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Episode 14 - Part 1 -
Man Ok.
When I am doing the finale,
is it better for me to look straight forward? Or...
Is it better for me to turn to this angle?
I think this is better. Best face angle?
Really? Alright. Then I will definitely do this!
What is this?
It is a present to commemorate your debut on the runway.
I chose things that will match your stage outfit today.
The lights are too strong.
It’s not good for your eyes.
I even got Hwa Ming’s permission. Try them on!
Uhmm… Man Ok!
I... will just accept your warm consideration.
Look at my eyes.
They are really fine.
Kang Hwi-nim.
I want to be the best on Nuna’s stage.
I am cool everywhere, but especially these eyes! My eyes are the best features on my face.
If I shield them completely, I think the fans will be disappointed.
That's true.
Your pretty eyes are your best features.
I don’t know why I didn't think of that. Like an idiot.
Don’t worry, Man Ok!
I will really do well.
The best in the universe, completely fabulously.
I will look forward to it, Kang Hwi-nim. Fighting!
Wow! There are a lot of people!
Oh my god!
He looks a lot like my friend, Tae Ik oppa!
There is another tall and cool guy in this world!
Is it really him?
This can’t be!
It’s you, isn’t it? It’s you oppa, right?
Wow! I held on to oppa’s arm!
This can’t be!!
What's going on?
Is there a problem with your partner?
Since you are invited to the launching show.
please, please, go inside!
Are you okay?
Do you need to go to the hospital?
What is this?
Is it a dream?
What is this?
It definitely felt like the present.
Where did my friend go?
Who are you?
Win, in the face of the fashion industry, is well loved because of its well made and creative designs.
In 2012, Win will focus more on the city-style, energy and...
I am shaking, am I not?
I don’t know why I am all nervous.
Don’t worry, Man Ok!
Today, my condition is really good.
And I feel completely good!
I can do a good job.
I think no models could be more qualified than you when you try them.
I trust you for the best show!
Don't worry about it.
Let's go!
Man Ok, how was I?
Actually, from the finale, I couldn’t see properly so I just walked.
Was I weird?
You were really fabulous! Kang Hwi-nim, you are absolutely the best!
Getting a compliment from you, Man Ok, I feel really good!
I will hurry and change, let’s go to eat something delicious!
Today, I will buy you something really special.
Let's go.
Good job.
Good job!
Lee Tae Ik!
Are you crazy?
How could you come here?
What if someone sees you?
It’s none of your business.
Why are you like this really?
Why are you doing this? Why all the way here?
You... perhaps...
because of that woman…
Ha! Is it true?
Did you come all the way here because of that woman, Jang Man Ok?
Lower your voice!
You are crazy! You are absolutely crazy, Lee Tae Ik!
Stop it.
I don’t have time to bicker with you now.
Jang Man Ok, do you think she is any different?
That woman is the same as all other women!
She is bound to be attracted to men who have money, authority and power!
Jin Se Ryeong!
Don’t think all women are like you!
You... are really hideous now!
You are being deceived by Jang Man Ok!
Why that woman left you and went to Won Kang Hwi,
aren’t you curious as to why?
You didn’t know that Won Kang Hwi is the son of a chaebol, did you?
The owner of Brand Win is Won Hwa Ming. She is Won Kang Hwi’s older sister.
His half-sister!
It doesn’t matter!
Even if Jang Man Ok knew that fact?
Do you know what that means?
Jang Man Ok, that woman,
because of Won Kang Hwi’s background, you who has become a nobody...
She abandoned you.
You aren’t even a kid. Why did you spill so much?
Lee Tae Ik!
Don’t go! Don’t go! Man Ok, don’t go!
Kang Hwi-nim.
To Tae Ik, do...
Don’t go.
Just a moment!
I don't want to.
Kang Hwi-nim.
can’t you just be next to me, huh?
I’m sorry, Kang Hwi-nim.
Lee Tae Ik.
♪ You are going to hurt. Baby, why? Baby, don't cry!
♪ I love you. Don't break my heart.
♪ Don't break my love. Don't cry.
♪ I love you. Can't take my heart.
♪ Can't take my love. I love you.
♪ Fool, because of you tears keep falling.
Customer, where do you want to go?
Go anywhere.
Are you a Korean?
I also lived in Korea for a few years.
Did you come to sightsee?
Where should I take you?
I will speed away.
Just ...
go... anywhere.
If possible,
as faraway from here.
Where was the furthest place in this world?
