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I once thought guns were made just for myself.
It'd be such a loss if I, Kang Jaehyuk
don't become a police
Think gun as part of your body.
Think as it's your hand.
This is only basic for a Korean police.
Exert yourselves!
Frankly, Korean cops don't use gun much.
It's still fighting that works.
Executive Producer KIM Wootaek
Chief Producer JUNG Taesung
Producer MA Sangjun
I'm fucked up.
I certainly knew this day that
I had a peak-phobia
Kang, you can't be a cop.
You know why, don't you?
I don't know, sir.
A police should defend a weapon
with his body for sake of citizens.
You can't even grab a fork.
I can fix it.
You should be in a hospital, not a police academy.
I sat there whole day.
To stand against from all the peaks!
And I done it by
"looking but not looking'!
I, Choi Soojin, fought against Uruguay in college.
My soul and flesh were always with the students movement.
Oh, my...
Being in the movement was harder than I thought.
Sit down.
Oh, dear...
Does it help?
Much better.
You said no tear gas today!
I know.
Where's our assembly place?
Let's just go home, my skin's pricking.
my skin's pricking.
It's snack time!
Everybody, some of us are taken
by the squad.
Let's get out
and show them our spirit.
Take those 'pies'
and march on!
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm going out with 'pie'.
What the... I meant that.
It was obvious to misunderstand
pie and pipe.
I learned that day,
pie meant the iron pipes.
This was the moment
I saw on TVfrom my childhood.
Under the glowing sunset
I, Choi Soojin stands.
Youths of this rotten country had to shout out,
and fight!
Get down!
Get down!
Production KIM Min-gi, LEE Min-ho
I'm fucked up.
Director KIM Jung-woo
Who the heck threw that?
The Perfect Couple
That bastard must be cheating on me.
He's not popular and he always says he's busy.
So, how can he cheat if not popular?
Shut up, I'm talking here!
Be quiet guys. She's in a bad mood.
So, does Jacky want to break up with you?
After I gave him everything,
he's trying to avoid me.
What? Gave him everything? You guys didn't... did you?
You believed that? Sure you're a journalist?
Hey, I said be quiet!
Can't you see we're doing interview?
We gotta practice, there's a broadcast.
You guys are gonna lip sync, no?
So, what should I do?
Kill Jacky?
Uh, no!
I want this as a cover.
Hye-ryun and Jacky, We are in love.
You were right, this thing turns on.
Kim Chigon, bastard.
What if young kids take those.
Hey, Kang. How was my nephew Sunmi.
Who's Sunmi?
You little pricks.
How many did you take?
Didn't you hear anything?
Detective Soh!
You also took the pills, didn't you?
Soh! Come here!
Yes, sir.
You see,
Jaehyuk was away to Cheon-An.
And I couldn't stand up your nephew.
So I told her the truth.
It was supposed to be a young
and handsome guy but it's changed.
Anyway, Sunmi says...
She likes my voice and so on.
What, you go around picking girls
and now you even try my nephew?
- Bastard! - Chief
Relax, relax!
Cut it out. Do your best this time.
You know I always do my best.
This is what you say best?
Believe me this time. I'll marry her.
Oh, what have
done to my little nephew?
I said I'll do my best.
Wait. Hey, you!
I'll pay you for that. Thanks Choi.
I must check it out with Jacky first.
That hussy...
Well, how can you think of using
the media for a love play.
I don't know.
That's why I told you I want to move department.
Hey, that's my car.
Aw... Sorry.
My car, my car...
Come here.
Come here.
You think you can
run away like that?
Hey, get up.
Hey, get up.
What am I gonna do.
What's your relation?
I was just eating fish cake.
What? So you know him?
No, I poked him but
I didn't mean to.
What's this?
Oh, that?
I also had nose bleed!
I got hurt too...
Please wait outside.
Oh, please...
Detective Soh.
Hey, Kang. Where are you?
It's hospital.
Well... he got poked by skewer.
Weird. He hates skewers.
Oh my, this deep?
Hey, detective Kang!
Are you detective Soh?
Yes I am.
I'm Choi Soojin.
Think it's just bad luck.
Will he be alright?
Don't worry. It happens all the time.
I'll explain to him.
- Thank you. - Yes.
