How to Make African Crafts : Overview of African Inspired Arts & Crafts

Uploaded by expertvillage on 24.10.2008

Hello my name is Denise Robinson and I'm a set designer for television and film and I'm
here on behalf of Expert Village. Let's recap on the things that we made using African influenced
things, we did a small shaker we used a cylinder tube with cap ends, a piece of fabric, glued
it rolled it of course added the beads. With our African influenced pillow we used raffia
some twang, some beads that I tooken from a beaded belt that I had, and added the beads
to the pillow. Now I only did two sided here but you can do all four corners and of course
this wouldn't be a pillow that someone would lay there head on. But it would be a decorative
pillow that you could accent your sofa or chair with. Now with the larger rain stick
we used a larger cylinder the same principal that we used with the shaker, glued the fabric,
rolled it onto the cylinder of course we added rice instead of the beads to give a lighter
sound. And we capped the ends with tassels and of course we used glue to glue down the
material. Now with all this in mind these little crafts of course can be used and done
by children give them something to do or adults, or make it a family project but next time
you decorate think of African.