Angie takes the Atheist Challenge

Uploaded by deathray32 on 04.12.2011

This is a response to godisreal101 who challenges atheists to answer 25 questions on their woldview
without contradicting themselves. There are 2 problems with this challenge.
Firstly, as I have already remarked, atheism in itself is not a worldview. Every atheist
has a different worldview and I can only speak for myself. Secondly, many of the questions
are based on false premises or are downright disingenuous.
However, I'm going to take the challenge anyway.
Question 1. How do you think life began? Does empirical science prove your answer?
First of all, this is 2 questions. The origin of life is an open question in science but
is being actively researched. The questioner's reference to "proof" reveals his misunderstanding
of how science works. Proof only exists in mathematics.
Science is about evidence and predictions which are verified by experiment and observation.
Current theories of abiogenesis are tentative, but just because we don't have perfect knowledge
doesn't mean that we should give up and say "God did it", which is not an explanation
of anything anyway.
Question 2. Why has every civilization believed in a creator?
Assuming that this is correct, it doesn't prove anything. Humans did not evolve with
logical, Vulcan-like brains. They have a strong tendency to see human agency in everything
that happens, faces in clouds, ghosts in dark places, and so on.
After civilizations sprung up, the rulers quickly found religion to be very useful for
controlling their populations.
There are many reasons why religion is widespread, none of which have any bearing on its veracity.
Question 3. What types of government sturctures have been created from an atheistic worldview
in the past? What positive ideals has atheism offered this world?
This is the tired old canard that atheism and communism are one and the same. Life's
too short to correct your ignorance, but feel free to read up about humanism.
Question 4. By what authoritative writer or principles do you live your life? Do you live
by any standards?
Yes, of course. I don't blindly follow some ancient dusty scroll that was written by ignorant
primitive savages. Instead I'm guided by my natural empathy for my fellow human beings,
and by reason.
Question 5. In your opinion should religion be removed from public? If so where should
it be tolerated?
Religion should never be imposed by the government or supported by tax dollaes.
Question 6. How did the universe begin? Can nothing create everything? What was the cause?
Again, this is an open question in science, but we are far more likely to find an answer
based on reason and the intelligence of humanity's best scientific minds than in some ancient
dusty scroll.
Question 7. Hypothetically if you had to choose a religion what religion would you choose?
Why would you choose this religion? Would you tell others of your religion?
If I was forced to choose a religion, I guess I would choose Zen Buddhism, because there
is very little dogma in it and it is more philosophy than religion.
Question 8. How can evolution explain features of irreducible complexity apart from intelligent
For any given example of so called irreducible complexity, such as the eye or the hemoglobin
molecule, scientists have put forward possible explanations. People who say "irreducible
complexity disproves evolution" only reveal their own ignorance of evolution.
Question 9. How can natural selection produce something that is a prerequisite for natural
selection to operate?
I have no idea what you are trying to say.
Question 10. Morality seems to change with the times in the atheist community why are
morals so subjective within the atheist community?
Newsflash: morality changes in the christian community. Good thing too, or we would still
have slavery, rape victims would be forced to marry their rapists, women would be put
to death on suspicion of witchcraft, and so on.
Question 11. What is the motive of freeing others from their belief in a God if they
are happy and content with their belief and dont hurt others? How can you tell who is
not content and happy? And why the main focus on Christianity?
Why is every one of your questions actually at least 2 or 3 questions? Christianity is
the main focus because it is by far the most politically powerful religion in the US, and
there are many ways in which it hurts others by denying them their rights.
Question 12. If humans evolved from Apes why have the transitional species gone extinct
but yet the Ape and Man still exist? Why the middle gap?
There were many hominid species such as Neanderthals, but now there is only one. The others may
have interbred with humans or simply died out due to environmental changes. What makes
you think every species should have survived to the present day?
Question 13. Can you give three examples where the narrative of Jesus and his message would
be a negative influence if what he said was true?
I'm having a hard time limiting myself to 3 examples. The doctrine of hell, the idea
that the end of the world is imminent, and the idea that religion is more important than
family ties, for a start.
Question 14. Do you think the world would be better if there was no belief in a God?
What if there were no rules or standards to that belief system?
First question: yes. Second question: what if there were no hypothetical situations?
Question 15. Can you give five examples of Atheists being persecuted in America currently?
Jessica Ahlquist. Nicole Smalkowski. Damon Fowler. EllenBeth Wachs. Larry Hooper.
Question 16. Do you think the laws that govern America are for the most part just and appropriate?
Yes, but don't try to tell me that they are based on the 10 commandments, because that
is false.
Question 17. Can empirical science prove the missing link, big bang, or the abiogenesis
theories? If not why are they taught in schools today?
See my previous remark about proof in science. I wasn't aware that abiogenesis and cosmology
were being thought in school. But evolution should be thought because it is science. Creationism
should be limited to sunday school because it is religion.
Question 18. Do you think if the story of Jesus was proven true that his resurrection
would be the greatest feat in human history? If not what was greater?
If Jesus came back from the dead it would be a freak occurrence that violated the laws
of nature.
Question 19. What came first, the chicken or the egg? What does evolution say?
Obviously the egg came first. Oviparity - the practise of procreating by laying eggs - evolved
long before chickens did.
Question 20. What three things would you change if you were the creator of this world?
I would eliminate unnecessary pain and suffering. I would announce myself in an unambiguous
way so there would only be one religion, and no religious wars. I wouldn't micromanage
everyone's sex life.
Question 21. If belief in an afterlife is a naïve wish for people that are afraid of
death, can't non-belief be a naïve wish for people that are afraid of accountability to
God after death?
Belief in an afterlife is irrational. We know that consciousness resides in the brain and
is impaired if the brain is damaged, so there is no reason to believe that it can survive
the destruction of the brain. And atheists don't believe in hell. That's your hangup,
not ours.
Question 22. In a universe without God or immortality, how is mankind ultimately different
from a swarm of mosquitoes or a herd of cattle? Are humans of more intrinsic value?
Humans have greater self awareness, and have the ability to pass their knowledge on after
their deaths, and to attempt to make this world better for future generations. There
is no such thing as intrinsic value, since value is relative to human perception.
Question 23. Do humans possess the ability to feel love, affection, and empathy? If so,
explain how? Can it be explained without using the metaphysical?
It's very simple. Humans have evolved to be social animals.
Question 24. Who contributes more charitable services and financial resource to the worlds
suffering and impoverished? Atheist or Theist?
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are atheists, and they have contributed billions to charity.
Question 25. What evidence would you need to prove that God existed and by what standard
of evidence? Do you follow this same standard in all of your current beliefs?
God is supposed to be infinitely powerful. Any so called evidence of god could be masqueraded
by a more advanced but finitely powerful alien race, and we could never tell the difference.
That's one reason I feel that the concept of god is incoherent, and I am perfectly justified
in applying different standards to it than to coherent concepts.