Hidden Rules Revealed #2 Farting

Uploaded by opfsn on 23.10.2011

jbjb My name is Casey. I am here to talk about hidden rules. Hidden rules are things that
are not really taught but that everyone seems to know. Many of them are about manners and
how we act with other people. Today I want to talk about farting. Do not fart at the
dinner table or at a restaurant. Do not let one rip in the classroom. Do not pass gas
in elevators or other tight spaces. That stinks and everyone will know it was you. Farting
might make your friends laugh. But you are showing good manners by not farting in front
of other people. Here is what you can do. You can fart in the bathroom. You can fart
in an empty room. You can say excuse me if you accidentally fart in front of others.
That is good manners! I am Casey and this is Hidden Rules Revealed from One Place for
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