Mahabharat - Episode 39

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Problems do not end with coronation
In fact, they begin with it
The coronation is an important event
If the king is not careful...
...the event can be a disaster
The limits of Yuddhistir's Kingdom... the line of division
But why talk of bitterness in this moment of happiness
However, the reality is that Krishna called...
...Khandavprasth the Land of Action
Then, it must be so!
For this, Yuddhistir's coronation is necessary
Our respects, mother
Welcome them ritually, Draupadi
You should welcome us, mother
It will also be like a blessing
My blessing is not restricted to a welcome
After marriage...
...the daughter-in-law should be given some duties
Some limits should be drawn...
...which the mother should not cross
The foundation of a home is based on such limits
It is Draupadi's right... anoint Yuddhistir
As you wish, mother
May you have sons. My blessings
Go ahead, my daughter
How, as the king... is you duty to protect Draupadi
Your responsibility is greater than your brothers
Why talk of Draupadi, mother?
Are not you, my brothers...
...and all the people are my responsibility
No. I am not your responsibility
I am your Uncle Dhritirashtra's...
I have handed you over to Draupadi
Look after my sons, Panchali
In particular, look after Gahadev
These are your sons
You will always have a greater right over them
I do not even know this family and its traditions
How can I look after them without your help?
Bhim, escort your brother to court
As you wish
Won't you come?
No, but you go
I have never been to court
When I was married... lord left for his victory tour
On his return, we went away for rest where...
...Sage Kindam was accidentally killed
My lord went into self imposed exile
When I could not go to court as Queen...
...why should I go there as Queen Mother?
You go, my child
Today is your day
My heart is a hermitage...
...where I shall sit and bless you all
Kunti gave away her rights... her daughter-in-law
As the family tree increases...
...She does not show her grief
Duryodhan should have come today
I told him to attend
He is unhappy at losing half the kingdom
He has not lost half the kingdom but gained it
That is a matter of opinion
If the king orders...
...Prince Yuddhistir can be presented
The auspicious moment will not wait for a King's order
My respects
May you live long
Come Prince
Please sit here
You, too, sit
Make the announcement, my lord
At the very start...
...I salute Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh
It is because of them that we are happy today...
...and justice prevails
Then I salute Grandsire Bhishma
It is under his protection...
...that our beloved Hastinapur prospers
I salute my ancestors of the Lunar Dynasty...
...whose heir I am...
...proud to be
I also salute the citizens of Hastinapur...
...who gave me support and cooperation... spite of my blindness
In the presence of these people I announce...
...that I had to right to Hastinapur by birth
I am merely my brother Pandu's representative
Hence, my every decision... taken on his behalf
So, on behalf of Pandu I announce that...
...this ancestral land be equally divided...
...between Pandu's son Yuddhistir...
...and, after me, my son Duryodhan
So, my ancestor Yayati's Kingdom Khandavprasth...
...should go to Yuddhistir
The remaining part will be with me
Grandsire Bhishma, Vidur and the Court...
...are in agreement with this decision
The Yadavas have also welcomed it
I pray to the Lord...
...that Yuddhistir turns this land into heaven
I also hope that he becomes an Emperor...
...while I am living
I am sure that under Yuddhistir's reign...
...his people will be happy...
...and well protected
If the king orders...
...the coronation can begin
You have to give the order, Grandsire
Sage Ved Vyas is on his way to Court
May you live long!
May you be successful!
My respects O Sage! This is Karna
Who in these Three worlds...
...does not know this great warrior?
You are fortunate Shakuni...
...that you are living in his era
May you live long!
My respects O Sage!
Do not bow to me, O Son of Devaki
May you live long!
Sage Vyas approaches you
My blessings to you!
May you get your right
Life is an ocean and to churn it your duty
But remember you will obtain both nectar...
...and poison from the churning
You did not bless Draupadi, O Sage
Her will power does not require any blessing
Look after your heir
My respects!
You need not get up, O King
I merely came here for Yuddhistir's coronation
Then why not perform the ceremony?
No Bhishma!
That I cannot do
It is the right of the family Sage
-Please be seated -No O king
There is not seat for me here
Why the delay, Sage Kripa?
Khandavprasth eagerly awaits its king
Victory to King Yuddhistir
My respects, Father!
Be successful!
Be compassionate and just!
You and your brothers are going to Khandavprsth...
...but do not forget that...
...Khandavprasth, too, is a part of my heart
My respects, Mother!
Today, I shall pray to Lord Shiva...
...and ask for only one boon:
Though this land had been divided...
...this family should remain one
I'll do my best
With your blessings...
...this family will never be divided
May the Lord...
...make your every night a full moon night
May all your dark nights come my way
I have learned to live in darkness
You need not come to me
If I had no blessing for you...
...why would I come here?
My respects!
