The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries [SPOILERS] - Day 14

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 30, 2012


FELICIA DAY: Hey, we're on the green screen stage, closing
out season six of "The Guild." And look what I have.
It's a feral actor, Amy Okuda.
Oh gosh, OK, they're going to pee on me in a minute.
It's cool.
FELICIA DAY: So much blowing of air on my sensitive part,
meaning my neck.
FELICIA DAY: This is a green screen stage where we shoot
everyone to be put in a game.
This is pretty cool that we're going to go in
the game this season.
I've only done it once before and it was one episode.
So we have a running thing.
Why don't I write myself the parts where I get to have the
fancy, awesome costumes.
But it's OK.
I'll sacrifice for the good of the show.
So basically everybody gets shot in here and then the
special effects guy takes them, and moves them around,
and then comps them in.
It's tedious and you have to pretend you see things that
you don't even know are going to be there
later, so that's fun.
But it's kind of cool to see everybody in their avatar
outfits again.
And I'm going to get mine later.
I'm not looking forward to it.
The shoes are uncomfortable, and the corset, and the boobs,
and the hair.
No, everything's bad.
But you guys will think, hey, she looks happy.
It's acting.
CHRIS PREKSTA: I mean, I do a lot of visual effects stuff.
And so I get excited by that kind of stuff and
I like doing it.
But the green screen stuff can be difficult because it's easy
for actors to lose their bearing, stuff that you take
for granted.
Like when you're on location, you know
walk through the door.
The door doesn't change, the door is right there, the door
is not going to move, that's the door you walk though.
But on green screen, not only simple things, like where's
the door, you have imagine where the door is, and you
have to imagine your environment, you have to
imagine these things.
And so on top of an actor having to just worry about
their own performance, and their character's motivation,
and the comedy of it, they also just have to keep in mind
their environment now.
They have to also be processing their environment.
So those things can be difficult.
Also, we've got a lot to shoot in only two days.
So you can tell everyone's a little scared right now
whether we're going to be able to get all this
done in just two days.