MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 17

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Previously on Masterchef...
Come on, guys!
The home cooks took control
of a michelin star restaurant.
You guys are killing me right now.
Come on.
But they gave Gordon ramsay a lot to shout about.
I need to tell Joe something!
- I don't know. - No, you don't know.
Not only will we lose the michelin star,
we'll burn the place down.
When Frank's team lost,
they were sent to the pressure test.
And when Frank was given the chance to save one person...
I know I said I would send Josh up there.
He chose himself.
But I got to go upstairs, guys.
Leaving David and Josh to go head to head.
And it was David who lost the high-stakes pressure test.
It's time to leave the masterchef kitchen.
Tonight, the competition is intense
as the final five become the final four.
I cannot believe I just did that.
As one more masterchef hopeful sees their dream come to an end.
For the first time in this competition, I'm lost for words.
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Top five. Yikes.
Becky, Frank, Josh,
Christine... Me?
Like, how did this happen?
We're down to you,
the five best home cooks in America.
The dream is nearly a reality.
But there's still a few hoops to jump through
before you get your hands on that coveted masterchef trophy.
Tonight, that hoop is another mystery box challenge.
As with every mystery box challenge,
the contestants have to prepare, cook, and present
one incredible dish, using all
or some of the ingredients inside the box.
On the count of three, please lift your boxes.
But beware for a sting in the tail.
One, two...
Three and lift.
Oh, you guys are funny.
Christine, there's nothing in there.
I figured.
We are not creating this mystery box.
You are.
Cool. So, turn that box over.
Each of you will go into the pantry
and choose a maximum of 15 ingredients
that can create a dish
that says "you" on a plate.
You're the top five.
It's time to show us who you really are.
We're given this gift of getting to go into the pantry,
we get to choose up to 15 items.
One, two, three, four, five...
To create, essentially, like, our perfect signature dish,
like, ourselves on a plate.
I haven't had a chance to make sausage this whole competition,
so I want to make the traditional calabrese recipe.
I'm gonna make an exquisite dessert dish.
And so I grabbed chocolate and raspberries.
My dream mystery box is in my hands.
You'll all have 60 minutes to make one stunning dish.
Are you ready? Yes, chef.
Your time starts in five,
four, three, two, one.
Stop, stop.
Come on.
It's never going to be that easy.
Please, no.
Take every ounce of ingredients
on that chopping board...
I loved this.
And take it to the home cook
in front of you.
Oh, no, dude.
This is craziness, man.
Get familiar with your new ingredients.
Enjoy it, Becky. Oh, dude.
Frank, I'm so sorry, man.
Lucky, Christine.
Whatever, man.
You better do this good.
So I get Josh's box,
and I'm not thrilled with the ingredients I'm looking at.
Celery, really?
So, Becky gets my mystery box, and I get Frank's.
And I see a lot of Italian ingredients.
I'm thinking, "what am I going to do with this?"
You have goat cheese, chicken thighs,
and parsnips, and you have heavy cream.
So, I get Becky's box, and I'm screwed
because these are not ingredients
I normally work with.
I'm getting Christine's mystery box.
What the hell is fish sauce?
Fish sauce?
And why does it taste like death?
All right, guys.
You have 60 minutes to make a dish
that still puts you on a plate,
but using someone else's handpicked ingredients.
Your time starts now.
Umm, let's see, what can I do?
We just turned the masterchef kitchen upside down.
And they have to think on their feet.
This is the essence of being a creative chef.
So Josh has got everything that Frank loved.
I think he'll take those ingredients and interpret them
in some sort of Southern way.
And Josh's Southern components
went over to Becky.
She was picking chicken thighs to use,
and that's what Josh gave her. Yeah.
So, I mean, she should be able
to transform it into whatever she wants.
And everything Becky picked has gone over to Christine.
Now, Christine was going to do something certainly Asian,
perhaps vietnamese for us.
Now it looks like she has beet tops and goat cheese.
All that Asian influence goes to monti.
I don't think monti can pull off the vietnamese box.
Really? Nope.
I don't think she has the skill
or the experience or even the palate to do it.
So, Becky. Hello.
You got Josh's box. Yeah.
Are you feeling good about it?
Yeah. I'm feeling pretty good.
The dish is going to be braised chicken,
and then I pulled the skins off.