- Wait. - Yes.
If you need any help, just call.
You look good as a journalist.
Oh, thank you.
As a journalist?
Huh, you look like a person too.
- Hey, junior! - Yes, ma'am.
Give two cigarettes if you like me.
Aw... It hurts.
And salute your seniors when you see them.
Women aren't any seniors at all?
We always do ma'am.
Kim Jong-hyuk. You didn't salute me
last Tuesday at 4pm on 5th Floor.
Why'd you do that?
And you also curse me.
I heard that.
Sorry ma'am.
So, what happen?
No one gets killed by a skewer, you know.
How deep did you poke?
This much.
Did you check fish cake poison?
What's that?
Millions of people eat fish cake, right?
- Uh huh. - Are skewers disposable?
- No. - No?
So, obviously hundreds must have shared one skewer.
Which means, millions of germs
can be contaminated.
That's fish cake poison!
Bull shit.
Wow it was real.
You really did damage a cop with skewer.
This will make a news.
Nah... never.
I'll buy you a lunch.
What did she tell you?
Said sorry.
She's okay for a journalist.
Journalist's not okay, though.
Take my car. I'll lend it to you.
Where to?
You said it's your mom's birthday.
Oh, come on. Stop being so cool, man.
Instead, let's get him today.
All right.
Take your time, buddy.
Do you need help?
No, it's okay. No!
Dongjun, come back here!
I won't see.
No. I said no. Stop! Help!
I'm like your big sister.
Who says you're like my sister.
No. Help!
What's this?
Detective Kang, at the Kangnam station
was hit with Choi Soojin (29)...
Hey, she's not young.
And was sent to hospital
after being poked by a fish cake skewer...
Bitch... You have her number?
- Why? - Hurry!
Detective Kang, how's your stomach?
You know why I called!
Why did you write such a thing with out a consent?
Oh, dear... did it go out?
Are you kidding?
Everybody's laughing at me for that.
Oh, really? So that works!
You're not even sorry.
You hurt someone during a duty!
If you've watched out,
it would never have happened.
You might not remember,
but I also had nose bleed
and car draw because of you.
So, look who's talking?
You think you were right about that?
Hey, cut it out.
Don't you how to throw away a skewer?
Haven't you had any fish cakes yet?
You'll get scolded if you throw it away.
You really wanna get scolded? Where are you?
Why, I'm in the middle of the road.
Wanna come? Then, come!
You stay where you are.
It's nothing to find a rascal like you.
You think I'd go, Oh, dear I'm so afraid?
No way. Crazy bastard.
Try me.
What an asshole!
What's that?
I'll call my lawyer.
What for? You were over speed and
used phone while driving.
License please!
89km/h. Smart head.
Police K was sent to hospital
right after being stabbed
by a fish cake skewer.
This is your...
He should be embarrassed like hell.
Isn't he your boss, huh?
That internet news really is disturbing.
Is that so funny
to have 678 replies already?
Selling your body and doing drugs.
Aren't you sorry for your parents?
Joo Seoktae... Indeed,what else
can you do than a drug dealer.
What's wrong with him?
You are nothing with Hye-ryun then?
I thought so.
In fact, if you two get a scandal,
it's only sorry for you.
Whose is this?
Hey! Don't you now how to behave?
That's bad!
Young ones...
Oh, Oh... hey!
Come on, I'll make you high.
Hey, get off of me.
Park, make them be quiet.
So, he got exited because you are beautiful?
Yeah, I think so.
That was close.
You should be more careful.
Can I go now?
What? No, wait.
Can I help you?
No, it's nothing.
What, a molestation's nothing?
It happens all the time so it's okay.
Sit down anyway. We should close the case.
Where did this happen?
Molestation's a bad habit.
You shouldn't put up with that.
- Yes. - Your name is...?
Choi Soojin?
Can't you cut it out?
Journalist Choi.
Where are you going? It's not finished yet.
Go sit there!
Journalist Choi?
Nice to meet you. I'm Choi Soojin.
Thought you'd ask.
Fish cake...
How's your stomach?
- Did Jacky resist hard? - What?
That's why you hit him with bottle.
What, you mean I was gonna
shame him or what?
Did he take any pills? Why should he do that?
he was the one who fumbled
my body. It was him!