Then, can I go as I please?
It doesn't matter.
This is also fate, let’s go!
To the furthest place in this world!
Go! Go!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Why aren't you looking at your cards?
This place is…
Let go of all your troubles and worries. Just look at your cards.
That is Mah-jong!
To my knowledge, this place is the furthest removed from the world.
I will help you with a move, so play as you have nothing to lose.
Shout it out quickly! Rich! Rich!
Rich! Rich!
We won!
Even though it looks like this, the food here is excellent.
Actually in Korea or here, it is the drivers,
like me, who know all the best stores.
Especially the rice porridge here is excellent.
Try it.
How is it? Is it good?
It's delicious.
Your spirits don’t seem to be lifted at all.
How could such a young and good-looking gentleman have so many troubles?
Perhaps, money trouble?
Then... is it because of a girl?
How can a man have an agonized look over such a petty problem?
There isn’t a single man who doesn’t face trouble over a woman problem, at least, once in his life.
Here! Here!
Is there anyone here who hasn't cried because of a woman?
If there is, please raise your arm!
Everybody cries over a woman once.
Of course, but even that was in the past.
You will forget it in a day or two.
I haven’t cried over a woman yet.
Ha! Ha!
That's funny! That's funny!
You are even better looking when you smile.
Here. Here.
Brush away your troubles over this bowl of porridge.
Then, cheers!
Here you are,
Why are you giving me so much?
This will suffice.
That is... because I am thankful.
That’s all right.
Thanks to you, even I had a fun time.
Excuse me... it's the first time we met... I owe you for a lot of things today.
When I was young, I had fallen into despair and wandered the streets.
Back then, I got help from a stranger
and I could start living again.
In your life,
there are times when you can’t even take a step forward because it is pitch dark in front of you.
However, as time passes by,
that could be nothing at all.
The current situation may not be as bad as it seems now.
So, push on through!
Tae Ik.
How did you ...
My daughter is your fan.
When my daughter was in pain, she got comforted a lot because of your music.
So I know you very well.
Even my daughter is looking forward to seeing you again.
Work hard!
I will also cheer for you.
Lee Tae Ik.
Let’s talk!
I have nothing to say to you.
Lee Tae Ik, because you left like that earlier.
Let’s not stand here like this, but
go somewhere quiet and talk, huh?
I said I have nothing I want to say to you.
Don't be like that.
Listen to what I have to say.
Lee Tae Ik, I think you have misunderstood something.
Misunderstood what?
You definitely said to me!
Anyway, you said that you don’t remember anything at all, didn’t you?
Forget it!
Go now!
What do you mean, forget it?
I like you, Lee Tae Ik!
That day...
I can’t remember well.
But, I like you, Lee Tae Ik.
I like you, so I don’t want to be misunderstood!
I really don’t know.
I don’t know who you are.
Whose words are right.
I really don’t know.
Lee Tae Ik, if I leave like this, it doesn’t matter at all?
Was our relationship only this much?
Without even listening to me,
why are you judging and thinking as you wish?
Why are you so mean?
You are so mean!
You upset me.
Stop drinking and talk.
We came here to talk.
Lee Tae Ik, you have such a frightening expression on you.
Why, on earth, did you leave without a word to me?
Why did you go to Kang Hwi?
I have my reasons.
But it is not what you are thinking.
It isn’t?
Fine, it isn’t.
It’s the truth, Lee Tae Ik!
I can’t tell you now…
No, tell me now.
Of all the times, in my hardest hour,
what is the reason for you to come here alone?
Tell me now.
I’m sorry.
Right now, it is not something that I can tell you as I wish.
But I wish you would remember one thing.
I ...
really love you,
Truly. Sincerely.
You like me?
You like me sincerely.
But you can’t tell me why you left me without a word.
Jang Man, do you think that makes sense?
You come all the way here to say just that?
Lee Tae Ik...
You are the same.
I don’t know who you are saying I am like,
but I am different!
I am not Jin Se Ryeong.
Kwang Hwi-nim.
Lee Tae Ik.
You needn’t read my moves. Answer it!
Kang Hwi will be waiting.
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♪ The tears are welling up and are spreading on my chest.
♪ I laugh vacantly.
♪ More tears are pooling.
♪ I want to see you turning back toward me.
♪ You still don't know, do you?
♪ I miss you so much and miss you
♪ I'm going to be sick.
♪ You really don't know, do you?
♪ Even though I erase you and erase you more,
♪ I'm remembering how you look.