I'm going to crisp those up separately.
You've been in the top three
in five mystery boxes.
Can you make it six?
I can, and I will.
Becky's head is in the clouds right now.
She's getting so many high praises from the judges,
and Becky walks around like she already won this thing.
Right, Frank.
Hey, chef. You're out of your comfort zone.
You're cooking with monti's ingredients.
Yeah. Definite reversal.
Where are we going?
I made a ricotta filling, and I got the chocolate,
I got some raspberry, so I'll be able to do something nice.
Good luck.
You've got just under 15 minutes to go, guys.
Come on.
So, Josh, whose box do you have?
I have Frank's box. And Frank was going to make?
Some kind of pasta with Italian sausage.
But I'm going to make a savory bread pudding
with some of the ground pork and spices,
and hopefully they come out right.
Good luck.
I'm creating as I go along,
because I've never done this before.
I've had tom kha, so I know the flavor to look for.
I'm letting my palate guide me.
Kind of going blind right now.
I feel like Christine.
I feel like I'm sort of channeling Christine,
just tasting and tasting and just trying to, like,
close my eyes and see if this is the flavor that I want.
This is why Christine does so well.
I'm learning something here.
Interesting. Yeah.
I really like what Becky's cooking.
It's got a little touch of the South,
but she made it her own. It really looks delicious.
Yeah that crispy chicken skin looks beautiful.
If Christine gets all these ingredients on the plate,
chicken, mushrooms, beets, it's a classic.
I'm worried about monti's dish. Yeah.
I think monti's is good, though.
I just tasted it. Yeah. She's got chilies in it.
Some cilantro.
I think it's going to be yummy.
Two minutes to go. Start plating, guys, come on.
Let's go, guys. Put it on the plate.
Come on, Becky. Move those fingers.
Finishing touches, come on.
You have got to get some food on the plate.
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three, two,
one, and stop.
Stand behind your dishes.
- Well done. - Oh,.
What's wrong, Becky?
My crispy chicken skin is sitting right there.
Your crispy chicken skin is sitting right where?
In the oven.
On a sheet tray ready for me to grab it.
I'm just so irritated with myself.
Time got the better of you.
I'm, like, dying on the inside.
I cannot believe I just did that.
Let's go, guys. Put it on the plate.
Five, four, three, two,
one, and stop.
Hands up in the air.
What's wrong, Becky?
My crispy chicken skin is in the oven.
I had 30 seconds left,
and I just didn't get that chicken skin on the plate.
I screwed that one up.
It's very disappointing.
Having carefully tasted everything
throughout the challenge, the judges now take
one final look to identify three standout dishes.
Damn it. That is the best part there.
Okay. This first dish,
it was put together with elegance and great flavor.
And the balance was superb.
Congratulations to...
Josh. Let's go.
Well done.
I made a savory bread pudding.
I sauteed some of the ground pork
and toasted the French bread
so it can absorb most of that liquid,
and I topped it with spring onions
and the fresh mozzarellas that Frank picked out.
You had to cook with the ingredients
that Frank picked for himself.
Yeah. Yup.
My guess is that he was not going to make that.
No way in hell he's gonna make that.
Frank, what were you gonna make, just so we know?
I was--I was going to make a sausage sandwich
with sauteed beet Greens and those onions on top.
I don't know how to describe it.
It's so...
Great use of what you had.
This is really tasty. I'd keep eating forever,
thanks. But I'm going to hold back.
Good job. Thank you.
It's delicious.
Yeah, it is authentic. It's spicy.
Great job, Josh.
Thank you, chef. A definite confirmation
that you deserve to be in this competition
with one foot potentially in the top four.
Great job. Thank you.
It doesn't seem like you were thrown a curve ball at all.
This seemed like you went into the pantry
and picked out the ingredients to make
a delicious, homey, well-cooked dish.
Thank you.
Have you ever won a mystery box?
Never did.
Good job, Josh. Thank you, Joe.
Well done.
All right.
The second home cook that has made it
into the top three,
they cooked a style of cuisine
they weren't really comfortable with.
Rather than getting flustered,
they were able to refine it
and pull out a lot of flavor,
and that person is...
I'm in the top three for a mystery box, first time.
Why don't you walk me
through whose ingredients you had
and what they were?
