New York City - Central Park Video Tour Part 1

Uploaded by NewYorkHabitat on 25.07.2009

New York Habitat Presents
Video Tour of Central Park
Hi, I'm David Hill with New York Habitat
Today we're gonna get out of the city
and in New York you don't have to go far.
In fact there's an 843 acre oasis
right in the middle of town,
waiting for you to discover.
It's called Central Park.
Central Park receives
25 million visitors a year.
It's the most visited park in the United States
and its appearances in many movies and
television shows
has made it famous around the world.
Central Park is bordered on the north
by West 110th Street,
on the south by West 59th Street
and on the west by 8th Avenue.
Which along the park's borders
are known as Central Park North,
Central Park South,
and Central Park West respectively.
5th Avenue retains its name along the
eastern border of the park.
It contains several lakes and ponds,
extensive walking tracks,
two ice skating rinks,
one of which is a swimming pool in
July and August.
The Central Park Zoo,
the Central Conservatory Garden,
a wildlife sanctuary,
a large area of natural woods
a reservoir with an encircling running track,
37 kids playgrounds,
Delacorte Theater,
and of course,
the famous Central Park Carousel
So I think you get the idea,
there's a lot to do here in Central Park
but don't get overwhelmed
we're going to break this up into a few series
so you can watch them at your leisure.
Today we're going to take you to a few of my
favorite places starting with
Bethesda Terrace.
When the park was designed in the late 1850s,
the designers knew they needed a special place
here where people could come,
hang out, seen, be seen, and socialize.
Bethesda Terrace is that place.
One of the most famous places in Central Park
is a low boat house.
Located on the north east corner of the lake,
it's also home to the Boat House Restaurant.
And you could also rent a boat
for some very romantic moments
out on the lake.
In the 1980s,
the Central Park Zoo was bit of a sad state.
It had become dilapidated
and had small cramped cages.
It had since been renovated
and today it's a thriving zoo with a lot to see.
Just next door is a children's zoo.
This is definitely a must see if you have kids.
They've got goats, pigs, turtles, ducks
and even a cow named Othello.
The best part,
most of the animals can be touched and fed.
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You're probably familiar with the world famous
ice skating rink here in central park,
but one of the best kept secrets
here in the Summertime
is that skating rink turns into a little
amusement park.
You can bring kids up to 4 or 5 years old
they're gonna have a great time.
One of my favorite places in Central Park
is right here in the southeast corner.
It's called The Pond.
You'll find little ducks, turtles,
little bit of live music even.
It's a great place to come and relax.
Well I hope you enjoyed our little tour of
Central Park.
Of course we weren't able to cover
all 843 acres of it.
but we're making some more videos
showing you some more things to do here.
In the mean time,
if we've missed any of your favorite places,
make sure you leave'em
in the comments box below.
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a fully furnished apartment
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You'll find a huge selection of
vacation rental apartments to choose from.
I'm David Hill with New York Habitat
Thanks for watching our video.
We hope to see you soon in New York City.