Sebastian Roché SPN panel 2012 #ParisCon PART 1/3 (english sub.)

Uploaded by jackcastiel on 05.06.2012

Are you okay?
of course, he's great!
Je t'aime *I love you*
Je t'aime aussi *I love you, too *
he speak a good french!
oooh! I love that picture!
That was your nickname at school, isn't it?
"The Apocalypse"
yeah, it just say: "the Apocalypse that this."
Sebastian "Big Boy" Roché
so...OOH! look!
I have a hole!
and not where it should be!
so it's been a pleasure
give it up for Mark!
Good Morning everybody!!!
it's hot here!
I freezing my "miquettes" in the other room *french for 'balls' *
I freezing my?...
what is the "miquettes"?
explain to me!
Ohlala she's doing "les miquettes!!"
et oui!
les miquettes...
there is Miquette Mouse *sounds like Mickey Mouse*
Minie Mouse,
Miquette mouse is the Disney's porn version * "Miquette" still mean "balls" *
* ParisCon is going to DisnayLand Paris *
I have to say in english, too? no?
oh yes, let's people!
I was say that's I'm freezing my balls off...
they are here: "what?!!"
yes, it's difficult to translate a joke
ahaha I'm translating a joke!
Hello, what's you're name?
I'm french, my name is Kevin
And, you, what's you'r name?
Me, my name's Jonathan!
i'ts true!
I met a lot of french people with an english name
it's true! it happen often.
who's french with an english name, here?
what is your name, you?
what's your name? what?
waouh, from Dallas, Texas!
beautiful, beautiful
they're not other name here?
you? what's your name?
Hello, My name is Gary, I come from...
I come from Toulouse!
so, my name is Gary...
that's true??!
you, you wear a white underwear!
ahaha and she check her feet!
wait, she's check her underwear...?!
I'm right?
ah! yeah!
I was just... you know...
I guess that... he's name is Gary and he's french.
and I was saying "hey, I'm Gary from Toulouse!"
he's actually from Toulouse!!!
so I ask the girl...
'cause you know, I can read mind!
hey?! what the... you are leaving?? so what?!...
* the screen say that Chad Lindberg's photoshoot starting now for pass A to F *
Oh shit...
you suck Chad!
so I guess that she had a white underwear...
I was like: "...and your underwear is...??"
oh black??!! lie to me!!
so you came... all of you!...
...with thousand toys! * french song *
it's a pleasure to be in France
it's really... I'm really happy to be here, in France
I'm going to translate for the...
et oui!
because I was born in PARIS !!
" Paris, c'est fini " like Pascal Sevran (french annoucer) *Paris, it's over*
Paris, c'est fini...that's not even a song, that!
NON, rien de rien... * Edith Piaf's song *
non, je ne regrette ri...
ah well...there's Poupi.
here is Poupi! come on, come on stage!
she said to me: "never agaiiiin you bring me on stage!!
come on
it's just to embarrass her
voilà! Poupi everyone!
okay go and sit!
yes, I'll do this every time!
and where is Cassy?? She's here?
but... why are you in the background?
come on, in the front!
we know each other since a while
they are all like: "why did he know Cassy?!"
"that not fair, I want to know Cassy, too!"
come on, Cassy everyone!
I will do the same, I'm gonna bring her on stage
I'm gonna bring her on stage
all the people who speak english are like: "what the fuck is he talking about???"
Cassandra everyone!
you're ok
not too shy?
come on, sing something to us!
you sing, right? no?! oh no, no, no.
you want to sit here?
no, you're OK there
thanks Cassy, see ya
thank you very much
oh yes I know, I will speak english...
I'll speak english, too!
is it okay if I speak english too?
yes, IT IS OKAY IF I SPEAK ENGLISH *with very bad french accent*
'cause I speak very good english
I learned at school *very very bad french accent*
and I was very good!
very good! ...god?... *similar pornunciation with french accent*
what does "god" mean? *play on word with a french word: "gode" *
'cause "God" mean...God
and there is another word for "god"...
hey, Michel, did you see the "god" *play on word*
Did you see the god, Michel? *still playing on word*
that's a good one
terrible...terrible joke...
basically "godemichet" is a dildo... * "god, Michel" sounds like "godemichet"....french play on word*
but, it's another play on word in french,
so nobody could understand if you don't speak french... right?!
DID YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I JUST SAID? *with his bad bad french accent*
...what?! HELLO I am Balthazar! *always bad french accent...*
Hello! Sam and Dean! *we don't speak like that, I swear!*
I am Balthazar! okay?!
I am from Paris!
I that!
Hello Castiel!!
what the fuck are you doing?!!
why the fuck are you static in the back?!
I will stating in the back... the backdoor...
et oui!
do you understand?
do you understand? *in french*
what did he say? what did he say?
ah no, I'm kidding! I'm kidding...
you blush?... ...a little...
come on, come on stage!! no, no...
I blush too!
because I'm very shy!
I am reding, I am very shy!
I am very shy...
I have to stop walking!!!
I am very shy...
this is a marathon session
so, there's some questions I guess!
but, you know what?
back off questions!!
I will answer questions WHEN I would like to!
no way!!
did you see "Intouchables" * french movie *
brilliant film! did you see " Intouchables"?? (english prunounciation)
"those" you cannot touch !
terrible, terrible !!!
oh this doesn't make you laught?
oh no, no, sorry!
I was saying it was a movie called "Intouchables"
...I love the silences...
THERE IS A MOVIE CALLED "INTOUCHABLES" !!! * still french fu**ing accent ^^ *
that was a very good movie
that's a French Movie
hi, how you doin'? you OK?
very well.
you want to come on stage? No? ok.
come on, go on stage!
come on... I will go on the room
hello, you're OK?
I will say "hello" to everybody
It will take the hour
Hi ! Hello! Hello! 'you doin'?! Hi !... bye! bye ! Hello...hello...
aaaaah! very nice!
that's....that's cute !
come on guys, more !!!
no, MORE enthousiasm!!
that's a pretty good stuff, beautiful!
it's all for me?! oh thank you!!
you want to give it to me later, ok
you're from Turkey?!! right?
she's from Istanbul
say few words in turkish
"Meraba! Shot gusel !" *sorry don't speak turkish, don't know how to wright it*
that's the french accent in turkish
"meraba shot gusel"... Le choc des Titans *french title for the movie "Clash of the Titans" *
Putain! I said a lot of bullshits!
so, we gonna have a little fun
you've played this game before...
let's sing the audiance
ok, so you're less huge, but you'll have to make as much noise as possible
the most noise possible
I'm going to do a loud control of the audiance. because I love to do that...
I love to control the audiance ^^
no, it's not "audiance"'s another word... *audiance mean something else in french*
" le public ! " *right translation for "audiance" *
..."audiance" is something else!
so, with my ass... with my right butt, I want you...okay?
you didn't see that on youtube?
no, no it was Youporn, right?
so with my right butt, I want that all the right side...
all the right side of the audiance scream as loud as you can, ready?
and of course, when I lift both butt cheek, that's for you, and the left butt cheek for you, OK?
did you understand what I just said?
very good!
ok, are you ready?
good!! ...middle?...