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almost two hundred years ago
when we return to our live
three hundred twenty miles per hour
the steel truss reach out
this is the fastest trains in the world
state-of-the-art technology
designed by computer
it's a product of two hundred
years of the innovations and it's there
this is the strange
GG the
and I've one of these days
millions of people
is the ultimate be machine
very strange
our shelter in our process
I'm convinced
constantly breaking records
many nineteen ninety
the French national rail companies dance and sing that
porsche fastest rate the KGB to its limits to see how fast it could go
after months of research they smashed the world speed record
on Sunday
just a little bit
regions also
three hundred
twenty miles per hour
five hundred
fifteen kilometers
twenty miles
conventional trades will never be allowed
there would be too few trades for an efficient passenger service
twenty miles apart
the next generation of TV series
he's expected to travel
first regular high-speed train service
began in October nineteen sixty four
when Japan unveiled a new
vision of intercity railroad
a three hundred-mile rail system dedicated exclusively to passenger trains
they could carry over six thousand people
at average speeds of one hundred miles per hour
it was a reliable
it's similar to a long haul version of the subway system
David the name
the bullet train
because Japan
it's one of the most earthquake
regions on earth
a specially designed earthquake detention center
monitors track
even a small farmer
the rails
hundreds of passengers
instead of the conventional sense
it was transmitted the record
along the track
and Fed directly into the driver's that
bullet train was an amazing change
every day
over one hundred sixty high-speed train
probably more
its success in suburban development of many other high-speed intercity rail systems around
over thirty years before the vote for him
the British steam locomotive did what no machine of its time had ever done before
the top one hundred twenty five miles per hour
Iran on call
like all British steam locomotives
on July fifth
nineteen forty eight
on a half-mile stretch of track in england
now where do reached an astonishing speed of one hundred twenty six miles per hour
breaking the world record
but the assent of every damage the injured
and the train stopped short of its destination
all the world's press gathered in peterborough station
the witness' knowledge that she didn't
the crippled train slowed to a halt
and never made
since then
no steam locomotive has ever broken now that record
it isn't everything
this has been called the most beautiful steven injured
the southern pacific daylight
is the only surviving streamlined steam train in America
it is cared for by company will read engineer
with a mostly mail in and around Los angeles hello
but nineteen forty one
the two hundred ten feet long
the at all
there's water thirty two percent
it's capable of speeds in excess of one hundred miles an hour
let's say the studios and limited by the President
halfway decent the man just like your they like
it's a much bigger challenge than driving a moderate
we offer the world war two
most of the functions all this
you've got an automatic transmission cruise control
all the amenities
you get on a steam locomotive
it's like being a lot of heat for
everything is man there are no automated systems on the screen
listen the locomotive be able to interpret this sounds
and the vibrations and
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norman doucet
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building an average seven twelve cars
the daylight burns ten gallons of oil and uses one hundred gallons of water came to
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