I, too, have been divided
Try to protect the honor and rights...
...of your people, my son... that History will be proud of you
You are the heir of our glorious past
As a warrior... is your responsibility to protect it
A warrior's life is not for living...
...but to die fighting for someone else's right
My respects!
You and your brothers are a honor... my teaching
A warrior should look to the battlefield...
...only as the last option
Victory is not the warrior's only aim
War should be waged to protect peace and values
I am sure... will always do your duty as a warrior
I give you my word that...
...I'll always do my duty
So, walk on the path of prosperity and progress
My respects!
Be victorious! My blessings!
My respects, Uncle!
Won't you bless us, Uncle?
In this Court, I am not your Uncle
I am Hastinapur's Prime Minister
Here I can only give you my best wishes
I cannot leave without your blessings
I'll come for your blessings...
...where you won't be a minister...
...but our beloved Uncle
I am a son of three mothers
The first is Queen Kunti
The second, Queen Gandhari
The third, Hastinapur
On this auspicious occasion...
...I bow to my third mother, Hastinapur...
...and ask for her blessings
I may be the King of Khandavprasth...
...but I'll always be Hastinapur's Son
Victory to King Yuddhistir
This story now moves towards Khandavprasth
People from all four castes accompanied him...
...because they knew that Hastinapur's Soul...
...left the city with Yuddhistir
Krishna and Balram...
...Sages Drona and Kripa...
...Bhishma also accompanied him
Of course, Sage Vyas was also there
Who else would perform the ceremony?
I, too, am going there...
...if only to find out...
...why Lord Krishna described Khandavprasth... the Land of Action for the Pandavas
Lord Krishna never speaks without reason
This means...
...some miracle will take place there
The struggle between Nature and Man will be worth seeing
The hard mountains of Aravali
The leech-infested forests
lnfertile land
Even Lord lndra will be terrified... the sight of such a land
What message can the clouds bring... such a burning land?
But what can the Gods knows of labor?
Only Man is capable of hard labor
Even Nature knows of this
Khandavprasth eagerly awaits...
...the transformation
The very land greets their arrival...
...but the demons and Nagas...
...stand with bows drawn
They will not forgive this trespass
Is this a blessing or a curse?
Be quiet. Even Bhishma himself is quiet
His oath came in the way
The Pandavas are to be respected
They accepted what was given to them
Do you see any sign of worry?
How is your Land of Action?
This is now our respected motherland
As to how we look upon it...
...listen to my story
When we were young...
Sage Drona showed us a bird on a tree...
...and asked us what we saw
We all answered him...
...even I did!
I could see nothing more than the bird's eye
Today, I am in a similar position
Everyone is talking of forests and mountains
But I cannot see the mountains...
...or the forest or the infertile land
I cannot see anything but your blessing
Then, salute Lord lndra and begin your work
As you wish!
Be victorious, Arjun!
May the Gods bless you
Start your work after the ceremony
May you be successful!
With the blessings of Lord Krishna...
...and the plough of Balram
The Land of Action experiences a new thrill
Balram's plough cuts through the Earth
Arjun's scaring arrow cuts through the sky
The clouds release their bounty on to the Earth
The parched land is turning green
The mind soars about fancy free
The clouds release their bounty...
...turning the land green
Beautiful gardens spring up all over
Clean rivulets flow through...
...bringing crystal clear water
The Earth is like a dream come true
With the blessings of Lord Krishna
A grand city set in isolation
A dream-like palace adorns the city
A new life had begun on a sweet note
Heaven has descended on Earth
Honest hard work and Balram's plough
...have succeeded
The Lord's Earth has turned green
Come, my lord
Allow me to leave
How can I let you go?
I have not even thanked you properly
I have only done my duty
I need not be thanked for that
My respects!
Our respects!
Come, my king
How is the Land of Action!
It is all thanks to you
No one can help you to achieve anything
Man has to overcome his problems himself...
...with hard work and then...
...sow the seeds of his dreams
You have established your kingdom
Now think about protecting it
Won't they leave us alone even here?
Why not?
I am going to Hastinapur
I will explain it to Duryodhan
He is very sweet natured
Won't you come to Dwarka with me?
Now you have grown up. Don't depend on me
I have already asked Aunt Kunti
Then you must go
Bhim! Why don't you come with me?
Duryodhan has an excellent cook
I am all right here
Remember us while you are eating
And spoil my lunch?
Why did you talk about the country's defense
One lesson of politics is... be friendly with neighboring kingdoms
If a king refuses to be friendly...
...make friends with his neighbor
Both his borders will be unprotected
What should I do?
The bond of marriage is strong...
...but Shakuni should not know of you plans
So, go out alone
If you take an army, everyone will know
lndraprasth is not the end of the story
This is the end of a chapter
Do not be misled by the silence
A storm is brewing on the other side of the silence
A storm?