- What for? - What? Now!
Didn't you say I shouldn't put up with it?
Are you fooling a citizen or what?
Who told you to raise your voice!
You almost killed someone, you know that?
Manager called and said he's okay.
You were just lucky. You almost killed me last time.
You think I did that on purpose?
Journalist Kim? How are you?
What are you doing?
I got a story here.
You shouldn't revenge on me like that.
Revenge? I'm not making up a story.
This female journalist and a star singer...
Cut it out, will you.
Why, you wrote one well last time.
This is not only about me. Think about the star singer.
That temper.
I'll call you later.
I was sorry last time.
Forgive me once will you?
- Look, Ms. Choi. - Yes.
A media should tell the truth.
You're right.
- Shouldn't distort or hide. - Absolutely.
Then how come you don't know any.
Well, I see why.
Do as you want!
But watch out because
I'm gonna poke several this time.
- Right? - Choi!
- Are you alright? - Yeah.
- Him? - He's the cop.
I'm Oh Dong-sook at Munhwa Daily.
What's going on?
- Dong-sook. - What.
It's over, let's just go.
- Who is it? - He's not here.
- Let's go. - Where is he?
Is he arrested?
No, wait. I gotta see his face.
Why is every body so calm here?
Wait, he's here.
- Is it you, red shirt? - Hey...
- It's you big nose! - Calm down.
Dare you. Shit.
What kind of daily paper is that?
Jacky's in the hospital and you
turn out drunk.
Oh, I thought he had you.
Looks like you are.
Alright, I'm sorry.
Sorry? Then, move me to the local department.
You think it's easy in the local part?
Come on, your dad is the boss. He can do that, Huh?
You go sleep with my dad
and ask him.
That's the fastest.
Hey, I'm serious here.
Use condom. I don't want any sisters.
Hey! Oh, come on.
Alright, let's talk later.
- I'm tired. - Really?
- What the... - It's okay. I'm not hurt.
Oh my... Dong-sook!
What happen?
Gross! It has triangular head,
might be poisonous. It's crushed.
No, no, no...
- No, no, no... - No, no, no...
Was it your acquaintance?
Seems like they bought it with our money.
They must have other thoughts.
Oh my beautiful friend!
Recently there's a new type
of drug going through the market.
This is the one?
What did I tell you. You only need to swipe it.
You should finish the deal after this one.
What do you mean? We should increase the deal.
He doesn't know a thing. Right?
Philopon, Yaba, Ecstasy, now candy?
We're a drug museum or what?
Hey, chief Cho. When are you going to get them?
Through our investigation,
we found where Joo Seok-tae is.
Soon there'll be a big one from China.
It's gonna make a big money.
- Don't you have it already? - How can I have it
without your permission?
We can catch both the shipper and receiver.
Both? You mean even Kim Chigon?
You sure?
Yes, you'll see.
Gee... Spooky.
Don't waste my Stephanie's death.
Yes, yes. I'm mourning.
Think this is a training. I came for you.
- Let's go. - Yeah.
Left one's PD
and right one's my friend writer.
- Be natural. - Yes.
They'll interview.
All right.
Hello ladies!
I'm F4 with sexy butt.
F3 with sexy tongue.
F2 the little rascal.
And I'm F1.
We're the F4 who'll wet you tonight.
- Who're you gonna take? - The cute butt.
You, butt. Here.
You, there.
Hey, cute tongue. There.
Fooling around, huh?
Who are they?
Bottoms up.
Drink again?
You think local journalist is that easy?
Look at them.
You're so cute.
Try this.
- Drink up. - Drink up.
I can here you drink.
Seok-tae's not there yet?
You're beautiful.
I said you're beautiful.
Damn, he says she's beautiful.
Check the other rooms.
- I'm that beautiful? - Yes!
Oh, are you shy to say that?
Who's shy?
You know, it's really touching for you
to say I'm beautiful.
Uh, I gotta go to the toilet.
Oh that's my song. Sing with me.
# I don't know
What's this?
What's going on?
She's all drunk.
She sounds like that crazy journalist.
Weird. Squeaking voice is not common.
Who want this?
What are they doing?
I told them to be natural, not enjoy!
