Audi A3 vs. Mercedes-Benz A-klasse (English subtitled)

Uploaded by AutoWeek on 25.10.2012

Last year, the BMW 1-series had an easy ride. The Audi A3 was very old and the previous A-class was for different people.
But, now, there are new competitors from both sides. This new A3 for example. Build on the new MQB-platform.
And of course all know drivetrains. Designwise, Audi played it safe. Looks once, you see an Audi, Look twice, you see which one.
I think Audi overdelivered, sometimes I have to look four or more times to see which model it is.
Something you don't have to do with this new A-class. No longer a small MPV, but a nice hatchback.
So lets see if that 1-series has problems on other issues as well.
Inside the Audi it isn't a surprise either. Very clean, very empty. All is concentrated in the TFT-screen.
But the ergonomics are great, because the MMI-system works fluent.
Nice new gimmick, just write down your adress. Works even better than earlier in the A8.
Nice, that writing, but you can do it even faster... {GIVES ADRES}
Easy piesy. the ergonomics are ok, but not as good as in the Audi. There are some mistakes in menu-movement.
But it does look better. Look at those air-vents. really SLS AMG-Style!
Right now only 3 engines for the A3. more will follow. Right now two petrols and one diesel.
Now we drive the 2.0 TDI with 150 with a manual gearbox.
That gearbox is very nice, one of the best in this class. In a GTi I would rather have this than a DSG.
And that engine has quite some power. 150 ps but even more torque. And that is available throughout the rev-range.
Just fire it up in 6th gear and it goes. And that is better than the competition in this class.
This Benz does have a automatic gearbox, one with double clutch. It doesn't work all that good.
It doesn't make the right gear-chioce at points. For example, it remains in first gear far to long.
But if you need a lower gear, it waits to long to shift back. Shame.
The engine: a 136 PS 1.8. A little noisy, but power enough.
the drive then. Not exciting, it seldom is in an Audi. But it is good. It is annoyingly good tough.
the body moves a little more than the A-class, but the steering is more direct. The feedback could be better tough.
So you get the same middle of the road effect as with a Golf. Only this is the middle of the premium road.
You could easily do 200.000 km a year and be fine, but it never is a drivers car.
And that is what the Benz does accomplish. It is more focussed than the A3. It is less comfortable though.
The traction seems a little better and the body has less movement in left-right movement.
enjoyed youreself? Well no. But I am ever annoyed either. That Audi is just such a good car. German perfection all the way.
It all fits: engine, interior, ergonomics, gearbox, comfort. Then you get out and look at it. Looks like the previous one.
The Benz has some faults. Gearbox could be better, ergonomics as well. But is does look nice. Both in- and outside.
And it drives more fun. --True, but if you consider that the main point, you should include the BMW.
Lets do that for the magazine. Deal!