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Uploaded by healthyvegan on 27.04.2010

Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
weíre gonna make some spicy potato and cauliflower.
And what Iím gonna do tonight is Iím going to be boiling the potatoes and Iím going
to steam the cauliflower on top of the potatoes so to start Iíve got a large pot of water
and Iíve got my potatoes which I have washed and scrubbed but not peel.
This is important because whatís gonna happen is weíre going to put these potatoes in the
water, theyíre going to boil and theyíre going to reabsorb the water into them but
if you take the skin off theyíre going to lose all their flavors to the water.
So if you scrubbed them, you can usually get a lot of the roughness off of the potatoes
without actually losing their skin and Iíve got enough water in here that these potatoes
are going to be just covered. I donít know if I can fit them all in here but Iím trying
my best.
So once you manage to get it fit into your pot, get some salt on them, this is to help
the cooking process and just rubbed it on their skin a little bit. Donít worry if your
salt phobic this is basically in the water. Itís just gonna help the potatoes cook and
its really minimal salt.
Ok! So potatoes getting the water up to boiling and what I like to do with this pot is steam
stuff over top while I boil other things because I donít actually have a lid for this pot
anymore, I broke it. I have a bad habit of braking lids so if I use my steamer as the
lid I can actually put a second vegetable in here to steam rather than boil.
Now the difference is when you steam vegetables the vitamins and minerals that dissolve in
water donít dissolve because theyíre not touching the water. If youíre boiling the
vegetables some of the nutrients do dissolve in the water but with potatoes most of their
nutrition comes in the form of potassium which doesnít dissolve in water.
So theyíre good and what your gonna do next is chop up your cauliflower and what you wanna
do is start by chopping off the green part just get your knife sneak it right in there
and chopped that up.
Of course you wanna wash this before you start and then what you do is if you cut from the
center out your gonna keep the nice whole sections of cauliflower and I like to cut
this up into bite size pieces and my bite size is a little bit smaller than Philís
perhaps but I find it much easier to eat if my food is bite size.
Also with the cauliflower you wanna sprinkle some salt on it otherwise your cauliflower
is not really gonna cook, itís just gonna sit there coz its gonna take a really long
time so if you sprinkle a little bit of salt make sure you rub it round all of your little
pieces, it will cook much more easily so throw those in the streamer. My potatoes are almost
boiling now which you donít have to wait for, it just took me that long to cut up my
cauliflower up.
Ok! Once you got that ready just pop it on top put your lid over it and that will steam.
Now theyíre gonna take probably 20 to 30 minutes for those guys to steam so while thatís
boiling and I can turn it down now because it got to a pretty hard boil.
Iím going to toast some spices and Iíve got some coriander seeds here and some cumin
seeds here, Iím also gonna throw some sesame seeds here to top it off but these spices
Iím going to toast and Iíll use my toaster oven otherwise you can use your oven or whatever
else you prefer.
So Iím gonna toast this for a couple of minutes until they really start to sip their smell
out on the kitchen and then Iím gonna grind them up so rather than using pre-ground spices
this is a really nice way to bring a lot of flavor into your dish.
If youíre wondering now how you gonna grind up those spices that youíve just toasted
not to worry, you donít need a fancy spice grinder I just use a coffee grinder, pop it
in there put a little whisk and they will be beautiful.
Check on your potatoes periodically to see if theyíre done just give them a poke with
a fork or a knife and if like me you had trouble fitting them into the pot and you have ends
sticking out of the water, those ends are gonna need to be flip around at some point
so that the other side of the potato will boil.
The way I like to do dressing is to get a bowl large enough for my dinner and make the
dressing in the bottom that way I only have one dish to clean so what I have done in here
are those spices that we toasted and ground.
I added about a tablespoon of olive oil putting a variety is fine. Sesame oil would be nice
and I added some lemon juice and because these are what I called spicy potatoes and cauliflower
I had to add some spice so I use cayenne. If you like spicy foods go nuts if you do
not like spicy foods be very careful. Cayenne is pretty powerful.
So stir that together and Iím not looking for too much of a liquidly dressing on this
because the potatoes are gonna be really moist and the cauliflower I gotta check on that
too will be a little bit crunchy but its gonna be, itís getting nice and soft on the outside
as well.
I donít need to much liquid Iím looking more for like a, like a seasoning. Ok! So
just enough liquid to get this around if you want to make this more of a sauce what you
can do is mash some potato into this dressing before you toss it with the rest of the vegetables.
Thatís gonna make it a little bit creamy but because its potato thereís gonna be no
fat so once these guys are done youíll be ready to continue on.
I can stick a fork into them which means theyíre done Iím afraid but theyíre - Iím pulling
them directly out of boiling water so as you might imagine theyíre kind of hot so what
I do is I leave them on the fork and cut them up like so.
If there any bad bits on your potato you can cut them off right now so I got a little bit
of skin that got a wound on it and cut these to your size preference. I like things on
the small side so Iím cutting these up very small.
And Iíve cooked this such that they arenít falling apart more like a potato salad kind
of texture theyíre ñ they still have you know theyíre own shape left and you can just
toss these right in the bowl as soon as you cut it up that way they donít take up room
on your cutting board.
And actually you might want to give the cauliflower the first go at the dressing because the potatoes
will probably absorb some of this so just dumped that right in there.
The final touch some fresh cilantro if youíre like me and youíre not having a mad love
affair with cilantro you can also add some other herbs. Iím putting some in because
it just goes so well with these flavors.
But if you donít like it you can ether cut it half and half with parsley or do all parsley
or also if you find some purple basil in the store its usually out in the summer of if
you are lucky enough to have a garden you can plant some that is quite lovely as well.
So just give it a toss and serve it up you got yourself a lovely dinner. Hope you enjoy
it you can find the recipe at HealthyVeganRecipes.net. Iím Heather and this is Freshly Served.