Innovative Cellular Temperature Sensor Announced by Temperature@lert

Uploaded by TemperatureAlert on 27.09.2010

Hi, I'm Harry Schechter with Temperature Alert and today I'm here to introduce you to the
latest generation of our Cellular Edition temperature monitor.
Temperature Alert Cellular Edition monitors the ambient air temperature or anything else
the sensor is connected to. It alerts you via email, text message, or phone call if
the temperature falls out of your threshold range. Our next generation Cellular Edition
offers leading edge performance for IT administrators, food service professionals, Bio Pharma Medical
professionals and residential customers.
When you install Temperature Alert Cellular Edition, all you need to do is plug it into
wall power. It immediately begins taking temperature readings and sends them to our secure server.
The server then logs the data and decides whether or not you need to be alerted. Temperature
Alert Cellular Edition does not require a phone line or internet access.
The latest generation of Temperature Alert Cellular Edition now allows for multiple thresholds,
multiple ranges and multiple recipients. So, for instance, if you want to receive an email
when the temperature has fallen below 50 degrees you can do so. Then if the temperature continues
to fall - let's say it goes below 40 you also want to notify building personnel. You could
say if it goes below 40, give the building manager a phone call, send me a phone call
and email my boss.
Another new feature in the latest generation of our Temperature Alert Cellular Edition
is the ability to monitor more than one sensor. The new unit has two sensor jacks and can
monitor two temperature points. This is especially useful if you are trying to monitor a combination
refrigerator freezer.
Finally, the latest generation of our Cellular Edition now supports humidity sensors. This
combination temperature humidity sensor will allow you to receive alerts on temperature
and relative humidity.
The new TM-CELL300 incorporates the exceptional features of previous generations. For example,
all temperatures and alarms are set online at There isn't anything
to configure on the device. You simply plug it into power and you're up and running. If
it loses power, it's built in battery will continue to send temperature readings for
several weeks. Health Check functionality alerts you if the device ever stops reporting
With Temperature Alert Cellular Edition, you'll need a monthly monitoring plan. Our plans
are all inclusive and never have any contracts.
Optional accessories include solar and auto power adapters, NIST certified probes, and
custom cables any length up to 100'.
To learn more about Temperature Alert Cellular Edition and take a tour of the dashboard website,
please visit