World Of Silence (조용한 세상) Part 1 (Eng Subs)

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Welcome to our show tonight!
We invite many people with extra ordinary abilities
from all over the country.
I can't wait to see the special powers they will...
show us tonight and that will bring pleasant surprises
to our mundane life.
Let's welcome our first contestant.
Here we have a good looking young man locked up in a box.
Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Jung-ho Ryu from Nonhyun-dong.
Well, that was simple.
What kind of powers do you want to show us tonight?
I... I can find out
You can find out? What can he find out?
Let's take a look at his power.
Wow, that was incredible.
I am more than surprised.
I bet you earned yourself a nickname for your power.
Do you have any?
Like the ones your friends gave you...
A monster...
A monster.
Missing Girl
15 years later
Yes, I just arrived at the airport.
Are you listening?
... more concerned.
Financial Supervisory Service said that the enterprise
took out a loan twice. But there are 11 records
that the enterprise asked for the credit history...
What about Chang-bae?
Can you wrap up the In-yeon Gang case any slower?
All you gotta do is to bust his ass.
You and your damn laziness.
Fine, fine...
I'm telling you I'm always with him.
If I'm this desperate, I shall meet him soon.
What the...
An unidentified, 40-year-old man
jumped into the subway tracks earlier today.
As a result, a lot of people had
hard time getting to work.
Look how cold-blooded she is... What a bitch!
What do you mean? She looks pretty hot to me.
Talking about subway delays when a man died?
This news program is a trash!
You expect her to weep, then?
I'm not saying she has to feel sad.
But she's not giving a damn when a man died.
A public figure shouldn't be like that.
Mind your own business.
Just go get Chang-bae for me.
I have a pretty bad feeling about him.
Fine, fine... I will soon.
Come on, get moving!
Can I help you?
Professor said he's going on a business trip
and told me to give the keys to his nephew.
He was very worried and tried to contact you.
Just what I expected!
The photos have strong vibes As well as the artist.
It surely is worth my effort spent to hire you.
Thank you.
Thankfully, this month's issue is right on track.
When are you leaving the country?
In about a month.
Can you keep yourself available strictly for us?
We could use your service for the next month's issue.
What do you say?
I feel drowsy again.
Maybe it's some sort of disease.
It sure is a disease. From living without any girl...
and working for 5 years in the homicide squad.
Up yours.
Like your new car?
What good am I without talking trash?
Talking back is like automatic now?
Cut back on junk food and get a proper meal with me.
I'm fine, mom. I'll catch you later.
Whoa! Sorry about that.
Wanted- Robbery and Assault
Alright, now.
Son of a... Come with us.
Huh? Oh, crap!
Who are you to interrupt our business?
Look at his eyes.
Do you not hear him asking?
You dumbass.
Are you some kind of bad ass?
You can stop this now.
Shall we?
Want us to stop?
Well, well, well...
What are you gentlemen doing here?
What's your business, sir?
Detective Kim, What's the occasion?
I got a few.
'Hot! Sauna' Here, take it.
'Hot Sauna? '
Go on, take it.
- Hey, you! - My nose is bleeding.
That's my boy!
Started a new business? Earned yourself some money?
A sauna? That's nice.
One at a time, I'll use my fist.
Two at a time, I'll pull the trigger.
My ass!
You should consider yourself lucky.
Go on, let it go now. There we go.
Are you okay?
It hurts... so much.
Not talking to you!
Catch me if you can!
Quite a nice brand... Can you watch these guys?
Come here.
Come here, son of a bitch!
Why are you wearing my coat?
Give it back.
Oh, this?
- Fits me perfectly. - Looks big on you.
Never had anything this expensive.
Hey, Chang-bae.
Come with me, I'll be gentle.
- No thanks. - You piece of shit.
See? Captain knows right away.
Yes, captain. Guess who I'm with right now.
- What? - Got all the time in the world?
Detective Choi is on him, so get here quickly!
Yes, sir.
I'll be right there.
Maybe today's not the day.
That's it?
A girl... about 9 years old.
No external wound,
drowned in the laundry machine.
Was she kidnapped?
We're working on it. No witness, no fingerprint.
I knew it.
So much for good peaceful days...
Gotta get through an autopsy. So let's go back for now.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead and wrap it up.
Yes, sir.
I'll pay a visit to the bureau of investigation.
Chilly, huh?
Thank you.
Personal Profile Soo-yeon Park
Child Custody Agreement
Her father died from a car accident.
And her mother has been in hospital for 2 years now.
So we applied for a foster care and thankfully you guys...
I'm not who you are looking for.
Come back in about 2 weeks...
That would be a problem.
The orphanage where she was staying at...
Recently shut down and she has nowhere to go.
Please understand the situation.
She is very smart and very disciplined.
She won't make any troubles.
