Agel TV Episode 25

Uploaded by AgelTV1 on 26.06.2012

Hello and welcome. I'm Sam that's Zach and this is Agel TV.
Tonight on Agel TV we go to Chicago Illinois to get highlights from the Agel Leadership Summit.
Also we catch up with Diamond Tony Zolecki to learn about how to build your buisness
fast. Also Joel Rockwood the mad scientist talks to us about Ageless and why it's simply better.
But first we had a chance to catch up with diamond Billy Looper
at the ALS event in Chicago to talk about the Agel Lifestyle.
Hey guys this is Billy Looper coming to you from Chicago Illinois.
It's really good to be talking to you from this city because
seven years ago is when we first came to Chicago in our very first initial meeting.
We all got together and didn't know exactly what we were doing.
We didn't know exactly what Agel was all about but we came up here and had a wonderful wonderful meeting.
And it's wonderful to see our old friends that are still here after seven years.
June 17 2005 is when we got involved with this business and from then it's been a magical magical ride.
We've had such a good time and working hard and having fun, meeting friends all around the world
The things that Agel has done and provided for in my life has been incredible.
There's one year I went to 10 different countries to see friends and do Agel presentations.
What a great lifestyle that is and I've been very blessed and very grateful to have many wonderful friends
around the world that i've been able to make from Australia, Japan, UK, Spain, Colombia, all the wonderful countries around the world.
That is one of the biggest perks of being in this business.
You get to travel and see your friends all around the world.
Another great things about this is in 2005 when we first joined this business.
The real-estate business was doing great in South Florida and I was having a great time doing my career
and what i've been trained to do for 25 years.
Little did I know that six months later would be the real-estate recession and real-estate crash.
The bubble burst and if I had real-estate only to depend on for my income I would be living under a bridge right now.
So what Agel did for me was kick in some residual income very early.
I've been able to survive the recession and it's been a wonderful, wonderful ride.
I wish that for you as well so you can go out and meet new friends
talk to your family and get them healthier. Talk to the people you get to know
whether it's wealth or whether it's health there's answers.
Agel again has been an awfully big blessing in my life and I wish it for you as well.
Hey thanks Billy. We'll see you and your team at at Agel World.
No lets check in with our Vice President of Research and Development Joel Rockwood
to learn why Ageless is better.
There are so many skin care products out there in the market.
What differentiates Ageless from the rest in the field
are the ingredients that we use. We use all natural ingredients that are designed to protect your skin
to hydrate your skin, to create a barrier to prevent water loss.
A lot of the parotrolium products that you see out there
their main purpose is to prevent water loss from the skin.
By creating a barrier and you feel like your hydrating your skin but the truth is
the first time you come in contact with water, it's going to wash away and be ineffective.
Ageless penetrates the skin with really deep acting antioxidants
that does the skin a great deal of good, it hydrates the skin with all
the aloe that we have a crossed the line. Then it acts as a beneficial barrier so we have that property as well
but we go well beyond.
With those three properties that Ageless has, you've got the best combination of things you can do with your skin.
Now this past week at ALS we took advantage of flying with the Agel Field Advisory Board.
To collaborate on the future of Agel Enterprises.
Here's a sneak peek of what goes on behind those closed doors.
Zach as you know it's because of those collaborations in those meetings
that allows this company to have continued success.
At that same event in Chicago we were able to talk to another leader Diamond Director Tony Zolecki
about how he was able to build his business so quickly at the beginning and teaches you to do the same, lets go to Tony.
Hey everyone it's Tony Zolecki from California.
What I get a chance to do is go through Presidents Club and Rank Advancement
over the next couple of minuets.
When your brand new you want to go Presidents Club right away.
Thats our culture and what does it take to go Presidents Club?
It takes ten people in your business or more that do an activation order or come in as a preferred customer.
And you create 2,000 commissionable volume in a commission period.
That allows you to get to presidents club.
That allows you some cool perks. You get a pin that i'm wearing here on my lapel
which is great for the team and the culture of what we do here at Agel.
you also get special seating here at Agel World.
I know that's coming up here in the next couple of months
you'll get to sit up front with all of the diamonds and leaders.
You're also going to be invited into the Presidential Lounge
that we've put together for Presidents Club members throughout Agel World.
And that's really important because you get to have breakfast with diamonds all over the world
and get to hear their story and get that one on one special time.
So as we're leading up to Agel World make sure you get Presidents Club done
and you get it done right away.
Second thing is making sure you rank advance to supervisor.
It's the first rank in our business and it just takes two people on the left, two people on the right
to come in at the executive level.
That allows you to get a little traction in your business.
It allows you to start earning the leverage matching bonus
which is a big part of our compensation plan.
And it allows you to get a little of the rising star bonus.
Which is an extra 250 dollars.
Once you do that, the next goal is manager and thats just another two on the left and two on the right.
Now that your at a manager level, then senior manager doubling that.
Then your on your way to Director.
It's important to rank, it's important to grow.
Not only for the money, financially but for your team to see.
The people in your organization are going to do what you do.
As you rank, as you create a story not only with the product but with you business
people are going to do what you did and hit that story.
So as your getting the ranks done, have a blast doing it.
We'll see you at Agel World very soon.
Thanks Tony. Lets go now to President of Agel Craig Bradley for an AgelCares update.
Thanks guys. I want to take a couple of minuets today to talk a little bit about Agel Cares.
We've got so many projects we're working on right now.
We just sent a large amount of money to India, we do micro loans there
providing shoes for villages, we provide for a leper colony and small children there.
We send money continuously to red cross to help with what their doing.
We recently sent money to the Philippines again to help with cleft pallets.
Now I've met the children there and their laughs, i've held them and met their parents
and there is so much that we're doing.
All around the world. And I mentioned a couple of weeks ago on Agel TV
that one of the projects that we've embraced right now is a hospital i n Mexico.
It's a hospital thats almost entirely built and they realized that they forgot to build an eye clinic.
So we've committed to do the whole thing.
This is the waiting room, the operation facility.
The recovery rooms. Right now they have over 300 children that if they don't receive eye surgery than they will become blind.
There are over 900 adults, some with cataracts and all different kinds of surgeries
that need to be preformed.
Now once the facility is built, we've already committed money, and sent money to build this.
Doctors will come down from the united states and nurses will donate their time.
But right now, we've committed but we don't have enough funds to build this hospital.
So if you do me a favor go to your back office and make a one time donation.
It could be small but for some of you could be a large donation.
This will change thousands and thousands of lives, this is the biggest thing we've ever committed to.
Also one of the most important. But right now we need your help.
Agel needs your help. These children need your help.
Could you imagine that your donation could give sight to a child.
Right now please, if you want a one time donation you could contact Tiffany
Here is her e-mail address.
Whatever donations you could do right now because we get calls every day around the world.
Of causes and things that we want to be evolved in but right now
we just don't have the funds.
Make sure you save the tabs, make sure you get on the auto-ship
but right now we need one time donations.
To help us with the commitment that we've made to this hospital, these children need us.
I care, do you?
Thanks Craig now you'll want to join us next week on Agel TV,
were we talk with Alberto Zirlinger a Diamond from Argentina
Also a recap from team Agel who just completed the grueling Ragnar Race.
And an update on the upcoming Agel World event.
Thats all the time we have for tonight. Thats Sam, i'm Zach and this was Agel TV.