- Straighten up. - Hello, sir.
- How are you? - I checked the money this morning.
Oh, come on. That's all?
Oh, this is my song.
So embarrassing.
# How can I tell him the truth...
Have a shot.
All righty.
Which room number?
Hey, what are you doing here?
I said which number?
- It's eight. - Okay!
I know it's eight.
# I don't know # what love means...
Check the customer.
What's this.
Hey, help us, will you?
Who's that bitch?
Isn't he your boss?
Shut out the lights!
# I don't know what love means...
- Get in! - yes.
Move out.
Wait, don't move.
Where is he?
Who shut out the lights?
Oh, what brings you here?
What brings us? You bastard.
# I don't know what love means,
# Why did you leave me...
# I don't know...
He tried to hide, but the toilet's
all covered with drugs.
We got the evidence, what do we do next?
- Let him go. - What?
Get out, you sucker.
Good bye.
Do journalists usually play like that?
It was a hidden research, you idiot.
- Who's that lady? Fish cake.
Oh, the fish cake.
Did you know there was a drug deal?
- Oh, right! - What?
My bag! I'm out of my mind.
It's here.
Oh, it's my bag.
Sure, you remember.
- Oh, right... - What?
Where's Dong-sook?
Where did she go leaving me here.
Isn't this she?
What, she's dead?
What kind of a newspaper company is it?
- Hello. - Hi.
Let's go and eat something.
I'm going to have it with Sunmi.
It's freezing.
Oh, no. I'm okay.
Oh... it's so cold...
I'm okay...
Aren't you hungry? Let's go eat.
I'm okay now.
Let's just do it.
I'll bring your clothes later. Taxi!
Kang Jaehyuk, I really wanted to be a good journalist, you know
But whenever I meet you, things get messed up.
I was a person
who fought for the justice in college.
Poor dead Stephanie...
And I'm sorry I poked your stomach.
Somebody's lucky.
Wholly plasterd.
What a craziness.
Damn it.
No, no. Not here.
Why not, she's journalist here.
This isn't a keeping place.
Get out.
There's another one.
Get out now.
See this? No druken allowed.
How come you have to mention law for this?
Oh, gosh. Look at her.
Oh, gosh. Oh, Hey!
Hey, don't puke in here.
Oh, no, no, no.
This is out of law.
You can't just leave like this. No, no.
Clean up!
- Hello Jaehyuk. - Hi kids.
- Your girlfriend! - No.
- Catch a criminal - Show us the criminal!
Go, go!
Show us the criminal!
Aw... fuck.
Hey, Choi.
Take off the clothes...
Don't dirty and take off my clothes.
I'm exhausted.
Let's just do it.
Do what?
- Stay still. - Stay still?
Choi, take off the clothes...
Took off my clothes! Bastard!
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
You followed me from the start didn't you?
You had other thoughts, didn't you?
Why is it always you?
Don't you think it's funny?
You thought me that easy?
What's the fuss about? You tortured me all day long!
All day long? You animal!
You almost got hit!
You threw!
I'm going to the hospital,
if you ever touched me...
I'm gonna kill you.
Oh, I see. You harass children too, huh?
What? Harass children?
Don't you think it's too childish for a cop?
No, that's the kids'...
I don't ever want to see you again!
Harass children? Hey!
Damn, bastard.
Hello? What?
Local department?
Oh, I'm so happy!
Yes, chief.
Marshall has appointed you
for the interview.
I'm busy catching criminals.
What's the big deal? It's good for you too.
Seems he's going to hide again today.
Oh, I don't know. I hate cameras.
You're the handsome of us.
Switch with Park
and just go.
Hi guys. Kang, chief wants you to go.
I know, I said I'm leaving.
- Temper... Take care.
- Yes. - Bye.
Why don't you sit down?
No, it's just...
This is detective Kang and this is journalist Choi.
Nice to meet you.
I'll briefly show you our program.
This is our most anticipated series...
The former detective got hurt,
so we decided to have a new face in season two.
- You've seen this program? - No...
But you know about it?
- I don't watch show programs. - show programs?
Can't even distinguish a show program and a news program?
- Oh, what's the matter? - He's busy.
Well, we're thinking of a new title. Any suggestion?
How about Choi vs. Kang Report?
