Next-Best-Thing-To-Robert-Redford Pie Recipe : Supplies & Bake ware for Robert Redford Pie

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.02.2008

Hi, my name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to be showing
you how to make the Next Best thing to Robert Redford pie. O.K., with regards to equipment,
there's not a whole lot that we need today. Let's see, most importantly, in my opinion,
the rubber spatula. This thing, you'll use it to spread all the topping, the layers around
inside the pan. Also you can mix things up, so this is very handy. We're also going to
use the whisk, this for mixing up the pudding later on. You're going to need just a really
small sauce pan. You'll need to melt the butter. If you don't just any sauce pan to melt the
butter, like a one quart sauce pan. Next you'll need a cutting board to work on. A knife,
something sharp. You can also use a food processor for chopping the nuts and chocolate, but I
don't think you have enough control when you do that, which is why I'm going with the knife
and cutting board technique. Of course, a towel, always handy, if not several. You're
going to need a, I know it's a pie, technically, but I always us this size pan for it, the
recipe calls for. This is a nine by thirteen by two pan, just your standard, like a sheet
pan for brownies or what not. I always use this because you can cut it like a cobbler.
Or you can do it in regular pin pans. This recipe calls for two pie pans. So, we can
use one of these. So that being said, we also need a three hundred fifty degree oven for
twenty five minutes. So, let's move on and start chopping that bar and making that crust.