New Student Tip #10 - Learn to Juggle

Uploaded by UniSouthAustralia on 12.02.2011


It's really important to maintain a balance between friends, work and study
As human beings we can't being working all the time
or studying all the time.
Maintaining that balance of studying, working, having a social life.
And sometimes you have to work massively
at your studies, what you need to understand is that when you do that
its gonna take a toll, and you're going to have to make right for that later.
Definitely not recommend working fulltime.
If you just focus on Uni, you're going to burn out
It's really important to get that balance correct.
You can't keep the monotany going
you need that break and even work as boring
as that sometimes was you need that to break up your studying.
It's really tough to juggle everything.
What we have to do is be organised
so that we can work and at the same time study.
At the start of the semester you'll probably be able to catch up with friends and family
on a regurlar basis, but in the last 8 weeks
and certainly in the last 6 weeks
you may not see your friends and family as much as you'd like.
You set yourself a goal
that says maybe, in a few 100 words I can go on
Facebook for 5 minutes, or maybe in another 100 words
I can go out with my friends
it's really important to set yourself managable and realisitic goals.
As long as work
doesn't take up much of you time
or doesn't take the focus of studying, it should be fine.