♪ My Love, my heart is crying.
♪ Without you, I'm going to die.
I am sorry. ♪ Without you, I'm going to die.
♪ I'm going crazy.
♪ My Love. My heart is breaking.
♪ It's shouting I love you.
♪ I want to see you. I want to see you.
♪ I am searching my memory again.
Hello! My name is Chaton.
I missed you, Mom.
Kang Hwi...
How is it? It's pretty, right?
It's like our Chaton, huh?
Its smile is really the same as our Chaton.
That's right. They look alike, don't they?
Give me your cell phone.
It's done. There.
Chaton must be really happy now. He can stay next to his mother.
I want to see our Chaton.
As soon as we go home, let’s bring Chaton first.
So, the three of us, like before, should live happily together.
Chaton, Man Ok, and me. The three of us together.
While having fun.
Chaton mama?
What are you doing?
Tae Ik, where the heck are you?
If you are going somewhere, you should say so in advance.
You couldn't be contacted.
Do you not think about the person who is worried about you?
You can’t even get ahold of yourself. What can you hope to do?
Do you even have intentions of making a come back?
Jang Man Ok, that woman,
Jang Man Ok, that woman,
because of Won Kang Hwi's background, and you who became a nobody...
She abandoned you.
Why are you so thoughtless?
Do you know what is most important to you right now?
Hey, you! Are you listening to me right now?
I don't know anymore.
Do it or not. Do whatever you want.
I'll do it.
Huh?! What did you say?
What did you say just now?
The things that I wanted to guard…
I won't let them be taken away again.
I will sing.
I will get it all back.
Fellow, you suddenly lower your voice like that…
Are you okay?
I'll be there tomorrow. After I'm there, we'll talk.
Won Kang Hwi's solo album this time,
also from the company's standpoint, it will be an important point.
In order to recover the tarnished company image,
for the success of this album,
everybody, please put in special efforts.
Senior Manager Kim.
What happened to Se Ryeong’s work in China?
A meeting with Director Jang Lee Shin is scheduled for day after tomorrow.
I plan on going there tomorrow
to attend the meeting between Se Ryeong and Director Jang Lee Shin.
Just the fact that Se Ryeong is casted for the movie of an international big shot,
we will be able to make a big issue.
Proceed with plans without any problems.
Work hard.
He shouldn’t get into problems and follow me.
Kang Hwi isn't listening to orders well these days.
Oh yeah, what happened to the thing I asked you to look into earlier?
The house that Kang Hwi went to.
He is Won Chi Yang. It is the house of one of China’s top billionaires.
Won Hwa Ming is the oldest daughter of Won Chi Yang.
Are you saying Won Hwi went to meet Hwa Ming?
From the rumors,
that household has a son who isn’t known to the public.
He is a child of a concubine.
There's a rumor that that boy is Korean.
The door doesn’t seem like your everyday door. It looks like a house that belongs to someone famous.
Reporter Song.
You shouldn’t just take photos but also find out whose house it is.
Why Won Kang Hwi went there! You should have found that out!
No, no… I am not a detective.
That should be done by the editor-in-chief.
You should have found out about it somehow when you were in China.
Conditions weren't conducive for that.
Editor-in-chief, you don’t know.
It was a really dangerous time.
Other people taking photos...
their camera's were taken by dark thugs?
Dark thugs?
Are they gangsters?
Why would Kang Hwi-nim go to a place like that?
Right! Ga Ryeong!
Your poor friend!
Your friend went all over the place with Kang Hwi-nim.
Shouldn't she know where this is?
Man Ok?
That's right!
Reporter Han! That friend will know something!
Hurry up and contact her! Hurry!
♪ Do you know that?
♪ This world.
♪ When it ends.
♪ We will meet again.
♪ High up in the skies.
♪ What I really wanted.
♪ Building the castle that we wanted.
Fellow! Your voice is great!
♪ I won't let go of your hand.
Hey, Hey.
Singing is good. But let's finish cleaning.
Tae Ik is coming, we need to greet him with a clean house.
There is no need for that.
- Tae Ik! - Hyung-nim!
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I will trust you once. You dowdy, Baek Go Dong!
Let's create a huge scandal!
Please get me the best staff for this album.
Because it could be the last one.
Lee Tae Ik Comes Back as Take 2!, A New Group...
Hey! You are the worst! You bastard!
Are you crazy?
You are going to make an album with the guys I discarded?
Don't worry.
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