IGN News - Empire Strikes Back Screenwriter Will Return for Star Wars Episode 8 and 9

Uploaded by IGNentertainment on 20.11.2012

Hey IGN, I'm Anthony Gallegos and this is IGN News, Star Wars is just the news gift
that keeps on giving… Now, we know that Michael Arndt, who wrote
Little Miss Sunshine and toy Story 3, bis writing Episode 7, but Deadline is reporting
today that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have been offered writing gigs on Episodes
8 and 9. Fans will remember that Kasdan wrote Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.
He also wrote the script for the Star Wars game Shadows of the Empire, and this little
movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark. Simon Kinberg is the writer of X-Men: The
Last Stand and X-Men: First Class. Oh yeah, and Triple X State of the Union. Yeah, the
one with Ice Cube. More impressive credits include Mr. and Mrs. Smith and 2009’s Sherlock
Holmes. The report currently doesn’t state whether
they would be writing both episode 8 and 9 together, or if each of them would pen one
film. Could this be the return of the darker, more mature side of Star Wars Kasdan wrote
in Empire? What would a Star Wars film written by Kinsberg even look like? There’s just
so many unanswered questions, including what the heck the movie is even about, whose in
it and what time it’s set in. It’s enough to drive a Star Wars fan nuts. For all the
latest news about all things Star Wars, keep it locked to IGN