Salomon Running TV S2 E10 - Nature sets the pace

Uploaded by SalomonTrailRunning on 06.11.2012

Why did I wait 4 years to concretize this idea?
We had to let the project get in shape,
establish the logistics and be ready for the project.
I got in contact with a Corsican, Guillaume Peretti who knows the trail very well,
and came to Corsica to discover the itinerary with him.
We talked about people who could help me,
Corsicans who know the path really well,
and with François DHaene, who is in our team.
These are the Logbooks, in which a representative of the FFME must sign.
Julian will have them, or the pacers who are with him.
They should present this at each check point.
I wish you the best of luck from all the team at the FFME.
People come to Corsica to hike and to do the GR20
but the trails, whether that's the right word or not,
because most of the time, you are not on a path
but scramble on rocks, in a very alpine terrain.
It is not for everyone, it can be really difficult.
The pleasure is very important,
if the spirit is free, you enjoy more and pleasure is multiplied.
I am a lot freer than in a race,
there are moments when I feel like going slowly,
and feel less strong, or things are a bit more technical.
This allows you to slow down sometimes or speed up at other times.
I started from the beginning,
so I've ran approximately 6 or 6,5 hours
as for the speed, we have been in the same pace since the beginning.
For now, he is fine, he is on time, and smiling,
We'll have a good general idea at Vergio.
It is hard!
I was very close to an accident at 2 or 3 occasions; you have to react quickly,
this is why you must stay really alert during the 30 hours.
Here we started to be afraid in the downhill because of the rain.
Climbing in the rain was not too bad,
but going downhill we said: we really need to slow down!
The worst is to come; I still haven't checked the weather
but this was only the first front coming in.
I swear, you could see as far as this, but not your shoes.
When the mountain is like this
and when you can't control anything
you only want to go down…
Now we'll keep going.
The goal is to see Conca, the time is secondary.
We are 3 now! it is essential!
alone here, it would not be easy!
It is risky getting to the ridge; they have approximately 1 hour to get there,
and it may hit them when they are up there, it is very exposed.
Anyway I will keep going.
we lost twice 25 minutes,in 2 hours.
It is going to be hard!
How do you write ABANDON? With ON
4:30 AM
He'll try again!
The mountain will still be there next year, and the year after...