- Choi vs. Kang Report? - Yes.
- I'm Choi and he's Kang. - Oh, I see...
Why does Choi comes first? I'm the main role.
You want Kang vs. Choi?
- Doesn't it sound weird? - It is weird.
We'll go with Choi vs. Kang Report
and you describe him the schedule.
Yes, sir.
Then, I shall leave now.
Thank you.
Nice to meet you? Forgot about throwing knife?
You must have done something to deserve it.
Poor you, missing it.
Can't we just focus
on to work now?
We? Who says we?
Oh, dear God. Are you busy? Watch me over, will you?
Why are we doing this?
It's none of your business. Can't you run faster?
I said why are we doing this?
You know,
like an opening scene in 007.
Or in Mission Impossible.
In any other detective story...
It makes the scene more spectacular.
it always comes out in a movie.
- Yeah, like that. - No, no. Cut it out.
No, no. Cut it out. You know how busy we are?
Detective Kang, please. I really want it.
Then, say ready, action like one.
No? Then, I don't want it too.
So, you know film, huh?
Hey, Kang!
Action! Action, Action!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
There's no speed. Speed is most important.
Well, that's not bad at all.
I can't run any more. I'll die.
Well then, today's off now.
Let's go.
We're not doing this again tomorrow, huh?
What time do we meet tomorrow?
- They caught and let him go? - Yes, they are following 24 hours.
Then, where do we get our stuffs?
We can't execute before turning them down.
I'm sorry.
What's the big deal? We'll meet them.
We'll say hello to the cops too.
It's gonna be fun.
Why no contact?
Was busy reaching here and there.
You'll have the money. Let's meet up tomorrow.
Aren't you hungry?
- You just ate before? - Not hungry?
It's been three hours now.
Here. You eat a lot.
- Are you gonna eat that? - Yeah, I need something sweet.
What did you take? Spit it out.
It's only candy. Leave me alone.
Spit it out, now!
That's the thing the criminal sells.
Spit. Now.
What? It's drug then?
Don't touch it.
So why did you leave
it any where.
There he comes.
- Bull shit. - Stop kidding!
He's coming.
Park will go
after the drug dealer. Everybody, relax.
Well done.
So, Kang is your junior?
He's younger than me but he's my senior.
He's young but shouldn't see him easy.
He has brilliant senses.
Hey, Jaehyuk! Let's eat fish cakes.
So, you mean... He's stubborn?
Yes, he is stubborn
but he's sense is never wrong.
Oh, I bet you'll feel bad when he acts like that.
Yes, it's bad when the work isn't done right.
But he's excellent all the time.
Jaehyuk, come and have drink!
Come here you.
I got it.
Are you all right?
- Are you all right? - Save me.
Sit here and wait.
- What's going on? - They're pickpocket gang.
What is this?
Leave that thing down or you'll be arrested.
- I'm gonna take this with me. - Aw...
That's Jaehyuk's sixth sense.
Take it easy, man.
Hey, stand up straight kids.
stand up straight kids.
- He looks good and action's great too. - Not bad, right?
Surely different from when poked by fish skewer.
Oh yeah? He's a good partner except for that temper.
A venturous journalist and a hot tempered cop...
Choi vs. Kang Report...
- Interesting. - Huh? What is?
Cameras are good these days.
What's that?
She's not normal. Especially her voice.
She has a cute voice.
- Wait. - Why?
Oh, baby Let me kiss you...
Is this sweet? Is this cute?
- Spooky. - I told you.
Quite similar.
Kang Jaehyuk! Bastard! I'm gonna crush you...
- High kick, wow. - Handsome.
Choi vs. Kang Report Good title!
Well, I see Kang's not a good runner.
No, that's not what...
You have to catch, running is no big deal.
- No... - That's an interview?
- No... - He's cool but, cheesy.
- Am I cheesy? No, I didn't mean...
He's young and stubborn,
which makes me feel bad.
He can't work well so, that's even worse.
What did you do when I got this?
- No, I didn't say... - I trusted you.
- No, it's wrong. - What's this?
- What? Detective Kang, idiot?
What going on?
I used some nerve attracting words,
and boss liked it.
Yeah, sure.
I worried but you seem okay.
You played with my camera, didn't you?