They will be back soon So make yourself at home.
Thank you.
It's hard to estimate the time, but...
She died roughly about 12 hours ago.
Unidentified, No external wounds.
No evidence of sexual assault.
The time of kidnapping was less than 24 hours ago.
The thing is, we found drug from the blood test.
Yes, seems to be a hypher...
Called magic mushroom, it's a substitute for drugs.
Very popular in America.
We don't have that magic shit in Korea.
Not in Korea, but there's a similar kind.
That might be it...
What is this? Is it smiling? Or crying?
That's one freaky face.
I don't know.
Might belong to the kid Might be the kidnapper's.
Looks handmade but... we're looking for the source.
- Hey, kid! - Yes?
What kind of report is that?
It feels like there's another coming.
Another one coming?
You want another one to happen?
You wanna see me get fired?
Son of a bitch...
Go find out more about the magic mushroom.
Yes, sir.
Oh crap! The In-yeon Gang case!
Suspect's Statement
Alright, let's see.
What the hell is this?
Just as written.
Soon as we got moving after planning our moves,
Mr. Anonymous suddenly approached to us...
and told us the money was for surgery
for the lady's son.
Feeling perplexed,
we headed to the restroom to have a talk.
Then Mr. Anonymous suddenly turned aggressive and...
Who are you trying to fool here?
Is Mr. Anonymous the lady's son?
Does he know you guys?
Then did he hear you guys whispering?
Is he the Six Million Dollar Man?
It doesn't make any sense!
I know, isn't it weird?
Who are you trying to fool?
The Six Million Dollar Man.
I know.
This is Min-hee, she is a transfer student.
Let's make her feel welcomed here.
Anybody sitting next to Jung-ho?
Go on, take a seat.
Now, today we are going to learn...
I'm Jung-ho, Jung-ho Ryu.
That's a snack.
You should get a proper meal.
This is the chief editor of National Geographic.
We're done with the plan now.
- I'll e-mail you the details. - You got a phone call?
See you at the gallery tomorrow.
We can talk about next month's issue.
Check your e-mail.
Autopsy in progress
It looks just like the last one.
The age, gender, even the drugs are similar.
Time of death?
It's a drowned body so it's hard to find out.
But it seems to be before the last one.
You're saying... there could be more?
Detective Choi.
No right order, no witness...
So complicated.
Detective Choi, where was it found?
In Hooam-dong, she was in a water tank.
So it is similar to the last case.
Right? Both of them were drowned...
What is this world turning into...
Give this to your parents and tell them to come.
Yes ma'am.
Talent Show
Soo Yeon.
I'm sorry I had a load of work to do.
I should've gone with you.
So? How is it? Does he treat you well?
- He is... - Yeah?
He's so scary.
He doesn't smile. He doesn't answer me.
He's probably feeling awkward.
You promised you'll smile no matter what.
Gonna see your mom with that long face?
Come on, smile.
A suspect?
He's holding a kid hostage And we found another body.
It's been 30 minutes now, and he's speaking gibberish.
Yeah? Then it's similar.
Nothing is ever that easy.
Oh, you're here. Stay here for a minute.
What the...
The Six Million Dollar Man?
Leave us alone! Get out of my house!
Put down the knife.
None of your business! I've got nothing!
My child's life is up to my own will!
All of you! Get out of my house!
Then kill him.
- What? - Go on, kill him!
Yes, kill him.
He's better off dead then living with you.
You know what he was eating?
God damn garbage off the street!
Take a look at yourself.
What has he done wrong?
He's so young and innocent.
Get the kid!
We'll take him,
close the scene and wrap it up.
Go ahead, you can tell me everything.
What is it you want to know?
I can find out.
You know I can!
Fine! My stepfather touched me!
Did you really have to hear that?
Are you happy now?
What can you do for me?
I'm going crazy...
It's so filthy I can't stand it!
Let's make this world beautiful
So who is that guy?
Six million dollar? Is he rich?
I saw him yesterday. He's quite mysterious.
Mysterious? How?
I don't know...
He's got some special eyes.
Look at my eyes.
What am I thinking right now?
I don't know... Women?
Forget about it.
Damn, kids are dying, I keep bumping into a freak.
What do you think the kids were like?
No missing report...
Wouldn't their family be worried?
Maybe they don't have family.
What? I was just joking.
Yes! They don't have family.
No family, therefore, no report, right?
- Orphans? - Okay.
Let's look into it.
It's delicious.
The soup is great.
Child Care Report
I worked on it all night long.
Are there usually this many?
These are the families that are confirmed.
These are the three who says the kids are missing.
Name/ Kim Joo-mi
Any reason they don't file a missing report?
Well, the kids sometimes run away.
They probably think the kids went to where they came from.
You can see them
having hard time adjusting to new home.
A house without a door or people drawn only with lines.