I'm sorry. I'm a little overwhelmed.
I had Christine's ingredients,
and it's called tom kha.
I have never made it before,
but I had saw the coconut milk that she had
and the lemon grass and chicken thighs,
and then I kept adding coconut milk
and trying to get the right balance.
Tom kha doesn't have, you know, potato or carrot.
So it's a little nontraditional.
Delicious and extremely flavorful.
Thank you.
Good job.
You've never been to Thailand?
No, sir.
Where have you traveled?
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico,
and I've been to the states,
and I went to Aruba once.
So it's delicious.
Yeah, I love it. It's fragrant.
The chicken thigh is buttery.
Rich, delicious, and it's just--yeah.
It's wholesome.
Great job.
Thank you so much. Well done.
Thank you.
Okay. We're only tasting one more dish.
This home cook cooked their dish to perfection,
beautifully plated as usual.
Please join us.
Hello, Christine.
Whose box did you get?
Um, I got Becky's box.
I seared the chicken and put it in the oven,
roasted that with some butter, and made roasted beet salad
with goat cheese and sauteed mushrooms.
You didn't have a plan.
You kind of evolved the dish as you went through.
Mm-hmm. So using your greatest resource,
your palate, you let it guide you to a finished dish.
If it leads you to results like this,
I think you're in a really good place.
Thank you. Congratulations, good job.
Thank you so much, chef.
Just tasting the mushroom
and the beet root together is magical.
Adding the chicken and the sauce,
everything on that plate is like a symphony.
Thank you.
You know, it is what it is.
I don't know what she made.
Good for her, but they're my ingredients,
so I'm like, "you're welcome."
Totally different styles. Yeah, you have Asian, South.
There was one dish that stood out.
I haven't won any mystery boxes.
Only been in the top three one time,
and I feel like today is my day.
This individual never stopped adapting and working
across the 60 minutes and rose to the challenge.
Being in top three, I have one in three chances.
I'm hoping that it's my turn to win the mystery box challenge.
This person will have a huge advantage
in the next stage of this competition.
I never thought I'd make it this far.
I want this advantage. I need it.
It can get me into the top four.
Congratulations goes to...
Christine, monti, and Josh.
There was one dish that stood out.
This person will have a huge advantage
in the next stage of this competition.
Congratulations goes to...
Whoo! Finally won a mystery box.
Man, it took me so many weeks to finally win one.
And it just gets me one step closer to pursue
my culinary dreams by opening up a cooking school.
Are you ready to see your advantage?
Yes, chef. Let's go.
Congratulations. Well done.
I'm so proud of Josh.
You're gonna love this one.
Tonight, you'll get to decide
between three stunning restaurant dishes
that you and your rivals will be cooking.
But they're not just any dishes.
These three dishes were ordered
and eaten by three of the biggest names on this planet.
The man who created and cooked
every one of them is...
Chef Graham Elliot.
Nice to meet you, Josh.
Nice to meet you too.
They were all conceptualized,
prepared, and eaten
in his michelin-starred flagship Chicago restaurant.
The first dish was ordered by a billionaire
who's the richest self-made woman
in the entire world, Oprah winfrey.
And the dish was...
Sweet corn bisque
with red pepper jam
and a cilantro marshmallow.
The second dish was devoured
by a hip-hop legend who has sold 50 million albums worldwide.
He's got 99 problems,
but this dish ain't one.
Alaskan king crab with vanilla creme fraiche,
pomegranate, and celery gelee.
I wouldn't expect Jay-Z to eat
a froufrou-looking dish like that, but it look--
it looks tasty. And the third dish
was had by a nobel peace prize winner,
a former senator from the great state of Illinois.
Yes, the president of the United States,
Barack Obama.
And that dish was an amazing white tuna sashimi
with avocado mousse, passion fruit, and crispy plantains.
Listen carefully, no immunity.
You will be cooking one of these dishes.
So which of these three dishes would you like to select?
Think very carefully about this.
I'm gonna have to go with the sashimi.
So I'm picking the tuna sashimi eaten by president Obama.
It looks fairly simple,
and I feel like I could really nail this one.
You're now eating the same dish
I once prepared for president Obama.
Man, that's good. That's what he said.
It doesn't stop there.
You get a huge advantage.
