MANGOES Full Episode 4 - The Club (Official)

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Girls, He just came from Pakistan
Oh you mean a FOB?
It’s a bit personal. But do you have a boyfriend?
Is obesity in your family genes?
What do you mean?
I hope it’s not in the genes
Or else after marriage she will also get fat.
My GPA should not go below 3.5
Or else back to India
where my parents have already declined 5 marriage proposals for me
You are a phycology student, right?
You have a great future ahead of you!!

Bread, White or Brown?

I am telling you, it gets crazy in the evenings out here
The best time to shop is in the morning
I don’t like when so many people are running after the same sales
I usually shop with my girlfriends on Saturday morning
But today they cancelled at the last moment
You are such a sweetheart
You came at such a short notice
She called me a sweetheart
What does it mean?
Does it mean a ‘boyfriend?’
I mean I am shopping with her all alone
It must mean something
It doesn’t matter thatI haven't bought anything for myself
At least I am shopping with her
And she thinks of me as a sweetheart
Did you have no other plans today?
No..nothing important

Just the Cricket’s World Cup final
That I was looking forward to for the last 4 years
So what if it’s India vs Pakistan
I‘ll watch the highlights

You know what Rakay?
I am really enjoying shopping with you
My friend Ameena takes so long to shop
She is very choosy
She spends so much time in each shop
And then buys so much
You need to be an octopus with 8 hands to carry all her bags

Yea... I’ll like to order a pizza olives.. green pepper
Red onions..yep that’s it!!
Yeah it’s to go
Ok.. thanks
In the fast life
There is no time to cook
The closes you can actually come to cooking
Is selecting your own pizza topping
Oh mom!!! I miss your cooking so much

I love Chinese; I can eat noodles all day long

Yeah... It’s really nice

It is so hard
Who can eat with two sticks?
Can’t hold anything
Should have asked for a fork
when the lady at the counter asked'
But No! I wanted to be adventurous
If I am not able to eat with chopstick in front of Kiran
It will be really embarrassing

Ok!! All done
So fast?
Yeah it was so tasty that I ate it quickly
I know it’s so Yummy!!!

Did her shopping
Paid for her lunch
Now she may not be able to refuse
I’ve heard a lot about the clubbing scene here
Never had the courage to go alone
Should ask her.
Kiran.. I was thinking….


…I was thinking….
You don’t have to say "Yes"
But it will make my day
In fact it will make my month
Scratch that, it will make my year
Coming to Canada will be worthwhile
yeah.. go on..

I have never been to a night club
I was thinking if you will come with me
That’s it!!
Of course!!!

Ok!! Great I’ll pick you up at 8 ?

She is agreeing to everything
It’s a good time to take picture with her
Will tell my friends back home
That she is my girlfriend.
But how would Kiran feel
Will she mind?

huh.. Kiran
I wanted to ask you something else
I was thinking
If we can take a picture together
of us just chilling!!!

Say Yes…. Say yes…Say Yes…Say Yes
Please Say Yes..
Yeah sure of course!!!
Ok great
Now I’ll show my friends

This is great!!
Kiran invited me to the club
I am actually clubbing
I am cool!!!

Who are you with?
I am on my own
No stags allowed
No girl!! No Entry

But I am waiting for my girlfriend
She will be here any moment
See I also have a picture of her with me
Look...she is with me

Let me call her, she is coming with me

Get out of the line

Have you tried the Belgium waffles here?
They are to die for
Even the crepe here is delicious
Kiran, how was your shopping in the morning
Sorry I couldn’t come
My cousin’s friend is here from the US
And he is so hot!!
Its ok, I took Rakay for company

Excuse me girls
Hello Kiran, where are you?
I have been calling you for so long
At home
What are you doing at home?
You were supposed to meet me at the club
Oh, I forgot
Ok, please great ready and come
I’ll wait for you here
Rakay, actually I am not feeling too well
May be some other day
But I am already outside the club
Fully dressed

See, I am really very sick
You please go and have fun
I’ll talk to you soon
Hello Kiran

So where were we?

Why don’t you enjoy yourself?
What does that mean?
She really doesn’t care that I go clubbing on my own!!
Ok Kiran, I will enjoy myself!!

Hey, you are standing here?
I have been waiting for you for so long
I am sorry, I don’t speak Hindi
No problem, no English sorry no English

I am with her!!

Oh my God!!!
This is great!
What atmosphere
And so many girls
It feels like I am in heaven
And these are my 72…
Virgin or non-virgin?
huh.. Excuse me?
Do you want a virgin drink or an alcoholic drink?
I am sorry I don’t even know you
In our culture we cannot accept a drink from other females
I mean, I need to know you at least
Before I can accept or offer you a drink

I am Tiffany… I am a waitress
You are at a bar
what can I get you drink?
Oh... can I have a Coke please
Sure Coke it is

I should have come here earlier
I spent all my life standing outside school and colleges
What atmosphere man!!
What atmosphere!!!

Is she with you?
No man.. we are also trying
Can I also try?
Man.. there is a long lineup already
Will take at least 30 min to get your turn
Why don’t you try your luck elsewhere?
I was just asking
My girlfriend is a bit late
Check this out; I have a picture of her with me
I was trying to pass time
You guys carry on
and Good luck
Yeah, I don’t know why
Today feels like the night!!
Ok see you bro

Well…. Helllooo!!!!!

She is looking at me

huh... Hi
I am Rakay

What’s your name?
Oh Karen.. that’s a nice name
Why are you laughing?
What’s wrong with Karen?
No.. nothing wrong
I mean…
My girlfriend name is Kiran
You know.. Kiran.. Karen
Sounds similar

Did I say my girlfriend?
No actually.. I didn’t mean my girlfriend
Actually its two different words
It's a.... Girl... Friend
Two separate words
it's like...
You have to separate it by 2 secs
I know Kiran since childhood
In fact she left one of her belongings at my home
So I came to give it back to her…to Canada

huh... In fact…we also went out for shopping today

But I didn’t offer her coffee
I mean, I didn't offer her coffee
It’s just that we are friends
In fact they call it BFF
huh... Best friends forever!!
We are just that

In fact we are not best friends for ever
I mean she won’t remain my best friend for the whole life
It’s just..
especially.. if you be my girlfriend

I mean.. I don’t mean that you are my girlfriend
I mean.. I just meant that..
IF.. you become my girlfriend

Then who knows
There is a chance.. that after this conversation
You may become my girlfriend.. I mean
I mean... There is no pressure
It’s not that you to become my girlfriend right now
I mean there is no pressure
It’s a decision that you have to take
I mean.. both of u have to take
It has to be a consensus
It should be our decision together
There is absolutely no pressure at all
It’s not that you have to take it right way
It should be natural..casual
You know.. so I guess we have to start all over again
We have to know each other first
It’s like hello… are you…so… what do you say ?

huh... I’ll just stand in the corner!!

Boys lining up for girls is heard of!
The hotter the girl, the longer the line-up of boys
But there is one line that just assembled
Boys forgot so fast ?
Let’s watch it again
So this line is unique
In this line up
Other boys make way for new entrants
Stir this information and gulp it down

I am heading out to meet my relatives
Which city?
Quebec City
I also want to go there
We will definitely not take you there
I can’t stay with you for 5 min,
How can I stay with you for 8 hours in a car..

I am hungry
What did you say?
I am hungry
Yeah.. Asha?
Hi, I was expecting you
Mom and dad sent me to Quebec City
so this handsome can meet with me
What do you do?
Nowadays just looking for a husband full time!!
Wow.. how many guys have you met so far
7 guys
That’s not too bad are the 7th guy this week!!!

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