PC Management with KACE Appliances

Uploaded by davidstrom2007 on 12.08.2010

Hello and welcome. If you need to manage hundreds or thousands of desktops and ensure that you
can take proper inventory of their installed hardware and software, keep all of your PCs
up to date on OS patches, and be able to migrate them to new Windows OS versions, then you
should look at two hardware appliances called the Dell KACE K1000 Systems Management Appliance
and the Dell KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance. They can work across the full PC
lifecycle that you see here.
These appliances are affordable, deploy rapidly and are ideal for midsized organizations that
have smaller IT staffs. They support Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints, and are easy to use,
as you can see the Web main console here.
I'll show you some of the things that they can do.
Let's first take an inventory of which of our PCs has more than 1 GB
of RAM installed. We go into the Computer Inventory section and do an advanced search
and you see the several PCs that meet these criteria. We can drill down further by clicking
on any of the entries.
We can also conduct a quick Windows 7 readiness assessment by going to reports and then clicking
on the entry to show the report in the browser
Once we have our inventory, we go into the Security tab and can schedule and control
which OS, applications, Dell BIOS and Dell drivers patches are delivered to our machines
as you see here.
If we go into the Scripting/Configuration Policy section, we can see here a collection
of pre-set policies for automating various tasks, such as performing Windows updates
and power management settings.
Other tasks can be used to distribute new software to all desktops at the click of a
button, and others can make all removable drives read-only to prevent users from making
copies of corporate data as we scroll down this screen.
The K2000 can also be used to automate deployment of new desktop systems. You upload the installation
CD image, create your automation script file by dragging and dropping the various tasks
as you see here, and then push out your image to your various desktops using the pre-boot
installer. This can save a lot of time in deployments where you don't have to individually
touch each desktop. (scripted install)
The K1000 supports service desk trouble ticket tracking, as you can see here. When we drill
down further, we can assign it to particular PC, elevate its priority or route it to a
department for resolution.
It also has its own knowledge base and can be a central repository of your software applications
to make it easier for your users to find and install them.
The two Dell KACE appliances compete with deployment and management products from Symantec/Altiris,
Landesk, and Novell Zenworks. I liked having a dedicated appliance and an easier licensing
and setup process than these software tools. If you are just interested in Windows 7 migration,
Prowess' Smart Deploy is a better and less costly choice.
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