Saroja's Cooking Tips Series - Idli Varieties

Uploaded by shailaja30 on 24.07.2010

Friends, In order to prepare a tasty snack for your children, I tried to make nutritious
This is cilantro and cheese, carrots and peas, cashew nuts and cilantro chutney, and chili
powder with peanuts.
I prepared these.
Now, I will tell you how to make them.
This is raw peanuts that you get during the monsoons. Make sure you steam them.
Cilantro chutney and cashew nuts mixed together. Chili powder. Cilantro. Carrots. Grated cheese.
Now, I will show you how to make them.
First, pour idli batter into the moulds.
Then, sprinkle carrots and peas on one. Cheese and cilantro on the next. The mixed cilantro
chutney and cashew nuts. Chili powder and peanuts. For kids who like chili powder.
Now, steam the idlis just like you steam regular idlis.
Let me remind you again to steam the peanuts ahead of time. One cilantro mixture is in
the form of chutney. The other is fresh, chopped cilantro.
Once it is ready, it will look like this. It can eaten just like that. You do not really
need anything to accompany it. Kids will love it. Thanks.