Dostana (2008) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 3

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How can I help you?
Neha dear, it's good that you came.
These two boys have come to check out the house.
Aunty, they..
I know they're boys. Hey, tall guy! What's your name?
And what's your name?
Hi, I'm Kunal.
Hi, Neha.
Sameer, just a moment. Could you excuse us? - Sure.
Enough, let's go.
What?! Why?!
Aunty, how can I stay with two guys?
Don't worry. They both aren't what we are.
What? Sindhi?
Not Sindhi. They both are modern boys.
I can't pretend to be gay in front of a girl like that.
Okay, no problem. Don't be gay, be homeless instead.
No problem. - They're boyfriend and girlfriend.
Oh, gay!
I won't stay in this house with that girl, pretending to be gay.
It's over. I'm going.
Kunal, wait. Just wait. Calm down.
It wasn't like this in the old days. In our days..
.. guys used to like girls.
How sweet!
Talk to Neha at least once.
Who knows? Maybe only the aunt requires girls!
Yes, okay. I'm going.
Kunal, just wait. Kunal..
Nice room.
Yes, I thought I'll show you the room. - Sure.
You've already seen this. I hope you like it. - Sure.
There are two rooms. There's another one over there.
But there's only one bathroom. It's connected.
Wow! Actually, we both like sharing bathrooms.
That way..
Very nice.
Sorry, this way. So this is the bathroom.
What's the rent?
2,000 for each room. But since you guys are the first.. can decide which one you want.
Personally, I love this room. - What do you mean 'which' room?
Both of you will share a room, right?
Kunal.. - Shut up! Just shut up!
We'll not share a room.
It'll just be more expensive for you. Two rooms, that's 4,000!
Yes, Kunal. Neha is right. - Yes!
It'll be expensive. - Okay, we'll find another place.
No, no. Cute. I love it when he jokes.
So sweet! Neha, actually, we'll take both rooms.
It'll be easier for you too.
I mean you don't have to look for another tenant.
Cool with me. - Yes!
Any questions? - No, no.
Are you single?
Look at the terrace. It's beautiful.
The light is clear. Nice. Show me.
Do you want to see it? - Show me.
Sort it out with her.
I'll sort it out with her. Will you stop doing this?
Whats single? - Just go and talk to her.
Shut up - Just keep aunty a way
Wow! A pool. - But listen.. huge apartment..
didn't think when I bought it
..and now the bank loan..
Neha, this whole gay thing. You're cool with it, right?
Because you know, what difference does it make..
You know, who's straight and who's gay..
Yes, absolutely! I mean, it's your personal choice.
To each their own. - Right, right. Thank you.
Gay rights. - Yeah! Yeah!
Because your aunt had scared us a bit..
Yes, your aunt. She's very scary. - Don't worry about her.
No, no. You'll get used to it.
Yes, I hope so because when we came she was like..
We don't want boys. We want girls..
So you know, we both were just wondering..
..that if she's the only one who has a problem with boys..
..or do you also feel like that?
Well, I didn't think that I'd be with boys..
Hey! What are you doing here?
All this isn't allowed here. Stand straight. What are you doing?
What do you do professionally?
Well, I'm a photographer.
Will you click pictures if I model?
Hey, tall fellow! Why are you laughing?
What do you do?
I'm a nurse.
Nurse?! Nurse, do they make you wear short skirts too?
Since when have the two of you been a couple?
Well, three years.
Three years?!
Wow! - That's a really long time.
Very good. Very good. Tell me your love story.
Love story?!
Where did the two of you meet for the first time?
We.. we..
Go on, tell us.
Don't be shy.
No, we met in Venice.
I met Kunal in Venice the first time.
In that very first meeting, Kunal showed me a thousand dreams.
I felt as if I was standing and the ground below was moving.
My heart beat faster. I gasped for breath..
Is this my first love?
For the next few days, fate made us bump into each other.
At times here, at times there..
..and finally I gathered the courage and said something to him.
Why are you following me around?
Alas! Why didn't my tongue shred to pieces?!
He left so suddenly that I never saw him after that.
I searched a lot for him.
I didn't even know his name to call out to him!
Dearest, beloved, my darling?
But he was nowhere to be found.
Tired and defeated, I returned to my hotel.
There was a letter waiting for me.
My first love letter in which it was written..
At the seashore, my heart calls out to you.. oh!
I immediately wore my new Gucci shoes with my Armani jacket..
..and set off towards my destiny.
Kunal was on the other side of the sea.
My legs trembled as I moved towards him.
Bathed in the moonlight, with a rose clenched..
..between his teeth, Kunal. Kunal..
And then a sigh escaped his soft lips.
What a wonderful story!
It was beautiful.
That's so sweet. I think I'm going to cry.
Sweet, baby. Sweet.
All right. - Yes.
Welcome to the family.
I'll be all right. I'll be all right.
I'll be all right.
With you around, the crooked pathways..
Ridiculous and crazy talk, everything seems fine.
With you around, false promises and..
..the intentions of my enemies all seem true.
The only thing that makes my heart skip a beat..'s you. Only you.
You're the one who makes me laugh while I cry.
You're the one..
I don't know why. - I don't know why.
My heart knows that if you're around, I'll be all right.
I'll be all right. I'll be alright.
I don't know why. - I don't know why.
My heart knows that if you're around, I'll be all right.
I'll be all right. I'll be all right.
The entire world is on one side and we're on the other.
Every joy evaporates. I find only sorrow.
But when you smile for me, the world seems all right.
My life blooms again in a moment.
I don't know why.
I don't know why. - I don't know why.
My heart knows that if you're around, I'll be all right.
I'll be all right. I'll be all right.
I don't know why. - I don't know why.
My heart knows that if you're around, I'll be all right.