We're gonna give you this--
every single ingredient required
to recreate Graham's signature dish.
Thank you.
Other contestants will not get that basket.
All right, in the kitchen I believe in artistic freedom.
I love the dish, but, if you think
that you can better it,
it won't hurt my feelings.
Take that. Off you go.
This is a beautiful dish,
but I'm a ballsy kind of guy,
and I'd like to show them what I can do.
So I'm adding mango, because I think
the sweetness of the mango will help counterbalance
the sourness of the passion fruit,
and I think it'd help mellow out the dish a little bit more.
All right. Now, we presented Josh
with three of my dishes,
and he picked the one
that all of you will be cooking today.
The dish that Josh picked
was eaten by
the President of the united states, Barack Obama.
Shut up.
And that dish was...
White tuna sashimi, avocado mousse,
and crispy plantains.
Please, all of you come up and have a taste.
I'm very nervous going into these sorts of challenges
where I have to recreate some sort of dish.
There's four pieces, basically, so each person can have one.
So, Christine, if you wanna feel it.
You know, someone can look at a plate
and know what a component is, but, for me, I can't.
I pretty much have to put my hands all over the plate,
and even then I have to diagram out what it looks like.
Barack Obama has good taste.
He does.
It looks very simple,
but it's very complex.
Like, every tiny component
on this plate is there for a reason.
If you think you can improve
upon it, then, please, be my guest.
It would be totally stupid to try to add to Graham's dish.
The dude is, like, amazeballs.
You've all got 30 minutes
to become the next Graham Elliot.
Remember, at the end of this,
we go from five hungry,
determined competitors down to four.
Your time starts...
Now. Nobody run Christine over.
We have 30 minutes.
What happened to 60 minutes?
I think I'm getting a rash.
I'm trying to almost create, like, this grocery list
of everything that I need in the pantry, so it's like,
"okay. I taste passion fruit.
"I have to get passion fruit.
I taste avocado. I have to get avocado."
Step up. Step up.
What's the first thing they should be doing now?
Getting oil on, right away.
For the plantain? Exactly.
It's like the only cooked item on the whole plate.
So you wanna get that oil the right temp
to be able to shave the plantains, get them crispy.
Do you then start pureeing the avocado?
You start getting that whipped. You know, avocado,
garlic, shallots, cilantro, lime juice,
and olive oil just to emulsify. Pretty simple.
So Christine from taste alone
has been able to basically shop for everything she needs?
Mm-hmm. That's remarkable.
Monti has heavy cream on her station.
I don't know if she understands that
that avocado's fat and rich
on its own, that you don't need to add those things.
Oh, dear.
Ten minutes gone.
Just 20 minutes to go.
Josh, you had all the aces in your hand,
everything you need,
and you added some more stuff, I can see.
Oh, I'm just adding a little bit of mango
to the top to go with the passion fruit.
You are? Yes.
I just want to use some of their sweetness
to cut the sourness of the passion fruit.
So you're trying to improve Graham's dish?
I think this will definitely improve it.
That's pretty bold.
I think a lot of people in here
are just gonna try to recreate it.
And I think I'm the only one
confident enough to try to make it better.
All right, Josh. Good luck.
I basically have to nail this.
It would be ridiculous if I went home
after all the different advantages that I got.
In this elimination challenge,
Josh has chosen one of chef Graham Elliot's
signature dishes for everyone to recreate.
What are you doing with the mango?
I just wanted to use some of their sweetness
to cut the sourness of the--of the passion fruit.
So you're trying to improve Graham's dish?
I think this will definitely improve it.
That's pretty bold.
Good luck. No problem.
You're coming up to 15 minutes gone.
15 minutes to go, guys. Come on, speed up.
All of you. What does the oil look like?
'Cause it smells like it's gonna burn.
I've never worked with cocoa nibs before.
I'm just gonna see what they do
with a little heat.
Becky, how are you feeling? I'm nervous.
Somebody's going home.
And it gets really difficult now,
because the competition is intensifying.
Who would you like to leave the competition now?
I think Frank is my biggest competition,
so I want Frank to go home today.
Good luck. Thank you.
Frank, time's running out. Yes, sir.
What's your approach?
Are you gonna try to improve Graham's
or just try to imitate it?
I'm not gonna try to improve
on a dish from Graham Elliot.
