Gospel for Asia Christmas Gifts

Uploaded by GospelForAsia on 03.11.2008

Umm...I buyed him two goats. I got two pigs
"I have to watch my children go hungry
We were on the edge of starving"
This year Christmas is not about what we get
but literally redirect
what would usually be going towards us or toward our kids
to someone
who truly needed it.
"A tiny house was all we had. Our situation was so grim, it
seemed like nothing would
ever get better." What was neat to know was that they were opening their gifts
we're sharing in the joy of that to know that there was someone
overseas who was
doing the same. "The Bridge of Hope center in our village offered my son Ajai
the chance to go to school.
They even told us someone had given us a pig
On the day we received the pig my family was so happy

My son was smiling from ear to ear."

They understood what they were doing and
how they were helping
"This pig is going to be a major source of income
for many years
My kids won't have to be hungry anymore."
We also wanted to
teach our kids the real meaning of Christmas
It wasn't just about them, and about them
opening gifts on Christmas morning. It was about giving
a gift to truly bless others
"My wife and I are so thankful
this gift completely changed our lives
and through this kindness we know that Jesus really cares about us."
To send a gift this Christmas that will last for years and
change someone's world for eternity
the Gospel For Asia Christmas gift catalog offers you a way to give
invaluable gifts to those with incredible need
Visit our website at gfa.org/gift