Looks like it'll rain.
I was surprised to know detectives
leaving such evidence.
Oh, that's why you did that.
Boy, I'm sorry.
What kind of apology is that? Are you mad at me?
Why should I be? Every body knows
you have a weird voice.
Every body should know your abnormality!
Ajournalist working with an abnormal.
You must have a good taste?
Even my taste can't bear some kinds.
It's raining! Good timing, huh?
Are you okay?
- Cold isn't it? - I'm okay.
Sorry, but we can't turn off
the air conditioner because of white steam.
Can I go to toilet for a sec?
- Sure. - There he is.
Those bastards always move in this kind of weather.
It's been hours and
they don't move a bit.
Where's Park any way?
Isn't it that car?
Shouldn't we get them now?
Chigon's not there.
We have to follow them again?
Why did you speed up for a cop? Embarrassing.
Did you bring your fellows?
No, never.
- You know me. - See you later.
Uh, sorry but
- I need to go to toilet. - They're moving.
Where are they going?
I'll be back soon.
Are you nuts? You think we're fooling around?
I'm so sorry. I just had to...
- You think sorry is enough? - Kang, take it easy.
Are you alright?
- I'm sorry. - You're not hurt?
I messed up things.
It's okay. It can happen.
Hey, Kang. Are you alright?
You are bleeding.
Stop it.
Soojin! Are you okay?
Are you okay?
- Did you eat? - Don't feel like to.
It's first time we both got hurt, right?
Let's take it easy. We'll get him some day.
She must have really been in a hurry.
Aren't I so childish?
Stupid? You think so, right?
You do look like a stupid sometimes.
I'm gonna quit journalist.
What comes into your mind now?
- I don't know. - People might think I'm crazy,
but at least I don't ignore my passion as a
- What does that mean? - I mean...
Hard to describe.
I'll just say it my way.
What are you gonna do if you quit?
Thanks. It really helps.
So, eat up.
Have any cigarette? Give me two bucks.
Thank you so much.
You're the best!
I love you too.
- What's this? - You're Jacky?
Hi Jacky.
What the...
You know this?
Don't you dare shake your head.
You know where to get these, right?
Say it.
The G club.
G club
You're arrested for keeping drugs, but later.
Keep the secret and cooperate with us and I'll consider for that.
- Hey, apologize. - For what?
You touched her breast. These...
My goodness, what are you two looking at?
Look, last night I was sorry but,
I found you
this place so we're even...
Even and what?
So, I thought we could forget about it.
I was sorry the other night too.
I didn't bring those cops.
Believe me.
You know me, don't you?
You know what?
I know about secret missions and you should
be more natural.
You have to dance, like me.
Kang, we're waiting a block behind
so don't start alone.
You'll get caught like that.
They look like aquarium fishes.
Such losers who believe the aquarium is the whole world.
But it's a headache if any one of them gets sick.
Others will also die if you're late.
You have to pick out the sick one.
And consider killing it or not.
Talk with the others.
Be natural.
I must be crazy. No, no.
This is the last time. Where is it?
Detective Kang, no wonder a dog can sniff well.
A dog can only sniff well.
So, this is where you settled?
Wasn't easy because of your present two years ago.
Looks easy. I thought you'd live lame forever.
Shut up and listen well.
You're only a cop, can't do anything.
Aren't you tired to be wrongful all the time?
Live right for once.
I'll give you a choice.
The drug dealer Joo Seok-tae,
my 13 years old friend.
Isn't that enough?
You got me wrong.
You sucker.
Don't move!
Park, it's on!
A life is on your fingers.
My 13 years old friend will die,
because of a cop.
Don't move!
There was another gun accident.
Last night at a club in Seoul,
Detective named Kang,
accidentally shot his partner.
The bullet went through
his partner's thigh.
What's more surprising is detective Kang
had an illness
called peak-phobia.
It's still more investigate whether
He was hiding or the police department
was tacit approving.
What are you looking at?
You're not gonna work?
Where's my tape?
I was about to call you. This is a great hit.
You can't release it like that!
What are you talking about?
Kang, open the door.
You can hit me and curse me.
Just open the door.
I know you're inside.
Just open the door.
I'm just so sorry.
