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>>MARTIN HILL: Because we have such a short amount of time to tell this story of the DNA
getting infected, breaking apart, and then reforming, and recombining to show earth DNA,
we have to make the designs of the different DNA quite graphical, quite illustrative of
what they were.
So the EngineerÕs DNA, we thought well this needs to be quite sinister but we know itÕs
going to get infected and the infection has to look more messed up than the engineerÕs
We used quite a lighter color palate for the engineerÕs DNA and then the infection comes
on and itÕs very dark, and itÕs very melted looking.
Ridley actually said to us it has to feel like war in there.
The DNA has just been torn apart.
We try and use as much reality as possible in our effects. So we were looking at all
kinds of reference.
Eventually we settled on using fish bones, all the decayed fish spines to represent the
structure of the DNA and then for the infection that kind of rolls across the infected DNA,
we actually carved physical blocks of silicon, the vein structures in there, and pumped black
ink and oils and all kinds of different materials through those, filmed them, and used the motion
of those as the basis for all of our effects for the veins and the effect coursing through
his body.