RIT on TV: "The Hammer" Opening Night

Uploaded by RITUniversityNews on 01.11.2011

>>ANNOUNCER: News 8 at 11 continues.
>>ANCHOR: This was opening night at some local theaters for a movie shot right here in Rochester.
"The Hammer" tells the story of a deaf RIT graduate, Matt Hamill. Hamill was a 3-time
NCAA Division III wrestling champion who then went on to compete in the Ultimate Fighting
championship. He retired in August and now is inspiring future generations of athletes
through his martial arts studio. But not just athletes are looking up to him.
>>GERARD BUCKLEY: This is another indication that deaf people can do anything and that
career opportunities for deaf people are not limited. They're very, very open. So again
in Matt what we see is another role model for the deaf community.
>>ANCHOR: "The Hammer was shot in Rochester during the summer of 2009 and was produced
in part by the locally based Fifth Year Productions. It's playing at select times this week and
next at the Little Theater in Rochester and at the Lowes Theater in Webster, along with
nearly 100 theaters across the country.
>>That's pretty neat.
>>It is.