RAGE CARTOON #2 (remake) - Rage Comic Compilation

Uploaded by TrollwutTV on 31.08.2012

You want it more romantic? Okay.. do you like Stars?
Yes of course..
Good, I know a hotel that has 3!
May I ask you a serious question?
But you are only allowed to answer with "yes" or "no"!
Why are you always making fun of blonde girls?
Hey buddy.. I have to admit something..I slept with your wife!
But I have to say..
..she's really waaay better in bed than mine!
I know.
After buying a Michael Jackson CD
Michael died.
After buying a Slipknot CD
Paul Gray died.
After buying an iPod
Steve Jobs died.
Sooo tomorrow..
I'm going to buy all the Justin Bieber CD's!
HE:*Knock* *Knock*
SHE: Who is there?
HE: Dr!
SHE: Dr Who?
The last time I slept with my girlfriend, the condom broke.
Did that ever happen to you?
No, I usually don't use condoms when I'm sleeping with your girlfriend.
My girlfriend says I'm a pedophile..
but hey, what does a 7 year old know!..
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