I know it's no use now
but I'm truly sorry.
Sorry for that news too.
I should have secured it...
Just open the door and talk to me.
A police should be able to sacrifice himself
for the sake of citizens.
So a policeman should know
when to die.
Jaehyuk knew this more than any one.
You should be in a hospital not police academy.
I can fix it.
Stubborn kid.
I'm hungry so I'll start first.
You know how I wanted the local department.
I'm getting used to it now.
And Soh will have a surgery today
for his broken arm but,
he'll be alright.
Wow, you're really fast. Cop's different, huh?
Where did you go? Somewhere good?
Talk to me. Can't you see?
I'm really trying my best.
Don't do it any more.
I know it wasn't you who done it.
So stop it.
What about the surgery? Not done yet?
It's taking long.
- Run. - You know them?
I surely know them.
What am I gonna do
without my son...
Oh, god...
They say surgery,
but it will kill him.
- Oh my... - Oh, no...
Joo Seok-tae!
- Nurse, Nurse! - Jaekhyuk...
Nurse, Nurse!
Stop saying!
What happen? Stop talking.
Hurry! Bandage!
Jaehyuk, you need to catch Chigon.
Catch, just catch, Jaehyuk...
We need to block them until police arrives.
- Block them? - Yeah.
- With what? - With...
- Be quiet. - Wait,
shouldn't we call the police to come more faster?
Find every inch!
Oh, I'm full. I can't have any more.
Why do you drink all that?
Just spill it empty, like this.
- The Police arrived. - Let's go.
We need cloth.
Fuck you.
Are you busy?
It's okay, keep up with your business.
It's embarrassing.
Damn it.
Stay here.
That's okay. You're just dead now.
Don't bother, I'll finish you.
Fuck you. Ain't finished yet.
Hey, have this!
I'm fucked up. Don't come...
No, no.
Kim Chigon!
Who are you?
Who made this fantastic hairstyle?
You, shorthead?
No, you mustache!
Yeah, come right here.
Oh, you want me to follow?
Stay still!
Soh, are you alright?
I told you not to move alone.
Go finish him easily.
It's okay. You should've come earlier.
I shot him in the left side.
Surprised? I told you I'm not finished.
Get up.
Oh, come on.
Get up, I can't even scream.
But it's good that I'm alive, right?
That temper...
Get in.
Kim, Hurry up.
- Where's Kang? - He'll be here soon.
- Well done. - Thank you, sir.
We'll burn up this place, hurry and check it out.
Please arrest me!
How many did they make?
Please don't throw.
- Hey, wait up. - No, stop.
- Mustache! - Please leave me alone.
You were worried about me, didn't you?
Seemed like a lot.
You even cried, right?
Can't you stop talking?
I know you did.
What would have happened if I died?
I didn't cry.
I can still see your tears.
Wait, close your eyes. There's something...
- Close your eyes. - Why should I?
There is something. Close!
Thank you for the worrying.
I also had just a kiss with Sunmi,
and she got a baby.
- Stop kidding - Good for you boy.
This fortune telling's wrong.
Look, Choi wrote something again.
Kang, did you see today's paper?
She's trying hard.
She's attractive.
Her voice is charming.
Got a hot temper.
Nice looking body too!
Thank you every one, for all your appraisals.
But we're
in middle of work here.
What kind of a journalist uses media for her love?
Kang is right for that.
A girl should have a self esteem.
Yeah, I left my self esteem at home, so?
Should we catch that criminal?
What about you?
You have a tiny heart.
Should we catch that criminal?
You know what to do.
Are you asking me?
All righty.
You're arrested for carrying drugs and...
Hey, PARK, catch!
- Come on. - Oh...
Come on.
- Are you alone? - Why?
Yeah, you rascal.
Cut, cut, cut!
I said cut. Cut!
There's no cut in catching criminals.
Look, do as I say.
You punch him
twice like this and turn...
And kick him over, okay?
I did so.
Says he did.
For a better shot, punch first,
then turn and kick!
Pang, Pang, Pang!
- Do it yourself. - Do you know?
You have to learn it.
So, what's on?
See this.
Detective Kang, I love you.
Hey, this is a good one.
Congratulations, Jaehyuk!
I don't have a self esteem?
Such a childlike.