Wegmans Using a Mandolin 101

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 16.05.2011

Okay, IĞm here to show you how to use a mandolin.
IĞm a chef, I have fairly good knife skills, but even I find
a good use for a mandolin creates nice, even slices.
But thereĞs a couple things we need to make sure
that we watch as weĞre doing it. One, make sure that weĞre
being safe as we do it so weĞre gonna use
a guard the whole time. So IĞve got a couple different
mandolins here that weĞre gonna use and IĞll show you.
This one happens to do some Julienne slices.
LetĞs do a carrot. So, weĞre gonna do a carrot.
I wouldnĞt take this whole thing and run it on the mandolin like this.
One, because, I canĞt eat a big slice of Julienne carrot like that,
kind of the spaghetti-looking thing. The other is, itĞs too hard
to put on the mandolin. So, what youĞre gonna do is
I'm gonna take this carrot, peel it first obviously,
and then IĞm gonna cut it into a piece thatĞs manageable.
So pieces like this, when you go to eat it,
it works nice on the fork. I use the safety guard here.
ThereĞs a couple little points in here which actually help
to stick on top of the carrot. Makes a little indent so as you
go to grip it, you actually put this on the mandolin.
Give it a little bit of an angle here, and you push straight down on it.
And what happens is, it runs through this blade
and it makes these really nice Julienne pieces here
which are gonna work great for our salad.
So IĞll put that to the side. And then weĞre gonna use a slicer.
HereĞs another one, another version of it,
and this one actually is adjustable. So itĞs got a selection blade on there,
doesnĞt do the Julienne, but the nice thing about this,
one, it has a little safety lock feature in there.
So as I move this all the way to the edge,
as you pull it out of the drawer, a lot more safe that way.
As you move this dial up, it actually makes for a thicker slice
and thinner slice as you dial it in. And then another version
is this guy here. So this one actually
is a somewhat adjustable because I can use
a Julienne blade on there, thereĞs a couple different blades
on there. ItĞs actually adjustable
on the back here. So you can dial in at exactly
what thickness you want. The blade kinda fits--the Julienne
blade fits on the underneath of this and I just run the slices.
When I do a cucumber like this, obviously it's a little large
to put the safety guard on here, itĞll kind of topple over.
So I want you to hold it from the sides here.
Never push down on the cucumber because youĞre pushing
your fingers towards the blade. So just grip it from the side
and run the cucumber. Very nice, even slices.
WeĞre not making a lot of effort, weĞre not pushing down on it.
WeĞre making nice, even, easy slices off of there.
Once I get down, then I put my guard on there
and start running it as my fingers get a little bit closer to the blade.
So weĞll put that on our salad. The next one IĞm gonna do
is IĞm gonna show you this mandolin here,
which is a little more versatile. IĞm gonna use this--this blade here.
It has a Julienne blade which actually inserts to the back of here.
So it goes from just putting straight slices
to doing Julienne. ThereĞs a couple different sizes
of this as well. ItĞs actually adjustable
on the back here. So you can dial in at exactly
what thickness you want. When I use this guy,
IĞm particularly gonna use this one when IĞm using a potato.
So IĞm gonna make a gratin and I really want to make sure
that the potatoes are really nice, even slices, and also very thin
`cause when I place that together in my gratin I want that starch
from the potato to actually stick. If I use big slices on that potato,
just use `em by the hand, a lot of times itĞs gonna fall apart
and not be one solid piece when you go to scoop it out.
So, let me show you the potato. Right, so you take the potato,
and I use the-- you really donĞt need to see this.
LetĞs turn you away. So, I take this guy
and I place it on top and makes nice, solid contact here.
So when I take my potato and put it on the mandolin,
and I use that blade, it makes nice, even slices.
Very thin. And again, if you look at these,
these are actually kind of sticking together,
thatĞs that starch. So I toss it all together
with a little bit of cream and then when I bake that together,
and you can put cheese in it if you like,
but when I bake that together it makes one solid piece here
and you could actually go in there and see some of those layers
that are in the side there. So all you gotta do is follow
a couple of these easy tips and you can have great gratins
and then come dinner time, you can brag about
all your knife skills.