Who do you think goes home today?
I'm thinking somebody who tries
to overcomplicate and thinks
that they can improve on his dish
and puts flavors that don't really go
with his concept on this dish.
Good luck.
That's a golden color? Yeah.
Okay. Let's put in the rest.
Okay, Christine, how are you feeling?
Hi, chef. I feel okay.
I feel confident. Yeah, I think I've been able
to figure out what all the flavors are.
Clearly, you couldn't see the dish... No!
But obviously you could identify the flavors.
What was the first thing that popped out?
What was the big--
I think the cocoa beans. Yeah?
It's intimidating going into this challenge
with these disadvantages of only being able
to taste the dish and sort of feel around
for how it was plated.
I think if I miss one element
or cut the fish too thick or too thin,
that could be what's sending me home.
It's too thick.
I'm, like, crying on the inside watching monti here.
She had a humungous chunk,
and she's using, like, a vegetable knife
to just hack through it. Yeah.
It's so thick.
I cannotieve the state of Josh's fish.
I mean, he's almost, like,
sort of almost pureeing it, butchering it.
He's slicing through it with a small filleting knife.
They thought it was easy
to slice the fish that thin,
and it's not that easy.
Who knew that knife skills
could make the difference in a challenge like this?
I think that Becky, as a technical food photographer,
will have a big advantage
in replicating the aesthetics of the dish.
Even though it seems like a very simple dish,
there is so much precision involved
that you really wanna make sure it's plated beautifully.
And that's what I'm most concerned about.
We're coming up to three minutes to go.
All the way over here.
You have got to start plating.
Come on, guys, pull it off!
Smear it across.
Monti, you have got to start plating.
Yes, sir. Please.
She hasn't even fried the plantain yet.
Oh, my God.
Why would you not have the plantain fried?
I mean, right now, danger zone--
Josh and monti.
Focus Josh, focus.
Make yours stand out, guys, for this plating.
I think I got it.
As long as it's pretty.
Josh is adding mango.
Does that dish really need mango?
I didn't think so.
I don't think Obama
thought it needed anything else.
No, no. Did he?
We coming up to 60 seconds to go.
Come on, you've got to start finishing off Graham's dish.
Let's go.
Come on, Becky.
Where is she going?
20 seconds to go.
You got to speed up.
Come on, guys.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three,
two, one,
stop. Hands up.
Hands in the air.
Did you manage to replicate Graham's dish?
Maybe? Is that it?
Right now, I'm not as confident
as I want to be,
but I think I'm the only one ballsy enough
to try to add to it and try to improve it.
And I think Graham is gonna appreciate it.
Let's start with Christine,
please, thank you.
Get ready for two steps.
Okay, ready? One, two. Okay.
Wow, visually--Joe, Graham,
can you have a look at that, please?
I mean...
Yeah, it's looks like the one that was up here.
The fish is beautiful.
It's cut perfectly.
You've got the right amount of passion fruit.
How do you do this?
It takes a lot of memory.
Obviously, I have to use that instead of my vision.
So it's about using all the other senses and just focusing.
All the components together are harmonized, and it's delicious.
I'm super proud of you... Thank you.
Being able to do this at this level, and good job.
Thank you. Thank you so much, chef.
I've doubted you before.
And then I thought that you and I have something in common.
When I taste wine, which is not so visual, I see things.
And I had to think these food flavors
must have the same impact on you.
So when you taste the dish,
images must come up in your mind.
And then be able to put them back in the plates,
to reinterpret that mental imagery,
well, that's a pretty amazing talent to be able to do that.
I basically just tasted each element separately
and then together and asked about the color
and thought about what it was.
You continue to impress and amaze us.
That is a great dish.
Thank you so much, sir.
You absolutely nail it
from the position of the avocado puree, the passion fruit
drizzled on the exact same area that Graham did.
Am I being punk'd?
No. I wish.
It's delicious. Thank you.
Yeah. I am--
for the first time in this competition,
to be honest, Christine...
I'm lost for words.
Great job. Thank you.
For the first time in this competition,
to be honest, Christine,
I'm lost for words.
Great job. Thank you.
Next person up, monti. Please step forward.
How we doing? Good.
I was trying to replicate,
and I think I fell far short from what you put on a plate.
Visually, it's lacking.
