Getting Started: Xtreme N Gigabit Router (DIR-655)

Uploaded by DLinkTV on 08.03.2011

D-Link's Xtreme N Gigabit Router
Also known as the DIR-655 Let's see what comes in the box
As usual, a cd and product documentation
The DIR-655 wireless router an ethernet cable
3 detachable antennas We'll assemble these in a moment
A stand that allows you to set the router upright
A power adapter and optional mounting pieces
Now we'll put the pieces together remove the router out of the plastic wrapping
and remove the plastic film covering the router
Grab your 3 antennas
and screw all three into the back of the router
If you'd like to use the router standing up fold down the antennas because
the antennas should always be pointing up and place the router into the stand
let's get a closer look at the router
On the front are the power and network activity LEDS
On the side is the WPS button for easy configuration of devices
Four LAN ports and one internet port, USB SharePort
reset button and power
Of course you have the three antenna connectors
Alright, let's power up the router
Somewhere near your modem, Connect the ethernet cable
directly from your modem to the port labeled "internet"
Plug the power from the wall to the back of the DIR-655
When all the lights on the front turn blue, you're ready to use the DIR-655
Now that the router is properly setup we recommend taking an additional
few minutes to set up some simple security.
Open a web browser and log into the router
by typing in the address bar.
Leave the password blank for the default
After logging in click on Setup On the left side navigation, click Wireless
Settings and down at the bottom click on Manual Wireless
Connection Setup
Click on Enable Wireless to start broadcasting a wireless signal
and I'm going to change the Network Name or SSID
You can change the name to personalize your setup
and to distinguish it from other DLink Products
we're also interested in is Wireless Security Mode
From the drop down select WPA-personal
You can leave the WPA settings as their defaults, but
You will need to create a pre-shared key This can be any 8 or longer password using
letters and/or numbers.
It's best to write this password down somewhere for safe keeping because you will need it
when connecting any wireless devices
Up top, click save settings and you are finished.
Allow the setting to take effect
Click on your wireless settings Select the or DIR-655
Click on connect and when prompted enter the security key, Click ok
Congratulations, Your new DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit router is ready to go!