny.
So it comes out just like mom made it, right?
So brush this on there. And one last thing to do
before you put it in the oven is actually make
a couple slits on this. And I like to take maybe
six, eight slices, just the tip of the knife in there.
We just need to give it a little bit of steam to release
on there. And I go to the oven.
And we're at 425-degree oven. And we're probably gonna
cook that for about 15 minutes just to warm it through
and get that brown nice. All right, it's been about
15 minutes. I'm real excited to see
how this guy looks. Oh yeah, right, beautiful.
So we've got a nice, beautiful brown crust on the top of this.
What I would like you to do at this point is wait
about 10 minutes or so. Make sure that
cools down a little bit. But you know, for you guys,
I'm gonna cheat it a little bit and dig right into this guy.
This crust looks beautiful, right?
Nice and steamy coming out of there.
Wow. To me, this looks like
the ultimate comfort food.