Tells you they are mentally unstable.
So we were doubling the meetings,
and making more visits...
This one is a little different.
It's a girl at an orphanage that I volunteered before.
She was so bright then...
Thanks for your help.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Did you see that girl?
What a prude face with a smoking body.
Child Care Report 2006
There's a family I couldn't contact.
There was a small mistake during the procedure.
The parents we signed weren't available.
We had to leave her under a certain situation.
A situation?
It was a mistake.
She used to like me a lot... I'm a bit worried.
Thank you.
Oh, and I forgot...
Can I have the profiles of the employees?
It's not a big deal, just for reference.
It's a part of procedure.
Take care.
Can I take a look around?
Yes, officer.
Park Soo-yeon.
Did you look into it?
Current guardian's name is Ryu Jung-ho.
32-year-old male,
his parents died from a car accident
His uncle, who adopted him, owns the house.
Went to the U.S. At the age of 17,
no criminal record.
And the child?
She's in class. One of my guy's on her.
I made a visit to his house.
Then you should come here.
You'll be very surprised.
I can't wait to see that face.
- What do you mean? - Quickly.
- What? - Get here quickly.
Fine, nothing special here. I'll get there soon.
- Okay. - Alright.
What the... Lolita?
Third time, huh?
They say a series of coincidence means a destiny.
Third time already.
I'm falling under a suspicion, right?
You can tell?
Well, I can't wait when I'm curious about something.
The subway incident, and the hostage incident...
How you knew it, why you did it
I wanted to find out.
What can you tell from that couple?
They seem happy to death to me.
We often miss even the things we see.
The girl is wishing him a happiness.
And wants him to remember her.
You can tell what and how someone is feeling.
From looking at his actions.
I just... happen to know more.
Mr. Jung-ho, when did you arrive in Korea?
You have no parents, went to the U.S. To study.
Working as a photographer.
What do you want?
Your darkroom is filled with pictures of girls.
Quite an unusual taste, I see.
Seen anything like this?
You like dolls, too?
Do you know Soo-yeon?
I'm so glad he likes the soup
I made for him.
I'll cook you one when you wake up.
Mom, you want to hear the song for talent show?
# You are born to be loved
# Within your life, you are being loved
# You are born to be...
Mom... I don't feel well
He's going for only the orphan girls.
And Soo-yeon could be his next target.
It's an instant shock.
A shock?
You didn't know?
She had an internal bleeding in her eyes 2 years ago.
It's a minor cataract It wasn't hard to cure then.
But her cornea is infected, and it's now incurable.
Only if we stopped the infection...
If she doesn't get a cornea transplant,
she'll permanently lose her sight.
It was a car accident.
Her father died,
and her mother became a vegetable.
Poor little girl... So young and innocent.
I will take the MRI, but it will be the same.
It's now incurable.
Don't worry, it's just a bad cold.
You should be proud of her.
Get well soon.
So you can finally see her.
Yes, thank you.
The first case happened 15 days ago.
And he arrived 4 days ago.
He's not the one.
Is that so?
We often miss... even the things we see.
Is that some fortune cookie?
What's wrong with you?
The breakfast!
What happened to me?
You have a cold.
The doctor said you should eat well to get healthy.
Do you eat like this every morning?
But her clothes is different.
Right? We never bought her this.
Since when have you even cared?
Have you ever seen this guy?
So you think he's the one?
Well, he seems ordinary, but...
His daughter died last year from pneumonia.
She was 10 years old.
That's about 3rd grade
which is similar to other victims.
How about his family?
Only had one daughter.
He got divorced and is living by himself.
And Detective Choi?
He's looking after the next potential victim.
He was in charge of this guy.
The kid wouldn't open her mind.
So he often visited us.
We really liked her...
It's my first time seeing her smiling.
That... Jung-ho is not the one for sure?
His arrival record says so.
But what's with the drugs?
Just to make them feel good?
Good nutritive conditions Weird clothing...
Then suddenly changes his mind
and kills them?
- Weird, right? - Yes.
Took a good care of them,
and no sign of external wounds.
That means it wasn't intentional.
The doll... and the mushroom.
He wants the kid to smile.
Therefore take a good care of her.
Hide them.
Hide and protect?
Let's see.
What is this for... huh?
They are all so useless.
Video tape?
A pervert?
Whoa... a mushroom soup...
Little pig, Please open the door.
Let me come in.
Yes? Oh! It's a big bad wolf.
Please open the door.
# You are born to be loved
# Within your life, you are being loved
# You are born to be loved
# Within your life, you are being loved
# God's love that has been from the beginning
# Comes to bear fruits Through our meeting
# How great is our joy
# Because of you in this world
# You are born to be loved
# You are being loved now
# You are born to be loved
# you are being loved now
You two should get closer.
You are the first one who visited me at school.
My mom...