TWC - Zapping # 1 - Un Nuevo Comienzo

Uploaded by 3rdWorldChannel on 06.09.2012

-oh DAMN! I just blew it!
-what happened?
-I was just about to send you the chat-log I
had with my Ex, but I sent it to my girlfriend
Gosh... sometimes I think I'm so stupid....
-Well, I've been there
-Have you sent chats to your girlfriend you shouldn't?
-hell No...
I think YOU'RE so stupid
-[Italian Accent] Ok la Ragazzi today were gonna make some lovely plate
So its gonna be some delicious Cereal, and these are our ingredients:
1 Cup -1 Cereal Bag -1 Lt.of milk, yogurt, water, etc.
Spoon or fork -Chopped fruit or Chop Suey
Greetings friends, welcome to TWC News, its 7:00
o'clock at noon, and right next to me is Juan Camilo...
How's it going Juanka?
-Good, thanks, how are you doing Juan?
-Wonderful, tvm
-ok, let's start with headlines then
-Experts and investigators are promoting the massive usage
of domestic fans, to overcome the Global Warming problem...
-Studies reveal that the use of hallucinogens may cause hallucinations
-A new law is under the scope, it pretends to impress
more bills willing to lower the poverty levels.
-Approved law that punishes with Death Penalty those who tried to commit suicide.
-Sports: FC Barcelona's player Gerard Piqué, is nominated to
the Golden Ball, for the amazing goal he stroke on Shakira.
-On his twitter, CR7 confirms his trespassing to the Mexican football club Pachuca.
-Entertainment: We have an exclusive interview with the director of
"Expocups, What the Cup!" The Cup Fair that's taking place in our city...
-What the what??
-What the Cup!
-That's right
The "Ninten-D´oh" company, announces the release
of their new sports videogame "Mario Kick the Can"
-All this and more, after this commercial break, stick around.
- [Italian Accent] you may keep the cereal going, as long as you want...
Ok, so now we're about to spill a little bit of milk here... ok, that's enough.
You can use water if you want... Though I'm not going to, in this case.
-Yo, that old lady just fell down!!!!
-OMG she did!!! Wow LOL !!
- [Italian Accent] I'll just eat what's left of this banana
Lastly, we add some sugar... as much as you want.
Ok ladies and gentlemen, la Ragazzi, we now have our amazing
cereal plate, every-day-meal, so practical and gourmet... Enjoy...
[American Accent] here's the plate!
-Hey, how's it going !?
-You have any condoms?
-Sure we've got these...
-Good, get me one of those
-Should I give you a bag?
-Well, my girlfriend's not that ugly!
-No seriously, should I give you a bag?
-Yes please.
-Hello there friends! We hope you have enjoyed this
chapter just as much as we did when making it.
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