It's not stunning and fresh looking.
The fish looks almost 50% larger.
My hands were shaking,
and I was trying to slice with one stroke,
and I destroyed it.
What else do you have in the avocado mousse?
Sea salt, heavy cream, avocado, and lime...
That cream just completely washes away that natural flavor.
And to put those together,
it doesn't make sense with the dish.
This definitely isn't your best performance.
There's no seasoning, plantain way too thick.
Watching you prep that white tuna was embarrassing.
I think of your strengths in this competition--
the way you cook on a budget, the way you think on your feet.
But I think, for the first time
in this competition,
the white tuna
is out of your league.
Yes, sir.
It's pretty far off from the dish we saw up here before.
I know.
You've missed the whole spirit of the dish, you know,
the balance between the sweetness
of the fish and the acidity of the passion fruit
and the richness of the avocado puree.
You might have missed the top four as well.
Now that I've discovered my passion,
I have the strongest motivation.
That's why I'm fighting. I'm fighting for this.
Next up, Frank, please.
How are we doing, Frank?
Doing pretty good.
Hope I came close.
This is awesome.
I think it's a perfect rendition.
It's extremely well balanced.
The passion fruit,
the cocoa nib adds the texture.
Good job. Thanks.
Becky, let's go.
With the fish, I tried to slice it as thinly as possible.
Then I added a little bit of sugar to the passion fruit
because I thought it was a bit acidic.
Becky, that is a poor delivery.
Way too much passion fruit.
I truly did try to pay attention
to the details, and it was extremely difficult for me.
I'm gonna tell you something really honestly.
I think you're heading downwards.
And that dish visually didn't have the impact
that Graham's had.
And I respect so much
that precision that he has because--
you've done it in this competition so far
on so many occasions.
On this occasion, you haven't.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I feel like people pigeonhole me for some reason.
And it's annoying.
It's like people expect more of me.
So then, God forbid, I don't do something perfect--
every single time, I get reamed for it.
All right.
Last, the one with the advantage going into this challenge.
You had the cart full of ingredients prepared for you.
Right? Why the mango?
I thought the passion fruit was a little sour.
So I thought the sweetness of the mango
would help counterbalance that sourness.
I personally don't think it needs sweetness.
Now why did you go with five pieces?
They're kind of inconsistent.
You know, I'm just-- I'm just looking,
and, like, if you and I went out to dinner,
and you were given that, and I was given that,
I'd be flipping out.
Yeah. 'Cause I like food.
It looks like you had 10 minutes
to make it instead of 30.
This is way beneath what I expect from you.
Josh, with the advantage that you had,
I would expect nothing but a perfectly replicated dish.
This is the final five of masterchef.
Did you use any salt?
Yes. Where?
On the fish and in the avocado mousse.
This is misfired on all elements.
The fish, why would you struggle
slicing that fish the way you did?
When I started slicing, it just started tearing apart,
and I couldn't find the right spot to slice it.
Oh, I'm so pissed off.
And whilst I love the ballsy attitude
of Josh that wants to improve Graham Elliot's dish--
but, young man, you've got to learn to walk
before you can run.
Graham's dish was perfectly balanced.
What the would you wanna change it for?
I just hope you haven't blown that advantage, Josh,
because it'd be a tragedy right now.
Josh had an insane advantage
and didn't utilize it.
The remaining five home cooks' dishes have all been tasted.
The judges must now decide
who will be leaving the masterchef kitchen forever.
All of you,
Joe, Graham, and myself,
we need some time,
because this is a very difficult decision.
Crazy challenge, bro.
It's okay. Don't cry, okay?
I don't think your reviews were as bad as Josh's.
Monti's white tuna was way too thick.
Yeah. And then Josh--
why do we constantly see people
that we're giving advantages throw 'em away?
I had a really bad day, you know.
I struggled. I just had a bad day.
What was Becky doing?
You can't go up there and always get good compliments.
It just kills me when they, like, build me up
and tell me that I'm, like, Up.
Each and every decision we make from now on in
just gets harder and harder.
There was one standout dish tonight
that they managed to perfect it, which was a joy.
Incredible. Thank you.
Absolutely incredible.
It would've been easily able to be served
to the president himself.
It was a great dish. Oh, my gosh.
