YouTube 101: Creating Playlists

Uploaded by YouTube on 03.02.2010

All right. Let's play the game "Telephone" right here, right now. Friends, where you
at? >> Hey, what's up?
>> Hey, you two. >> I'm going to say a phrase. And my friends
are going to change it around. Let's see what they do with it. The phrase is, "Yum, yum
I feel like eating a neon mule." >> All right. Let's take this and say, "Yugoslavia
has a lot of dancing fools." >> All right, it's my turn. "U2 plays a song
with a chorus of ghouls." >> Last, but not the least, "YouTube's Playlist
Feature is an incredible tool." >> Huh. My original phrase change for the
better, "YouTube's Playlist Feature is an incredible tool." You just saw four separate
videos of me and my friends. Notice how the videos were played continuously. You just
witnessed a Playlist. A Playlist is a list of videos that you organized and play after
each other without the click of a mouse. They're organized into groups and add a little flavor
to your video viewing experience. This is perfect for when you want music videos to
automatically play back-to-back, or if you want to watch a bunch of episodes of something
in one single shot. And how would you create a Playlist? Here we go. Friends, are you ready?
>> Wahoo... >> All right, let's do this.
>> The first thing you need to do is to sign to your account and find a video you want
to kick-off your Playlist. I, personally, like this cat video. It fills my heart with
a tremendous amount of happiness. >> It's like this cat is stuck in a timeless
day of surprise. So, hit the Playlist button underneath this cat video. A pull down Menu
will appear. If you have a previously selected Playlist, then you can choose one from there.
Otherwise, click New Playlist and type in its name. Name it something witty like Catastrophe.
>> At this point, you can add a whole bunch of other cat videos to this Cat-tastrophe
Playlist, all sorts of cats; ninja cats, gremlin cats, Cat Stevens, whatever. When you're happy
with what you got, hover over your account name and click the Playlist option to rearrange
the order of videos. All right, let's type the number two here to make this go second.
Let's make this third spot play first. And let's put this back to its original number
one spot. Now you know how to edit your Playlist information. Good job.
>> You can also share it. Grab its unique URL and paste it in chat or email. Don't stop
there. Click the Share this Playlist button to select the YouTube contacts you'd like
to send it to. Embed the Playlist onto your site or Creepy Cat Loving blog.
>> Oh remember, great Playlists show up in searches. So it's important to have them if
you want your video curation skills to be discovered. Now, go set forth and use this
Playlist knowledge. I'm going to sit here all day and just stare at this cat video.