But, you know, this is an elimination challenge.
The top five is about to become the top four.
The first person in the bottom three,
please come down...
I think that monti has a lot of passion,
but, at the end of the day, I don't think
she has quite the level of refinement
that is gonna be needed to win this competition.
The next person that we need to see down here
let themselves down,
and let us down.
We're really surprised.
Becky, come on down.
I'm thinking in my head like,
"wow, what's happening to Becky?"
She was such a strong player in this entire competition,
and now it seems like she's just going into a downward spiral.
And the final person we need down here
threw away a big advantage.
Now, I'm like, all right, Josh,
the judges say it numerous times, like,
you took your advantage, and you threw it away.
And, based on those reviews,
he could definitely be the one to go home today.
Becky, step forward, please.
You've raised our expectations,
but then, in the last two challenges,
it's been very disappointing.
It's a disappointment to myself.
And I just--I had a misstep today.
You've gone from up there to down here
standing in front of us.
And now...
You're going back to your bench.
Fortunately for you,
there are two worse dishes than yours.
Thank you, judges. Thank you so much.
Josh, you've been on a journey and a half.
It's been up, it's been down,
it's been incredible.
You came back into this competition with a force.
But are you about to lose it again?
No, I'm not, chef.
Is the competition too fierce?
Are you out of your depth now? No, chef.
Today I just stumbled on this challenge.
It will never happen again.
I'm more focused than ever, trust me.
The journey for you
in masterchef has been extraordinary.
You've proved everybody wrong,
including yourself,
to how far you can come in this competition.
When I got here, I definitely didn't have
any self-confidence in my skills.
I think I've grown in--by leaps and bounds with my cooking.
Monti, you have big ambitions,
and you'd love a food truck,
and you have a dream of you and your son having a great future.
For now, your future...
Is with him at home.
I'm sorry.
Your time is done in masterchef.
Josh, back to your station.
Best of luck. Thank you, honey.
You have got to keep your head up high.
What you stand for currently in this country
and in this competition, you have just given
so many single parents out there
a huge amount of inspiration.
Thank you so much.
Monti, it's been a pleasure to take the journey with you.
I went from being a nonbeliever,
but I am a converted man,
because tang this trip with you
has been an emotional experience for me too.
The tears are real.
Your journey's real.
And your future is oh, so real.
When I got here, I felt I was a broken person,
and, because of the three of you,
I have discovered my self-confidence again.
And I--there's no way I could ever repay you
and thank you enough.
Follow that dream.
Trust me, you're gorgeous,
you're talented, and you have an amazing young man at home.
Come say good-bye, my darling.
Well done.
Thank you, guys, so much.
Well done. Thank you.
My goodness.
Good job. Thank you so much.
Good luck with everything. Incredible.
Come here. Yes, sir.
One, two, three, four left.
The big question is, who is gonna win masterchef?
She's an inspiration to me every single day.
I think Christine is gonna take this whole thing.
Thank you, guys. Take care, my darling.
I would not trade this experience for anything.
It has been the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.
I got to cook in a michelin star kitchen.
I got to meet Paula Deen.
You have been such an inspiration to me.
I learned that I do have a beautiful talent.
You are not a fluke, my darling.
Well done.
All you have to do is put yourself out there
and allow yourself to have an experience.
You know, I just got divorced.
So I think it's still, like, messing with me.
Well, he's missing some great cooking.
Thank you.
This has changed my entire life.
And I know that this is just the beginning
in my culinary journey.
Bye, guys.
Christine, Becky, Josh, and Frank.
Congratulations. You're the final four.
Thank you!
I think that this is the four best cooks,
and I think that we're in this position for a reason.
They're tough competition, but I just have to keep telling myself
that I want it more and that I will do anything
to get this masterchef title.
Good night. Well done.
Good job, guys.
Next week on masterchef...
You'll face your toughest challenge yet.
Three of the most distinguished
chefs in the world
pay a visit to the masterchef kitchen.
Wow, wow.
My heart is beating out of my chest right now.
It's the ultimate battle,
as the home cooks compete for a spot in the semifinals.
We may have given them a challenge that's not doable.
I feel like I'm about to pass out.
I mean, I never felt this way before in my life.
And one more masterchef dream will end.
Sync and corrections by Ferke www.Addic7ed.Com